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How to transfer money into a bank account using ACE Money Transfer?

How to transfer money into a bank account in India from overseas using ACE Money Transfer?

27 Sep 2022

Do you know how you can transfer money into a bank account while using the services of ACE Money Transfer as an expatriate? It is a question you must ask yourself in the wake of increasing financial and online money transfer scams taking place around the globe. And besides, keeping money in a bank account is still considered one of the safest methods to secure your money. Expatriates belonging to developing countries such as India, or any other country, who travel to other countries to earn better to support their families financially must look for the safest way to make an online money transfer to India or elsewhere.

The people of developing countries, including India, face many problems such as rampant poverty, scarce employment opportunities and lack of quality education.

These factors together add to the miseries of the people and push them into deeper and deeper poverty, leading to a suffocated life. These suffering people of India then manage to go to the West for better jobs and earn remittances. The external affairs ministry of India stated that India has an enormous number of migrants worldwide, with 2.5 million people leaving India annually. 

These expatriates find it convenient to send money to India using the services of some of the finest online money transfer companies, including ACE Money Transfer.

Although the recipients have been provided with the option of collecting the sent remittances as cash by some companies, most expatriates find it convenient to transfer money directly into a bank account for, as mentioned above, safekeeping until the need to use it.

Before delving into the details of how to transfer money into a bank account via ACE Money Transfer, let’s take a quick look at the economy of India.

Indian Economy – A Cursory Glance

  • India is the 6th largest economy with a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $3.29 trillion.
  • Regarding Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), India is the 3rd largest economy globally, with $11.75 trillion.
  • Its GDP growth rate is expected to be 8.2%
  • Its GDP Per Capita income is $2,342, and its PPP Per Capita income is $8,358
  • India has an inflation rate of 6.07%
  • The unemployment rate in India is about 7.60%

These figures, indeed, point to a robust economy. Still, the problem is that upwards of 1.4 billion people with a burgeoning population makes it difficult for the government of India to accommodate the large number of graduates entering the market annually.

Let’s look at how you can transfer money into a bank account through ACE Money Transfer.

Online Money Transfer To India In A Bank Account

As stated above, the Indian expatriates have the option primarily practised by the expatriates from around the world to make a money transfer to India to the recipient to collect the remitted amount as cash without much ado. But, many expatriates prefer to send the remittances to a bank account to ensure money safety.

ACE Money Transfer allows you to pick from the following multiple options to transfer funds back home in India, whichever suits you best.

  • Online Money Transfer to any bank account in India
  • Send money to recipients’ bank account for a cash pickup
  • Share Mobile Top-Ups to your family and friends
  • Make online Bill Payments

For all those Indian expatriates whose beneficiaries in India want to get funds only through banks, ACE Money Transfer provides the swiftest and most secure method that doesn’t come at the high cost you usually find in the market.

ZERO-Fee Money Transfer to any Bank Account in India

When you use ACE Money Transfer to send money home from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, etc., you are charged NO Fee. Can’t believe it?

Undoubtedly, a global money transfer is always costly and finding desirable exchange rates is yet another challenge for Indian diasporas. ACE Money Transfer has resolved these concerns by providing ZERO-Fee transfers to India with the best exchange rates. Another good thing is that ACE’s exchange rates aren’t static but dynamic and linked with the foreign exchange market, where the rates are constantly updated. So you get the ultimate peace of mind that by using ACE’s services, you are getting the most updated rates by using ACE's services.

Here’s the Method for How to Transfer Money to a Bank in India via ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer has made the way to send money home super-easy for every user, whether you know how to use a website portal or mobile app or not.

Here are the easiest steps you’ll need to perform to make an instant money transfer to your recipient’s bank account in India.

  • Sign-Up or log in to your ACE Money Transfer using the website or mobile app
  • Select the sending country
  • Select the receiving country as India
  • Choose “Bank” as the method
  • After selecting Bank as the method, choose a desirable option under “Payout Partner.”
  • Enter the amount to be sent
  • You’ll see ZERO-Fee and the current exchange rate according to the selected country’s currency.
  • Click on “Proceed with the Payment”. It will lead you to the authentication stage to verify the recipient’s details before you make payments. You can ensure the safest money transfer to your family and friends in India this way.

Multiple Methods available to Send Money to India via ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer understands the needs of its customers spread worldwide. In order to ensure convenience and a smooth money transfer process, the company offers an advanced website portal and a user-friendly mobile app. You can use either of the two methods to send money to India online whenever needed instantly.

ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app is designed according to the everyday financial needs of an ordinary user. It has an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface, making the user experience extremely simple. Using ACE's mobile app, you can transfer funds to a recipient in India within a few taps on your mobile screen.

If you are using a Laptop or Desktop PC, you can use ACE Money Transfer’s website portal to make online money transfers across borders. The process of sending money abroad using the website remains as convenient as you find on ACE’s mobile app.

Have a Question? Don’t Hesitate to Ask the Customer Support Team

Although money transfers to recipients’ bank accounts from overseas are usually slower and costly, ACE Money Transfer has dealt with this problem efficiently. You can send money to India in a bank account within a day and at a ZERO Fee. You get no cost and have the best exchange rates when using ACE’s services to transfer funds to India from overseas.

ACE Money Transfer’s proactive customer support is available right at your disposal to get answers to your queries and concerns if you have any. You can contact them anytime you need assistance with online money transfers, costs, exchange rates, methods, or any other problem.
ACE Money Transfer is the answer to your quest for the best way to send money to India. It offers you multiple options to send money either for cash pickup by the recipient residing in India or to the recipient's bank account to ensure security and safekeeping of funds. Sending money through the ways and methods elaborated above will ease you in online money transfers. But, make sure you follow the steps with care and caution, particularly when filling in the recipient's details, lest you benefit someone else monetarily. 


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