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How to Upload Documents to Your Account in ACE Mobile App?

18 Mar 2024

Do you know you can make a global money transfer in just a few seconds with just a few taps? ACE Money Transfer facilitates all immigrants to make safe money transfers to their native lands. People of different age groups migrate to developed countries for better life opportunities. Mostly, expats and students have to make regular transactions to their homelands to help their people. For this, it is essential to choose a remittance transfer service wisely.

ACE Money Transfer is recognized for its convenient services and user-friendly interface. It facilitates the customers through its website and mobile application. You can download your ACE app and transact from it anytime and anywhere. Sign in to your ACE account and use it to make international transactions. Moreover, you only have to enter your details and documents once in the beginning and use it with just a single click.

The mobile application of ACE is exceptional and offers an outstanding experience. The best thing about this app is you can save time by recognizing your identity at each transaction. It allows you to upload your documents by clicking the photos or uploading a file. Once you upload your documents, they will be safely secured in your app, and you can utilize them for future use.  

Steps to Upload Your Documents to Your ACE Account

Mobile applications are also called digital wallets, and approximately 2.8 billion people use mobile applications for international money transfers. People worldwide have adopted the use of digital wallets because of their instant and convenient services. Unlike traditional methods, individuals do not need to visit institutes to make remittance transfers.

Mostly, people in well-developed countries like China, Europe, and Japan have adopted this trend of digital transactions by using mobile apps. ACE Mobile App allows expats to make unlimited money transfers to multiple countries through its mobile application. Following are the steps to upload your document to the ACE mobile application:    

Step 1: Download the App

The first step includes downloading the ACE mobile application on your phone. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and open your application.

Step 2: Signup to Your Account

First, you need to create an account by signing up. If you already have an account, enter your username and password to open your account.   

Step 3: My Documents  

Tap "My Documents" and click "Add New Documents". Select the type of document. Select the appropriate category for the document you are uploading.  

Step 4: Attach the Documents

Upload the documents from your gallery or take a picture using the real-time camera option. Capture the images of the documents or attach the file and then submit it. 

Step 5: Enter Details  

After selecting your documents, you need to brief the details for each document and then save the documents to proceed further.

Step 6: Check the Status

After saving your documents, check the confirmation status. Make a trial transaction to ensure your documents are correctly uploaded.  

Steps to Increase the Validity of Your Document in ACE Mobile Apps

ACE Money Transfer is one of the reliable money transfer services. It is crucial to consider the following factors while uploading your documents to the mobile application.

Picture Quality 

Ensure you upload a quality picture with high visibility and clarity. Choose a high-resolution image for clear results. Wipe your camera lens to improve picture quality if you take real-time pictures. You can read more information about how to upload a photo ID.

Adjust Alignments  

Check the angles of your documents and ensure the alignment. Adjust the placement of your document and avoid pictures with titles, angles, and cropped edges.

Choose Appropriate Format

While selecting your document, choose the appropriate format, like PDF or JPEG. It will increase the validity of your document.

Avoid Dark Pictures

Ensure your pictures are lighted enough and are not shadowed. Avoid zooming in or out of the photos to maintain clarity.  

Benefits of Uploading Documents on the ACE Mobile Application

You can save time once you add your documents to the ACE mobile app. Ensure you have uploaded and verified all the documents through the app correctly. The following are the benefits of uploading your necessary identification documents:

  • It will increase the transaction process
  • You can upload your documents at any time and place
  • It will improve the accuracy
  • Your authenticity will be recognized
  • It will increase security
  • Tracking the records will become easy and convenient
  • It will facilitate the process of sending money abroad
  • Your identity will be verified
  • It will reduce the use of paperwork

Why to Choose ACE Money Transfer for International Transactions?

ACE Money Transfer ensures safe and secure money transactions so people can stay connected to their loved ones. Sending money through ACE requires a little effort. You have to provide all the essential details initially, and then you can enjoy money transactions in a few clicks.

Also, the mobile application helps you to keep a record of your transactions. You can save multiple recipient's information to make transfers. Moreover, ACE offers low transaction fees and convenient exchange rates for expats.

Uploading documents on the ACE Money Transfer mobile application requires little effort. You need to follow a few steps by logging into your accounts and adding the pictures or the files in the appropriate format. Once you add your identity documents, your transaction will be verified, and you can protect yourself from any harm and theft.

Ensure a stable internet connection to upload the documents and add the pictures clearly with a high-resolution camera and clear pixels. Briefly describe the details of your documents and save the details for later use.   

The ACE’s Way to Global Money Transfer

Online money transfer to your homeland is no longer a difficulty. You can enjoy the multiple benefits by choosing ACE Money Transfer. It offers a reliable and efficient website and mobile application for its users to make transactions conveniently. Uploading documents on mobile applications follows a few simple steps. You can click on "my documents" and choose the category of the papers, such as identity documents or bank credentials. After selecting the category, either click the pictures or upload them from your gallery.

Uploading the files and documents makes transactions easy and fast. It makes your account safe, secure and verified. Moreover, it saves lots of time that is consumed in paperwork and document submission. Ensure quality pictures are uploaded with high resolutions and pixels. If you upload files, an image should be clear and well-lit, then choose an appropriate format.

ACE Money Transfer allows you to make multiple transactions to different countries just through your mobile application. You can directly transfer your money without repeatedly verifying your identity by uploading your documents. 


Is it compulsory to upload documents to the ACE mobile application?

Yes, adding your documents as a file or picture is mandatory to verify your identity and protect your account.


How do you attach files in the ACE mobile application?

Login to your account, click on my documents, choose the category, and attach the file. Save the files after uploading them.  


How do you increase the validity of the documents?

You can increase the validity by choosing the right format and ensuring your document's alignment and clarity. 


What are the benefits of uploading documents?

By uploading your identity documents, you can save a lot of time that would be consumed verifying your identity. It makes your account secure and valid. 


Why choose ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is one of the fastest-growing remittance companies. It is customer-orientated and is ready to facilitate the customers. It ensures the security of transactions and your personal information. Moreover, it offers lower exchange and transaction rates.

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