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19 Dec 2023

A report by Statista said that the number of Filipinos in the UK in 2021 was 53,000, down from 75,000 Filipinos in the UK in 2008. These Filipinos work in the UK, earn a living, and send money online to Philippines from UK to support their families back home financially.

Considering the efforts of Filipino migrants and the reasons that push them out of their native country, ACE Money Transfer is offering fee-free money transfers from the UK to the Philippines until the end of 2023.

The best part of this offer consists of the following:

  • There is no limit on the number of fee-free transfers
  • The waived fee is not subject to the amount being sent

While you undertake the hazards of working abroad, away from your family and loved ones, to earn a living so that you can support your family, you try to save each penny you earn. Right?

But then you have to send money to your family regularly also. This process incurs cost. 

So, what do you do?

You search for a cost-effective option. But can you ask for more if, in your search, you find an option that offers you fee-free transfers?

Well, hardly!

This blog will walk you through the unique service features and benefits you can enjoy while transferring funds with ACE Money Transfers.

But first, take a look at the benefits you enjoy while working in the UK.

Top Employee Benefits in the United Kingdom

With a struggling Philippines economy with a nominal GDP of $404.28 billion and a GDP per capita income of $3,498.5, data sourced from the World Bank, the people of the Philippines struggle to have sustainable means of earning.

Temporary work and jobs are aplenty, but these are insufficient to exit the vicious cycle of poverty most Filipinos live in. Therefore, they travel to the UK for work to earn a living and support families through every money transfer from UK to Philippines while enjoying the following benefits.

Health Insurance

One of the basic challenges you face in a foreign country is health insurance. In the UK, private health insurance provides you with medical treatment. You can cover appointments, surgery, cancer treatment, or routine medical checkups with your medical insurance.

Flexible Working Conditions

After the advent of COVID-19, the working conditions in the UK have been relaxed. Earlier, you needed to work full-time in an office setting. But now you can work from home with flexible working hours and conditions.

Pension Contributions

While working in the UK, you can have the benefit of financial contribution to your pension amount post-retirement. As an employee, you also have to contribute to it, but your share is lower than your employer’s.

Paid Leaves

In the UK, you can enjoy several leaves which are paid. These paid leaves also cover maternal and paternal leaves. In addition, sick leaves are also paid in the UK. The number of leaves, however, varies from job to job.

Minimum Wages

Although the UK is an expensive country to live in where your expenses exceed your income, regardless of the quantum of it, wages in the UK are relatively better. In the absence of uniform minimum wages across the country, your wages depend on your job, the industry in which you work, and how you negotiate your wages with your employer.

Learn here all about how to make a living in the UK as an expatriate.

Let’s now learn about the features unique to ACE Money Transfer only and the benefits of sending funds with it to the Philippines from the UK.

Unique Service Features of ACE Money Transfer and the Benefits of Sending Funds with it

While you work in the UK as a Filipino, you make sure to send money to Philippines online from UK to offer financial aid back home. Right? In this process, you always look for safety, speed, cost-effectiveness, and competitive currency exchange rates.

All of these features, needless to say, offer you the best deals on your money transfer back home. But these are the standard features almost every service provider boasts about. What, however, sets ACE Money Transfer apart from the rest is discussed below.

Request Latest Currency Exchange Rates

While you can get market-competitive currency exchange rates with ACE Money Transfer, you can also request the firm to show you the latest rates prevalent at the time of the transaction. It allows you to proceed with the transaction if you find the rates favorable or wait till the rates spike in your favor.

This is a feature that you do not find elsewhere.

Request for a New Payment Method

While processing the transaction, the service provider offers you certain payment options to choose from. For example, you will be asked if you want to use your debit or credit cards use your bank account, and so on. You have to select one of these options. But ACE Money Transfer allows you to add a new payment method if, for example, you do not find one in the given list of options.

Addition of a New Country

Every service provider operates in a selected number of countries. Their services are not available outside those given countries. But with ACE Money Transfer, you can request the firm to add a new country if you do not find one in the list of available countries.

Multi-Currency Transfers

Normally a service provider offers you the currency of the country they operate in. The option of multi-currency is largely missing. But ACE Money Transfer offers you the option of multiple currencies to choose from. The biggest advantage of this is that currency conversion charges do not apply and add to your amount.

Speed and Efficiency

You can deliver funds in a matter of a few hours to the intended person living in the Philippines. This time is less than the time many service providers take to deliver funds. Swift delivery of funds also helps you to attend to financial emergencies, should they arise.

Fee-Free Transfers to the Philippines from the UK

The fee-free transfers back to the Philippines until the end of 2023, coupled with the live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, make ACE Money Transfer the cheapest way to send money to Philippines from UK. This is something you look for when choosing a service provider. Right?

Safety of Transactions

It would not be wrong to assert that in the wake of rising online scams and fraud, the security of your funds takes precedence over all else. In this context, the firm has wrapped its transactions in several security layers, which make it impossible for scammers to penetrate the transactions.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Your purpose of working in the UK as a Filipino migrant to financially support your family back home is optimally served if you send money to Philippines from UK with ACE Money Transfer because you will not only get all the amazing benefits listed above but just from one stop and right from the center of your comfort zone.


What benefits do I get from working in the UK as a Filipino migrant?

While working in the UK, you get several employee benefits that are protected by the law. These benefits include health insurance, flexible working conditions, paid leaves, pension contributions, and relatively better minimum wages, which depend on your job.

Why do Filipinos travel abroad for work?

Filipinos travel abroad for work because of the flailing Philippine economy, which cannot provide for its people. They, therefore, suffer from unemployment and live life in acute poverty. So, they work abroad for better earnings to exit poverty.

How does a service provider cater to the needs of the migrants?

Any remittance service provider that fails to understand the needs and requirements of the remitters cannot cater to their needs. For this, a service provider has to keep evolving its operations and understand the needs and changing trends with changing times.

What are the unique service features of ACE Money Transfer?

The unique service features of ACE Money Transfer include the addition of a new payment method, multi-currency transfers, the latest currency exchange rates, and the addition of a new country, fee-free transfers, speed, and safety of the transactions.

Why should I choose ACE Money Transfer to send funds to the Philippines from the UK?

You should choose ACE Money Transfer for your money transfers to the Philippines from the UK because it offers you fee-free transfers until the end of 2023, competitive exchange rates, speed, safety, and several other advantages from one stop and the middle of your comfort zone.


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