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ACE Money Transfer Upgrades a Prize in its Invite a Friend Offer - Learn More Here

ACE Money Transfer Upgrades a Prize in its Invite a Friend Offer - Learn More Here

14 Dec 2022

There is yet another exciting news awaiting you.

ACE Money Transfer has upgraded one of the prizes in its famous ‘Invite a Friend’ campaign that goes live throughout the year.

If you invite your expatriate friends to use the company’s services and if three of the invitees do use the services and send money online to anywhere worldwide with ACE Money Transfer, you stand a chance to win an iPhone 13 mini, Apple Smartwatch 8 series, and AirPods Pro.

Previously, the company was doling out Apple Smartwatch 7 series, but it is now upgraded to Apple Smartwatch 8 series. Isn’t it exciting?

With every three conversions, your chances can brighten to win the prizes. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the campaign.

Why Upgrade The Apple Smartwatch Series 7 To Series 8?

ACE Money Transfer always provides its customers with exceptional rewards and incentives, which are up-to-date, meeting the users’ demands. The purpose of upgrading the Apple Watch Series 7 to Series 8 is that the newer version comes with Body Temperature and Crash Detection Sensors. The firm wants its customers to have upgraded rewards with all the new features for advanced users.

What’s Body Temperature and Crash Detection Sensors in Apple Watch Series 8?

The new Body Temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 records the wearer’s wrist temperature after every five seconds. It helps you stay alert to your body temperature and take precautionary measures or necessary, timely treatments.

The crash detection sensor can detect car accidents and crashes and can instantly notify your contacts about the emergency. It’s undoubtedly a helpful feature that can be a life-saviour when you have nobody around during an accident.

A smartwatch can tell you things for which previously you would see a doctor. And its need has increased manifold given that the world barely turned the page on Covid-19.

Let’s see what other benefits a smartwatch offers you.

  • It helps you track your fitness and health.
  • It helps you find your phone and keys.
  • You can call and answer phones instantly.
  • Accessing notifications is easier and quicker.
  • It helps you stay connected in the middle of other activities.

These are some of the major advantages you can have while using a Smartwatch.

So, what’s better than having a top-of-the-line best, quality Apple Smart Watch for free? You can win these prizes if you ask your friends to use ACE Money Transfer for every money transfer they make to their families from abroad.

A Brief Background About ACE  Money Transfer’s Back-To-Back Successful Campaigns

Do you know what is one of the important factors to consider for an online money transfer company to be relevant, successful, and to command its customers’ trust?

Your answer can include an array of options such as low fees, speed, exchange rates, etc. All of these are undoubtedly essential in a remittance service. But what if you were told to see if the company whose services you are using for this particular purpose is evolving with time or not?

Is the company catering to its customers' ever-changing needs and requirements?

Where every financial institution caters to the needs of its customers, responding to the ever-changing needs is a challenge a few companies stand their ground to undertake.

One of the unique features of ACE Money Transfer that sets it apart from several other companies is that it cares for its customers by ensuring everything they expect.

Keeping its decades-old tradition of evolving with time, ACE Money Transfer has made a few important tweaks in its ongoing “Invite a Friend” campaign.

Below you will find more about the campaign and how to participate.

A Brief Insight Into The Background Of The Exciting Campaign

Known as “Invite a Friend”, the campaign is live throughout the year. As an expatriate residing anywhere worldwide, you can participate in this campaign and earn exciting prizes as an outcome of your participation.

The process to participate in the campaign is simple. As the campaign’s title suggests, you can take part by inviting your expatriate friends to use ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services if they have not been using it already. You and your friends can make an instant, secure, and fee-free online money transfer from across the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland to 100+ countries. If three of your referred friends join ACE family and make transactions, you stand a chance to win one of the three prizes, i.e., iPhone 13 Mini, Apple Watch Series 8, and AirPods Pro.

What Is The Impetus Behind This Campaign?

Well, the one word to answer this question with is acknowledgement.

Expatriates already undergo several hazards that come with an expatriate life. The financial stress alone on you in a foreign country can eclipse all else. Therefore, ACE Money Transfer has always deemed it appropriate to reward its customers with gifts and prizes for their endurance as expatriates and to present a token of appreciation for using the company’s services.

Although the expatriates seeing the benefits of using the company’s services do not require any other gifts and prizes as the service features are no less than prizes. But the company takes stock of your efforts as expatriates to reward you in ways you struggle to fathom.

What Is The “Invite A Friend” Offer, And How Can I Benefit From It?

To win the prizes in this exciting campaign, you must tell your other expatriate colleagues and friends to send money to their respective countries with ACE Money Transfer. This is called the “Invite a Friend” offer by the firm that enables you to win exciting prizes.

What Else Do I Have To Do To Derive Benefits From This Offer?

A few steps are explained below that you need to take to win the prizes and derive benefits.

  • Firstly, ensure ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services are used if you move money to countries where the company is operationally present.
  • Secondly, see to it that the friends you invite use the company’s services. It is not enough to simply send invites using the company’s official website or its app.
  • Remember that your chances of winning will brighten with every three of your invited friends using the service.
  • The more friends you bring to ACE Money Transfer in threes, you will increase your chances of winning the top prize, which is the iPhone 13 Mini, followed by the Smartwatch and AirPods Pro.

The 30,000-strong Pakistani expatriates in Denmark also benefit from this offer, and the terms and conditions of the campaign are the same as for others.

Can I Track My Invites And Determine Who Used The Service?

Yes. You can visit the company’s official website, where you will find a live dashboard that calculates the invites and the service usage. So you do not have to worry about checking on the invitees.

ACE  Money Transfer Is Giving Away Exciting Prizes Through Its Online Money Transfers – Grab Yours Now

Not only does the company offer benefits such as a low fee, live and competitive exchange rates, speed, safety, etc., in its money transfers, but it also allows you to win amazing prizes by following the simple steps explained above. So, don’t wait anymore; send money to your loved ones via ACE Money Transfer and invite your friends to use its services to grab exciting prizes.

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