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Life of a Gambian Expat in Europe - A Brief Guide

Life of a Gambian Expat in Europe - A Brief Guide

21 Dec 2022

As a Gambian expat, are you scared of what life would be like in Europe? Due to a lack of reasonable employment opportunities, several Gambians migrate to foreign countries for better earnings. They send money to Gambia to run their households and manage family expenses. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about life in Europe as a Gambian expat worker. Living in most well-developed countries has pros and cons, and learning about them before migration saves you from every hassle.

Moving to Europe offers you plenty of opportunities. You have the best educational and career opportunities. By working hard, you can earn good and send money home. You get high salaries, the opportunity to travel to other European countries without a visa, enormous medical benefits, the privilege of living in safer countries and a lot more on your plate. 

Let’s begin with what type of life you can expect in Europe as a Gambian expatriate.

Gambian Expats’ Life in European Countries - Everything to Know

The following information will aptly help you learn about what’s life like in European countries when you migrate there from developing countries.

Advantages of being a Gambian Expat in Europe

Europe offers ever-growing career opportunities, better education, and a modern lifestyle that everyone loves. People from worldwide come to Europe and settle here to make careers in their respective fields. The list of advantages of living in Europe may be unending, but the following key benefits will attract you to migrate to Europe.

  • Abundant career opportunities 
  • Safe and secure lifestyle 
  • Blend of different cultures
  • Quality education system
  • Enormous travelling opportunities
  • Home for poets and artists
  • Contains every season
  • Good health care system

Let’s quickly learn about all of these advantages briefly.

Abundant Career Opportunities

According to research published by Aaron O'Neill on July 28, 2022, the unemployment rate in the Gambia has increased from 9.4 per cent to 11.21 in the last two decades. 

On the other hand, Europe has the best and increasing job opportunities for Gambian expats. If someone is looking for a high-profile career with the desired earnings, Europe is a place to go. What makes Europe different in jobs is its work-life balance. Working in any European country will allow you to have a balanced work and personal life. Work-life for an expat in Europe is not only successful but also stress-free. 

According to a recent search, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Lisbon, and Tallinn are best for finding jobsYou will have to make a little effort as an expat, but that will be fruitful. You can travel to the cities mentioned above to find perfect opportunities. Once you settle and start earning in Europe, you can send money to Gambia online via one of the most trusted remittance providers ACE Money Transfer. The firm offers matchless exchange rates, the lowest transfer fees, wholly secure and trackable transactions, and fascinating rewards to its customers.

Safe and Secure Lifestyle

When you move to a foreign country, the first question that comes to your mind is: is that place safe for me? Or will people accept me or welcome me? Being an ex-pat in Europe, that's no more a problem. Europe is one of the safest destinations in the world. There is hardly any threat to your life and property in Europe. 

However, being blind to your safety is not how you live in a foreign country. It is better to guard yourself, especially in a touristy area. Always keep yourself from risks and danger. Here are what safety measures you can take in this regard.

  • Avoid going to completely unknown places alone 
  • Don't go near dark and vacant spots at night 
  • Keep emergency contact numbers 
  • Beware of scammers. Taxi scams are widespread in Europe.

A Blend of Different Cultures

When you migrate to Europe seeking better employment or education opportunities, you get several advantages. One of the phenomenal benefits of living in Europe is interacting with people from several cultures and languages. It helps you develop your personality as a strong professional and know about different languages, foods, and ideas. Other people share their opinions on various things, which also helps you develop your thought process to make you a confident and focused person.

Quality Education System

Europe is also regarded as an educational centre of the world. It has the world's most distinguished universities and research centres. The most intelligent students from across the globe come here to polish their certificates. 

Suppose you are planning to go to Europe for educational purposes. In that case, you are at 11:11. The Best thing about being in Europe is that their educational system not only polishes your academic side but also gives equal attention to your skills. They emphasise creativity and help students find their true potential. 

Being an expat in Europe, not only will you be awarded multiple scholarships, but some of the educational programs are 100 per cent free. Apart from that, the workload is significantly less. Being a student, you can also invest your time in a part-time job and send money to the Gambia from Europe. 

Do you know the best way to transfer funds from Europe to your family in the Gambia? Considering the lowest transfer costs, no hidden charges, and the best and most updated exchange rates, making an online money transfer to Gambia via ACE Money Transfer is recommended.

Enormous Travelling Opportunities 

Who doesn't like to travel? If you step out of Gambia, you have that dream of exploring the whole world. Travelling worldwide is not a big deal for a Gambian expat in Europe. You can wander off to any place with whatever travelling wheels suit you. Every type of transport, like trains, buses, airlines, ferries or rental cars, is available.

You can choose a travel option according to your liking. If you're exploring nearby areas, walking on foot is a good way. The train is very convenient if you travel a little farther.

Home For Poets And Artists 

Europe is the best place for a Gambian ex-pat If he is a poetry lover, music admirer, history hunter or an art fascist. Being a vast continent, It provides a home to hundreds of civilisations and cultures. It has several aromas that are filled with amazing tunes of their own. It is steeped in architectural marvels of the world. Most prestigious music festivals in the world are hosted in Europe.

Apart from that, various theatre plays, concerts, ballets, and operas are top-rated among European ex-pats. 

Europe Has Every Season

Whether you want to get a tan on the beach or make a snowman in snowy regions, Europe offers its ex-pats the joys of every season. Some cities in Europe receive heavy rainfall. 

July and August are the warmest times of the year. You can visit seaside countries in June and September. November to mid of April is best for skiing. Europe is exciting in freezing temperatures too. Thus whatever season pleases the ex-pat, Europe has it. 

Good Healthcare System

One of the biggest threats that come to mind is if an ex-pat falls ill, whether he is in safe hands or not. Like most countries, it also follows a universal healthcare system, in which foreigners are also given good medical treatment. A Gambian ex-pat can communicate very easily with doctors if he can speak at least some level of English. 

Clinics and health care centres are open 24/7. So In case of an emergency, dial 112. The cost of the service will depend on how severe your problem is. Being an ex-pat means you are short of money; you can always use money transfer services. You can also get health cards or relate yourself with health insurance companies.

Final Verdict

This article was your brief guide to the life of a Gambian expat in Europe. Europe is one of the top choices for expatriates comprising various cultures. You can surf yourself through multiple civilisations and learn about them.

If you want to eliminate unemployment and disturbed economic situations at home in the Gambia, Europe is the best destination for you. With gates open to many opportunities and extra lavishes, you can motivate yourself to work even more challenging. This way, you can also support your family back home. You can make the most reliable and economical money transfer to Gambia from Europe via ACE Money Transfer. So what are you waiting for? This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and figure your life out in Europe.


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