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Living Abroad: A Filipino Expatriate’s Guide to Adaptation while Living in the UK

26 Mar 2024

Filipino expatriates find it exciting and difficult at the same time when starting their journey to live overseas in the UK. There's a lot to think about, from adjusting to a new culture to dealing with the complexities of everyday living. But have no fear—you can make your shift easier than you could have ever dreamt if you have the correct support and an optimistic mindset. 

We will discuss useful tips and techniques today to assist you in adjusting to your new life on the other side of the water. And hey, if you ever want to send money to Philippines from UK, ACE Money Transfer has got you covered with their convenient and reliable services. Let's get started and learn tips on how to maximize your expat experience!

Understanding British Culture and Customs

Participate in cultural activities and festivals that celebrate the diversity of British society and build relationships with individuals from different backgrounds. ACE Money Transfer ensures smooth communication and support while streamlining financial help for your loved ones in the Philippines.

Respect Social Etiquette 

British culture highly values manners, decency, and care for others. Establishing good connections with coworkers, neighbors, and colleagues can be facilitated for expatriates by being aware of and following social etiquette norms. This includes saying "please" and "thank you," waiting patiently in lines, and respecting personal space.

Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity

The UK's vast cultural diversity is among the first things Filipino expatriates may notice when they arrive. The UK is home to people from many walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds, from vibrant cities to charming villages. Relocating abroad can make expatriates feel more a part of the community if they accept diversity and are receptive to new practices. Take part in cultural events and community gatherings to taste British culture and interact with new people. To keep in touch with your loved ones, ACE Money Transfer provides better services for online money transfers from UK to Philippines.

Getting Around the UK's Healthcare System

To ensure timely medical care when needed, prepare yourself with emergency protocols and register with a local general practitioner (GP) for accessible healthcare services. ACE Money Transfer prioritizes your family's health by offering affordable rates for sending money home for medical bills.

Registering with a General Practitioner (GP)

Having access to healthcare services is crucial to preserving your well-being while residing in the United Kingdom. Filipino foreigners living abroad should register with a general practitioner (GP) in the area to get primary care services, which include prescription drugs, medical consultations, and specialist referrals as necessary. Put your health first by making time for routine check-ups with your physician.

Understanding Emergency Procedures

Knowing how to get medical assistance quickly is essential in an emergency. In the UK, you can contact the police, fire department, and ambulance by dialing 999. When aid is needed, knowing where you are and what to do in an emergency can help expatriates get it quickly. Use ACE Money Transfer's reliable and efficient service to transfer funds to your family's emergency fund back home so you may be ready for unforeseen needs.

Adapting to the British Weather

Invest in clothing appropriate for every season to prepare for the unpredictable weather in the UK, and make the most of bright days to enjoy outdoor activities with loved ones. Use the easy-to-use mobile app from ACE Money Transfer to stay in touch with your loved ones and send money online to Philippines from UK.

Dressing for the Seasons

The UK is renowned for its unpredictable weather, with gloomy skies and rain showers occurring frequently all year round. Filipinos living abroad should invest in seasonally suitable apparel, such as heavy-duty umbrellas, waterproof jackets, and layers to stay warm in the winter. During the holidays, utilize the user-friendly mobile app from ACE Money Transfer to contact your loved ones back home and offer them well wishes and financial help.

Making the Most of Sunny Days

While the UK may have its fair share of dark weather, sunny days are not uncommon, especially during the summer months. Expatriates can take advantage of these bright days by exploring outdoor attractions, picnicking in parks, and participating in recreational activities with friends and family. Share your sunny adventures with your loved ones in the Philippines by sending them money for a virtual treat or outdoor activity with ACE Money Transfer's hassle-free remittance services.

Building a Support Network

Engage with the local British population to expand your social network, gain knowledge of British culture, and establish connections with other expats. It will help you to exchange stories and create a feeling of community. You may easily support shared expenses and special occasions by getting in touch with your community in the UK and back home with ACE Money Transfer's handy services and making money transfers from UK to Philippines.

Connecting with Fellow Expatriates

It's common to experience homesickness or a sense of isolation when settling into a new nation. Creating a support system for fellow Filipino foreigners living abroad helps foster a feeling of community and friendship. Join social media networks, go to expat activities, and participate in cultural events to meet people similar to you. Use ACE Money Transfer's services to stay in touch with your Filipino community in the UK and back home.

Engaging with Local Communities

As important as establishing relationships with other expats, feel free to interact with the British population in your area. You can increase your social circle, meet new people, and gain knowledge of British culture by volunteering, joining clubs or hobby groups, and attending local events.

Thriving as a Filipino Expat in the UK: Managing Challenges with ACE Money Transfer

While adjusting to life as a Filipino expat in the UK may not be easy, it can also be a fulfilling and enlightening experience if one has the correct attitude and prepares beforehand. Expatriates can succeed in their new surroundings by assimilating into British culture, figuring out the healthcare system, adjusting to the climate, and creating a support network. With the reliable and practical services offered by ACE Money Transfer, you can now easily send money to the Philippines from the UK.


How can I stay connected with my family in the Philippines while living in the UK?

You may communicate with your family through phone, video chat, and social media, and you can send money home regularly to help them financially. Remittance services from ACE Money Transfer are quick and safe, ensuring that your loved ones get the help they require when needed.

Is opening a bank account in the UK as a Filipino expatriate is necessary?

Yes, managing your money, getting paid locally, and paying bills will be simpler if you have a UK bank account. To send money to your family in the Philippines from your UK bank account, ACE Money Transfer provides easy remittance services.

Can I use my Filipino driver's license in the UK?

Although you can travel to the UK with your Filipino driver's license for up to a year, it is best to apply for a UK driver's license to follow local laws. ACE Money Transfer makes a UK driver's license and other legal document transfers easy.

How do I find accommodation in the UK as a Filipino expatriate?

You can look for a place to stay by using internet resources, contacting real estate companies, or looking in local publications. ACE Money Transfer makes rent payments and deposits easier, guaranteeing a seamless move to your new UK residence.

Are there Filipino communities or organizations in the UK?

Indeed, there are numerous Filipino groups and organizations in the UK where you can socialize with other foreigners, participate in events celebrating your culture, and get assistance. The ACE Money Transfer platform facilitates simple transfers among various groups, assisting with joint festivities and expenses.

Tips for Expatriates

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