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How to Use an ATM Machine as a Nepalese Expat in Italy?

23 Apr 2024

Many experiences can be drawn from being a Nepalese expat in Italy. Italy offers an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle, with many activities like visiting historical sites and enjoying delicious food. On the other hand, handling your money in a foreign country might seem overwhelming. Using an ATM can seem like a familiar choice if you want to send money to Nepal from Italy for bills, family, or enjoyment. But wait, there are a few things you should think about first!   

As a Nepalese expat, let us guide you through using an ATM in Italy. We will also discuss alternatives like ACE Money Transfer for sending money home to Nepal. 

Before You Use an ATM

In Italy, automated teller machines (ATM), or bancomats, are commonly accessible nationwide. They can be seen on main roadways, retail centers, banks, rail stations, and airports. To identify an ATM, look for the universal ATM symbol or particular bank logos (such as Bancomat, Intesa Sanpaolo, or UniCredit). Before using an ATM in Italy, make sure you have the following essentials ready:

Inform Your Bank

Tell your Nepalese bank that you will be using your debit card overseas. This minimizes the chance they will block your card because they saw potentially suspicious activities.

Know Your PIN

Before you approach the ATM, make sure you remember your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Gather Your Cards

When you send money online to Nepal from Italy, ensure you have your Italian residency permit, passport, and Nepalese debit card.

Step-by-Step Guide for Using an ATM in Italy

Now, let's walk through the process of using an ATM in Italy:

Insert Your Card

Find the ATM's card slot, carefully slide your debit card into it, and chip upwards.

Select Your Language

In Italy, most ATMs have several language choices, including English. Select English for a seamless experience, and look for a flag icon or "language" button on the screen.

Enter Your PIN

The screen will display a keypad. Make sure no one is looking while you safely enter your four-digit PIN.

Choose Your Transaction

Various transaction options will be displayed on the screen, usually in English. Typical choices include the following:


This is the most common option for withdrawing cash in euros.

  • Balance Inquiry (Saldo)

Check your account balance.

  • Mini Statement (Estratto conto)

Get a printed record of recent transactions (subject to fees).

  • Transfer (Bonifico)

Transfer funds between your accounts (might only be available on some ATMs).

Select Withdrawal Amount

Click "Withdrawal," then enter the required amount in Euros. Pay attention to the daily withdrawal caps that the ATM and your bank have set while you send money online to Nepal from Italy.

Conversion Option

A currency conversion option may be shown to you. As a result, you can view the withdrawal amount in Nepalese Rupees (NRs) depending on the exchange rate used by the ATM. Declining this conversion and depending instead on the currency rate offered by your home bank is often advised as it is frequently better.

Confirm Transaction

Before confirming the transaction, check the withdrawal amount and any associated costs again.

Collect Your Cash and Receipt

In addition to disbursing your euros, the ATM might print a receipt for you. For your records, hold onto the receipt.

Retrieve Your Card

Remember to retrieve your debit card back once the transaction is finished.

Essential Tips for Using ATMs in Italy

Here are some additional tips to ensure a safe and successful ATM experience:

Be Wary of Scams

Sadly, there are scams involving ATMs worldwide. Be wary of anyone extending uninvited assistance, particularly near ATMs. Never give out your PIN to anybody.

Look for Secure Locations

Use the ATMs that are situated in well-lit, CCTV-equipped public spaces. Steer clear of ATMs in remote areas, especially after dark.

Protect Your PIN

Cover the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN to keep prying eyes out.

Review Statements Regularly

Keep a close eye on your bank statements to be sure no unauthorized transactions occur. Notify your bank right once if you see any unusual activity.

Alternatives to Using ATMs in Italy

While ATMs are convenient, consider using a reputable money transfer service like ACE Money Transfer. This allows you to send money directly from Italy to your loved ones in Nepal securely and often at competitive exchange rates. Here are some advantages of using ACE Money Transfers:

Extensive Network

ACE Money Transfer facilitates efficient money transfers from Italy to Nepal through its wide-reaching network of partners and agents, ensuring convenient options for beneficiaries in Nepal.   

Competitive Exchange Rates

Get the best rates when converting euros to Nepalese rupees at ACE Money Transfer to maximize your transfer.

Affordable Transactions

Cost-effectiveness is ACE Money Transfer’s top priority. Therefore, it works to keep transaction fees low and lessens the impact on the amount you send.

Swift Transfers

You can rely on ACE Money Transfer to provide fast internet transfers from Italy to Nepal, focusing on streamlining the transfer procedure to ensure on-time payments.

Robust Security Measures

ACE Money Transfer prioritizes your peace of mind using cutting-edge encryption and security methods to protect your financial information and transactions.

Exceptional Customer Support 

Take advantage of ACE Money Transfer's superior customer support for help with transfer questions or issues.

User-Friendly Interface

With the simple and user-friendly platform of ACE Money Transfer, start and monitor your online money transfers with ease.

Transparent Operations

You can be sure that all expenses and conversion rates will be fully disclosed, providing clarity for both the donor and the recipient.

Reliable Service

With ACE Money Transfer's established track record of dependability, you can be sure that your funds will be delivered to Nepal quickly and securely, giving you peace of mind all along the way.

Transferring Money Made Easy

Banking doesn't have to be difficult for Nepali expatriates living in Italy. You can now make online money transfers from Italy to Nepal easily with modern banking alternatives and online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfers. You may have a more fulfilling and pleasurable time living as an expat in Italy if you use these financial resources and continue your education. Are you ready to streamline your financial journey? Reach out to ACE Money Transfer and add a full stop to your financial and transactional hassles. 



How can I send money from Italy to Nepal as an expat?

To send money to Nepal safely and effectively from Italy, you can use remittance firms, international bank transfers, and online money transfer services.

Are there any fees associated with transferring money from Italy to Nepal?

These costs might be associated with transaction fees and currency conversion costs. To determine which transfer method is the most economical, it is important to examine the available possibilities.

Can I open a bank account in Italy as a Nepali expatriate?

Indeed, a lot of Italian banks allow non-residents to open accounts. It's essential to ask the bank directly, as rules and procedures could differ.

How can I access my bank account from Nepal while living in Italy?

With the help of online banking services provided by several Italian banks, you can remotely manage your account from any location with an internet connection, even in Nepal.

What documents do I need to send money from Italy to Nepal?

A passport, proof of address, and information on the beneficiary in Nepal, including their bank account data, are usually required as forms of identity.

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