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How can Pakistani Expats in the UK Adopt Eco-Friendly Practices for a Greener Future?

19 Dec 2023

Climate change is real, impacting every aspect of your daily life as much as technology does, including how you send money to Pakistan online from UK to offer financial support to your family.

A report by Statista revealed that the number of Pakistanis in the UK in 2021 was around 181,000. These Pakistani migrants work in the UK because the country’s robust economy offers several job opportunities in different fields as against the flailing and fast-shrinking Pakistani economy leading to limited job opportunities.

Of the many options to transfer funds from the UK to Pakistan, you must consider those options that are eco-friendly and do not impact the environment because your contribution to controlling climate effects in your capacity is as good as a society’s collective efforts.

Do you know about the eco-friendly practices? Have you ever thought about these?

Well, it's unlikely!

Therefore, this blog is the right spot for you to know all you must know about eco-friendly practices and how you can play your part to ensure a greener future.

To understand eco-friendly practices, you need to first understand climate change and global warming.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the heating up of the earth’s surface over centuries as a result of human activity. This process started during the Industrial Revolution. The primary reason for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels.

As a result, the level of heat-trapping greenhouse gases has increased, leading to quick glacial melt, rising ocean levels jeopardizing coastal cities worldwide, and drastic changes in weather patterns.

Do you know how you contribute to it? Well, when you commute to a financial institution such as a bank to send money from UK to Pakistan to offer financial support. This commuting burns fossil fuels. Right? And that too, in the presence of eco-friendly alternatives serving the purpose more effectively.

Global warming is often interchanged with climate change.

It is wrong. Both have different meanings and implications.

Global Warming, Climate, Weather – Understanding the Difference

It is important to understand the difference between these three phenomena because they are often, as mentioned earlier, wrongly interchanged.

Global Warming

Global warming is the overall increase in temperature of the surface of the earth, taking place over centuries. It is largely attributed to human activity, with the primary one being the burning of fossil fuels.


Climate refers to the long-term (spanning over 30 years, at least) weather effects in a region or even at a global scale. It can affect humidity levels and rainfall patterns over the years, decades, and seasons.


Weather is the change or lack thereof, for that matter, in the atmosphere of a certain limited area. Weather effects last for minutes, days, and hours. It is a short-lived effect affecting only a small area. It includes rain, snow, winds, clouds, and thunderstorms.

Let’s now understand the meanings of eco-friendly.

Understanding the Meaning of Eco-Friendly

The root of the word Eco is the Latin word ‘Oeco’, meaning household. But it is now broadly used to refer to habitat, home, or earth. So, eco-friendly means earth-friendly.

In essence, it means not harming the Earth and its atmosphere. Any product and service that can cause harm to the earth in any way is not considered eco-friendly. For example, if you send money online to Pakistan from UK in ways that can cause harm to the earth and its environment in any way, it is not considered earth-friendly.

Learn here all about streamlined and eco-friendly money transfers to Pakistan from the UK.

Therefore, being eco-friendly simply means doing anything in your capacity and routine in daily life that does not harm the earth and its environment.

While in the UK, as a Pakistani migrant, you can take small steps to become eco-friendly. And remember that in the UK, following eco-friendly practices is easier as the country has made certain policies to this effect.

Let’s look at the easy eco-friendly practices that you can adopt in the UK as a Pakistani migrant.

Eco-Friendly Practices in the UK as a Pakistani Migrant

Listed below are some of the eco-friendly practices that you can adopt as a Pakistani migrant working in the UK to earn a living and to send funds back home using several ways to send money to Pakistan from the UK so that you can support your family financially.

Reduce Electricity Consumption

Reducing electricity consumption not only lowers your electricity bill it also reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. Make optimal use of the daylight and turn on the lights only when the need is pressing.

Recycle the Material

Recycling is a simple habit that you incorporate into your life without any trouble. Instead of using, for example, metal or glass once and then throwing it away, you can recycle it and use it again and for a different purpose. Knowing what is recyclable is key in this regard.

Create a Garden

Gardening cleans the air and the soil. Having a home garden has several benefits, but the financial and health benefit is that you can grow fruits and vegetables and eat organic food, which nowadays is in short supply.

Use Environment-Friendly Cleaning Products

Conventional cleaning products, including detergents, foaming agents, and preservatives, are made from chemicals that are toxic to the environment and earth. Therefore, try switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, plenty of which you can find in the UK.

Use Solar Energy

Harnessing a fraction of the 384.6 septillion Watts of energy the sun produces can substantially reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. And the developed world is switching to it rapidly. Make sure to use solar energy as much as you can and try to shift to it completely.

Travel Efficiently

It is convenient to drive your car to commute around, but it is not an eco-friendly practice. Try to travel by public transport, ride bikes, or consider carpooling. But nothing is as eco-friendly as walking. Won’t you agree?

Purchase Local

Try to purchase local products as much as possible. Online shopping is in vogue today. But the products you purchase online take a toll on the environment while reaching you in terms of refrigeration- and transport-driven carbon emissions.

Do Not Use Single-Use Plastics

One of the biggest threats posed to the environment comes from the usage of single-use plastic. Its use has a detrimental effect on the ecosystems. Its usage also affects the natural processes and habitats of many species. Avoid using disposable plastics and use reusable variants instead.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

As a Pakistani migrant living in the UK, one of the ways you can help save the environment of the earth is to send money to Pakistan from UK through ACE Money Transfer because the firm’s services are completely eco-friendly, hassle-free, offering several benefits like safety, low fees, market-competitive exchange rates and much more from one window with a delivery speed of a mere 7 seconds!


What is meant by Eco-Friendly practices?

Eco-friendly practice means doing everything in a manner that does not harm the environment of the earth. For example, not using plastics, not burning fossil fuels, using solar energy, and so on are all eco-friendly practices.

Why should I follow eco-friendly practices?

You should follow eco-friendly practices because it can save the planet’s environment, which is heating up pretty fast. And if it continues unabated, it will make life impossible in all its forms on the earth.

What happens when I do not follow eco-friendly practices?

When you do not follow eco-friendly practices, the atmosphere of the earth heats up. The emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) creates a blanket effect and affects the weather and climate of the earth. 

What is the difference between global warming, climate, and weather?

Global warming refers to the rise in temperature of the surface of the earth; climate refers to the weather patterns of a region for a long time (usually 30 years); and weather is the climate effect in a small region for a brief time. 

How does sending money to Pakistan from the UK damage the environment?

If you burn fossil fuels to commute to reach a financial institution to transfer funds, such as a bank, then you are damaging the environment. Therefore, try to find a service provider whose services are available online and whose access does not require commuting.


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