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Is Canada A Good Destination For Pakistani Expats?

Is Canada A Good Destination For Pakistani Expats?

19 Dec 2022

It has long been customary for people worldwide to move abroad for work or education to support their families. But this trend has become more prevalent in Pakistan over the past few years. More than 50,000 Pakistanis travel abroad yearly to complete their education or find employment.

Most of these Pakistanis have to send money to Pakistan from overseas for financial support and to make life necessities available for their loved ones. When moving abroad, there could be multiple choices where Canada remains one of the top priorities. Do you want to know whether Canada is an ideal location for Pakistani expats? Undoubtedly several Pakistanis prefer Canada, given the educational and employment opportunities alongside a modern lifestyle in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about it.

The South Asia's Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a federal republic. It is the sixth most populous country in the world, with a population of more than 201 million. A rise in migration to developed nations like Canada has been observed in the country due to its high population and low unemployment rate. 

Pakistan is one of the nations from which Canada welcomes more than a quarter of a million migrants. Canada welcomes a sizable influx of immigrants from Pakistan.

Are Pakistani Expats a Good Fit for Canada?

Canada is the most-Googled study abroad destination among 36 countries, according to a report from 2021. Given that some of the top universities in the world are located in cities that are friendly to students, this is hardly surprising. Canada's border-friendly policies throughout the pandemic added to its appeal as a location for international students. 

The correct country can significantly impact your university or work experience, especially with the spread of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant. Canada remains at the top of the list of nations that immigrants are considering. Is it still worthwhile to migrate there now that 2022 has arrived? Canada will continue to be known as a migrant-friendly nation, given its long history of embracing immigrants and assisting them in assimilating into Canadian society.

In recent years, the US has made its immigration regulations even more strict, leading more Pakistanis to choose Canada because its regulations are less strict. Formerly favouring the US, tech professionals are now looking to build a career in Canada. ACE Money Transfer can assist you with the least expensive transfer methods if you want to save as much as possible for every money transfer to Pakistan from Canada. 

Reasons Why Canada Is A Good Choice For Pakistanis

Below are some key reasons why Canada is the best choice for those who wish to move abroad from Pakistan.


Canada takes great pride in its multiculturalism and was the first nation to make it a part of its official government policy in 1971. Multiculturalism in Canada is an inclusive form of citizenship that recognises the worth of its citizens regardless of their racial or ethnic background, language proficiency, or religious convictions. 

Since Canada values cultural diversity as a national asset and guarantees all citizens equality before the law and access to opportunities, Pakistanis may choose to immigrate there. You'll be able to live in peace, put more of your attention into your career, and send money to Pakistan online.

Immigrant minorities are regularly visible in large cities like Toronto and Vancouver, highlighting the fact that multiculturalism is widely regarded as one of the nation's well-cherished characteristics.

A Welcoming Country

Canada ranks fourth on the UN Global Peace Index, just behind New Zealand, Iceland, and Denmark. Almost anywhere in the world, if you ask someone to describe a Canadian, they will likely use words like "friendly," "peaceful," and "polite."

Canadians are friendly, approachable, and very welcoming. Canada consistently comes out on top in every study that attempts to determine which nation has the best reputation toward immigrants. In Canada, daily life is essentially uncomplicated. Halal restaurants can be found throughout the nation's cities, and Pakistani supermarkets are practically ubiquitous.

Job Opportunities

One of the wealthiest nations on earth is Canada. A stable political climate has allowed Canada's economy to continue to grow, which has resulted in an abundance of readily accessible jobs.

The likelihood of skilled immigrants entering the country after gaining some basic experience is significantly increased. Pakistani immigrants can work in many professions in Canada, requiring highly qualified individuals in IT, engineering, or healthcare. Employers also require tradespeople with knowledge of electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.

Entrepreneurs and investors who contribute to Canada's continued economic strength also have opportunities. Canada is an excellent choice for people who want to earn a tremendous amount abroad to support their families back home. And ACE Money Transfer stands by their side to provide them with an efficient, convenient, economical, and secure online money transfer to Pakistan from overseas.

Health Care

In Canada, having access to quality healthcare is seen as a fundamental right, much like education. Canada has a publicly funded healthcare system, making it cost-free. The system ensures that no citizen or permanent resident of Canada is denied access to medical care because they cannot afford it, so your ability to access medical care is not based on your annual income.

With more than 88% of Canadians reportedly claiming to be in good health, health spending accounts for 11.4% of the country's GDP. The average lifespan in the nation is 81.95 years.

Big and Beautiful

Canada is the second-largest nation in the world. Thanks to its stunning countryside and nearly 10 million kilometres of open land, it is one of the most beautiful. Canada can take your breath away from its vast woodlands to its lakes' brilliant blue waters and snow-capped peaks. This enormous and diverse country has a relatively small population of just over 35 million people. Still, plenty of travelling and sightseeing keeps you busy, whether on weekends or holidays. 

Within the boundaries of this breathtaking wilderness, you could go hiking, kayaking, skiing, whale watching, and duck feeding. So this is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of this big city while also building a successful career to provide for your family with your earnings by making money transfers with ACE. 

The best economy in Canada makes it possible for people to work there and earn a lot of money, so it is advantageous in this regard. The manufacturing, food, retail, construction, educational, warehousing, and transportation sectors all offer employment opportunities. Pakistani immigrants thus have many opportunities to work here.

Bottom Line - Should You Move to Canada from Pakistan?

While living abroad, you must earn money to cover your expenses and send money back home. The best education system is available in Canada; residents of Canada can benefit from universal healthcare, and evergrowing employment opportunities welcome you if you move to Canada from Pakistan. So, overall, Canada is the best choice for Pakistani Expats. After getting settled here with reasonable earning, you may send money to Pakistan online via ACE Money Transfer to benefit from the most economical, secure, and lightning-fast remittance services.


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