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How to Stay Safe When Sending Money to Pakistan from Abroad in 2023?

How to Stay Safe When Sending Money to Pakistan from Abroad in 2023?

12 Jan 2023

People are now more likely to send money to Pakistan online than they were a few years ago. It is simple, pleasant, gives consumers flexibility, and facilitates contactless payment in every situation, whether it’s an emergency back home or a pandemic like COVID-19.

Online fraud and cyberattacks, along with the growth in online money transfers, are on the rise. An ordinary man's life might become terrible due to online theft caused by scammers and fraudsters. 

As more businesses venture into the eCommerce sector, online frauds are growing at a pace of 10–12 per cent annually. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to security precautions while online money transfers.

Safety Tips to Ensure while Sending Money to Pakistan

A few precautions that should be taken while sending money are mentioned as follow:

Do Your Analysis: Transfer Money only with Trusted Money Transfer Service Providers

Please do a thorough, and we mean complete, background check on any service provider before entrusting your hard-earned money to them for transferring money to Pakistan online from overseas.

Checking out the currency rate and service charges is an intelligent place to start. Most reputable companies are open and honest about this information. If you've looked everywhere and are having trouble finding the costs or if they are hidden in the small print, it may be time to move on and find another service.

You can take it a step further by determining how the money will be delivered and when it will be accessible.

Take advantage of the ability to track the status of your transfer that most providers offer. For instance, you may follow ACE's transfers by supplying your last name and the authorisation or reference number.

Be Aware of Phishing Emails and Fraud.

Have you got an email from your bank or money transfer service provider? Look at it once more, this time paying closer attention. Are you sure it came from a trusted, official email address?

Before responding to any email requesting personal information or details about your bank accounts, you should ensure the communication is legitimate. If you unexpectedly received the mail, this is highly crucial. Ensure to contact your service provider when you send money to Pakistan to keep your transactions protected if you’ve seen any malicious email.

The most obvious signs, in general, would be misspellings, poor grammar, or the fact that the email isn't even addressed to you specifically.

You cannot, however, ignore the fact that con artists are becoming more intelligent and proficient at forging emails. In this sense, spoofing refers to the process by which an unreliable source alters an email's header to make it appear as though it was sent from another party (such as your bank or a money transfer service you've used).

ACE Money Transfer even warns recipients to delete any shady emails they receive, emphasising that they will never send emails asking for passwords, IDs, or other private information.

Safeguard Your Data

Use complex, one-of-a-kind passwords whenever possible, especially on accounts connected to your finances. This calls for using capital and lowercase characters, numerals, and symbols.

Regardless of how complex your passwords are, if you use the same one for all of your accounts, it will be simpler for hackers to access them all. If a site is compromised and you use a universal password, the hackers can likely continue their operations from that point.

Additionally, you should make a point of regularly changing your passwords. By changing your password, you lower the possibility of someone else accessing your account since it can often be challenging to identify if someone else is using it. Every time you change your password on some websites, you are even kicked out of your accounts on other devices.

Even if you're using a personal device, avoid saving your passwords, and make sure to log out after each transaction before closing the browser or programme. Staying logged in or keeping your password can make it simpler for you to complete your next purchase, but it also makes it simpler for anyone who could gain access to your device.

Safeguard Your Privacy 

The time has come to cease using public computers or Wi-Fi to access your bank account; you should have stopped yesterday. You may have manifold options for making an online money transfer to Pakistan, but ensuring the most secure one remains critical.

To prevent the exploitation of your data, it is advisable only to use your devices and to connect to secure networks if handling sensitive or private information.

Using public Wi-Fi exposes you to several dangers, including man-in-the-middle attacks where criminals might intercept your communications. Furthermore, it is a good moment for hackers to install malware on your device, which could harm you even after you disconnect from the public network.

Check Recipient Details Twice or More.

When sending money to Pakistan, it's a good idea to double-check the account information. Your capital may wind up in the wrong hands with just one error.

Asking your partner or roommate to review the banking information before pressing the send button is one approach to ensure you've entered all the information accurately.

The best thing about online transfer services is that you may save the account information for the recipients of your payments so that you won't have to enter it again and again.

ACE Money Transfer provides their esteemed customers to over 100 nations worldwide with over 375,000 payout locations. They strive to provide their customers with the most secure and cost-efficient transactions and a transparent fee structure. 

Bottom Line!

Be cautious of your safety when performing online money transfer transactions, as with everything involving your money.

In general, digital money transfer services offer a quick and secure money transfer to Pakistan and all over the globe. Sending money through a money transfer service like ACE Money Transfer has several advantages over other options, including being accessible 24/7.

Online money transfers are a fantastic way to send money abroad without making contact, provided you do your research and take extra security measures yourself.


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