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How to Win the Referral Bonus from ACE Money Transfer in 2023?

19 Feb 2024

Do you know that you become more concerned about other expatriates around you as an expatriate? It is largely because they undergo the same troubles as you and share the same purpose of becoming an expatriate: to support your family back home through global money transfer.

And it happens that you tend to share good things with them about expatriate life.

In this context, ACE Money Transfer’s “Invite a Friend” offer will confer several bonuses on you and help you win several exciting prizes.

These prizes include an iPhone 13 Mini, Apple Smartwatch Series 8, and AirPods Pro.

This blog will tell you all you must know regarding the campaign, prizes, and how you can participate.

A Brief Background about the Exciting Offer

All the valued customers of ACE Money Transfer have this exciting opportunity throughout the year to benefit from this campaign and win exciting prizes. The company's top priorities have always been to evolve with time and find unique ways to reward its customers as an appreciation and a token of acknowledgment of their attachment to the company.

This campaign is an extension of the company’s tradition and a step in the same direction.

In this offer, you have to invite your friends and other colleagues who are expatriates like you and want to transfer funds back home to use the services of ACE Money Transfer for the same purpose. All the rewards will accrue as a result of these invitations. Remember that the 30,000-strong Pakistani diaspora in Denmark will also benefit from this offer until 31st December.

But these Pakistani expatriates must follow the timeline, which is the end of the year. They must reside in Denmark, from where they will send money abroad with ACE Money Transfer.     

What is meant by ‘Invite a Friend’?

It means that in this campaign, you can invite your other expatriate friends and colleagues to use the services of ACE Money Transfer to send money. If you successfully convert your friends, you will increase your chances of winning the prizes.          

Converting friends sounds confusing.

Yes. It does seem confusing. But it is not!

All it means is that once you have sent the invite to your friends, you must make sure that they opt for the company for remittances and use its services. It is not simply sending invites. You have to persuade the invitees to come to the company and transfer remittances with it.

How many Invites and Conversions are enough for me so that I can win prizes?      

There is no limit to the invites you wish to send to other expatriates around you. But remember that there is a limit to your conversions.

You must convert at least three invitees to increase your chances of winning. It means that the minimum number of conversions for consideration is three.       

But it does not stop at three conversions.

You can have as many conversions as you want in a set of three. So, with each converted set of three, you can increase your chances of winning.

Assume these conversions as the following calculation:       

3 invites = 1 conversion        

1 conversion = 1 winning point         

Remember that 3 invites are assumed to be the actual conversions, but it can differ as only 3 of the many invites can convert.                 

So, you can earn more winning points with an increased number of conversions.

What are the prizes, and how many are these?

The prizes in the current offer include one iPhone 13 Mini, one Apple Smartwatch Series 8, and one AirPods Pro. The order of the prizes is the same as the order in which these are listed here.

Besides, another bonus you get by joining this campaign is to make your money transfer. cost-free!       

How do I calculate my invites and know who converted and who didn’t?       

It is difficult to call everyone you have referred to ACE Money Transfer to check whether they have converted. So, the company has created a live dashboard on its official website on which you can check the status of your invites and conversions. It’s a live dashboard and makes these calculations in real time. So you don’t have to worry about these calculations except for a few clicks to visit the dashboard.          

How do I proceed with the entire process?

You are not supposed to do anything special. The simple steps you need to follow are:

  • Log into the company’s smartphone app, fill in the required fields, cross-check the information with care and proceed with the transaction.
  • Click on ‘Invite a Friend’ either on the app or the company’s official website to increase your chances of winning.      

Is it enough, or are there any other conditions to meet?

You will also consider the following to increase your chances.

  • See that ACE Money Transfer operates in countries you send money online to.
  • Make sure to persuade others to use the company’s services, for which you can cite the company’s features like low fees, speed, safety, exchange rates, etc.
  • Remember that your chances of winning prizes will brighten with each conversion in threes only.

ACE Money Transfer – Welcoming the New Year with Exciting Prizes

Online money transfer(s) with ACE Money Transfer are rewarding in unique ways. In this offer, you can stand not only a chance to win prizes but also your friends and colleagues can benefit from this offer. Apart from prizes, the company offers live and competitive currency exchange rates, speed, safety, 24/7 service access, and much more from one window. Further offering in exchange for a low fee and even fee-free in this campaign!



What is "Invite a Friend" offer?

ACE Money Transfer's "Invite a Friend" promotion encourages their customers to invite their expatriate colleagues and friends to use ACE Money Transfer for transfers of money internationally. Customers who join can win incredible prizes along with free cash delivery.

What kind of prizes does this campaign offer?

Participants in the campaign could receive a wide range of goodies, including an Apple Smartwatch Series 8, iPhone 13 Mini, and AirPods Pro. Furthermore, being part of this campaign enables you to conduct financial transactions with ACE Money Transfer for free.

How can I participate in this offer?

To join, use the ACE Money Transfer mobile app, visit the "Invite a Friend" area, and invite your friends. Ensure your friends use ACE Money Transfer for their transfers to improve their chances of winning.

How many invites can I send to win the rewards?

There is no restriction on the total number of invitations you can send. Nevertheless, you must convert at least three participants to be eligible for the financial incentives. Each set of three successes improves the probability of winning.  


What is the procedure for tracking my invites and conversions?

ACE Money Transfer's official website features an interactive dashboard that allows you to follow the progress of your invitations and conversions in real time. This tool enables you to monitor your progress toward earning rewards without contacting those you referred directly.

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