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How to Set Up and Modify Your Account on ACE Money Transfer App

How to Set Up and Modify Your Account on ACE Money Transfer App

26 Aug 2022

The remittance industry has been evolving for the past two decades as there has been enormous addition to the worldwide list of international service providers. Expats can make money transfers to any corner of the world in just a blink. After years of sincere efforts & dedication, ACE Money Transfer is ultimately ruling the hearts of overseas expats. For sure, there are several aspects behind ACE's success, such as quality services, security, and the latest digital tools for ease of access. 

Let's look at the robust and smart ACE mobile application, empowering millions to make international money transfers worldwide. 

Smart Mobile Application for Digital Remittance Transactions

Technology is ascending with the daily innovations in science & latest technological developments. One can benefit from millions of prospect-oriented mobile applications in the present era. ACE Money Transfer offers a digital and trendy smart mobile application for customers from every corner of the world, an application that is capable of managing instant money transfers. 

How to Download the ACE Money Transfer Application?

The ACE mobile application is available in Android & iOS versions to facilitate a maximum number of international expats. One can download the ACE mobile application from the “App Store” & “Play Store” based on the OS version of their smart devices. 

Take Remittance Experience to the next level.

It's finally time to tune up with the latest technological advancements and take your remittances to the next level. Isn't it amazing to manage your international money transfers on the go? Whether it's about sending money abroad to loved ones back home, friends or families, it's no big deal with the ACE smart mobile application. 

Swift & Secure Money Transfers

Making transactions with the ACE mobile application is as secure as any other banking transaction. Security has been a vital factor of immediate attention. Therefore, ACE always incorporates adequate security layers to deliver swift & secure international money transfers. 

Set Up Your Account on ACE Money Transfer

If you have already downloaded the ACE mobile application, the next step is to create an ACE digital remittance account. Suppose you are a previously registered member of ACE Money Transfer. Just follow these simple steps to set up your digital mobile account instantly. 

  • Launch ACE mobile application
  • Click on the 'Login' button
  • Enter Username 
  • Enter password 

And you are done setting up your ACE mobile account! 

Create Account Option for New Members

If you are new to the ACE network, you can set up your ACE account in easy steps. Just follow the below steps to advance with the account creation & signing in process. 

  • Launch ACE mobile application 
  • Click on Create Account 
  • Enter the email 
  • Provide a strong password
  • Select the 'Country' 
  • Enter phone number
  • Set the destination country 
  • Provide referral code (If applicable)
  • Enable the new services and exclusive offers notifications via email, SMS or call (Optional)
  • Click on Create Account

Activate ACE Account Using Registered Email

ACE offers an intelligent activation process for its customers for additional security purposes. All you need is to log in to the registered email and activate the ACE account by clicking on the “Confirm Email” button. Once the registered email is verified, overseas expats can log in to the ACE mobile application using the email & password. After your account’s activation, you can make a global money transfer anytime from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go.

Modify Account Details in Seconds

The modification is a dynamic requirement, and therefore ACE innovative mobile application enables customers to make modifications in short steps. All logged-in users can use the 'More' icon to access the basic settings section of the ACE mobile account. ACE allows its customers to control the following settings of the ACE account: 

  • Personal Data
  • Change Country 
  • Mobile Number
  • My Cards
  • Messages
  • Address
  • Identity Documents 
  • Basic Settings (App Language, Change Password, App Notifications, Enable Quick Access, Chat Icon, Exclusive Offers Notification)
  • My Rewards
  • Invite a Friend
  • Remittance Certificate 
  • Feedback 
  • Support 

Personal Data

The personal data section allows customers to update basic information regarding the account holders, such as First Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Birth Location, Occupation and Gender preference. 

Change Country & Mobile Number

The change country option enables overseas expats to change the sending location and update the preference from the list of available countries. While the mobile number section offers two options, i.e., change the mobile number or verify the mobile phone number. You can either continue verifying the registered mobile number or register alternate contact information. 

Address & Identity Documents

The address option aids customers in updating the location of the sending country. Overseas expats can search for their location using the ACE mobile application search feature. Customers can also upload any supporting identity documents easily accessible for future use.

Invite a Friend & Win Rewards

ACE takes exceptional care of its prestigious customers from all around the globe. This is why ACE offers an ample opportunity for customers to win exclusive rewards on new referrals. Click on “Invite a Friend” to get your referral code, which you can later share with your friends and families. All the associated rewards will be displayed in the 'My Rewards' section will display all associated rewards. Isn't it incredible to win exclusive prizes by sharing a splendid mobile application? So, what are you waiting for? Share with your friends over any social media platform to help them also get the best solution for remittance problems. 

Cost-Effective and Competitive Exchange Rates

Expats can take advantage of budget-friendly remittance transactions from the recognised ACE Money Transfer’s financial solutions. ACE offers a minimal processing fee for international money transfers from overseas. This year, stand with your loved ones in moments of happiness by sending remittances at the lowest pricing.

The Bottom Line

All the registered members can feel the luxury of international money transfer service via ACE. After going through the above details, one can easily set up and modify their ACE accounts in quick steps. Considering the easy signup process and quick login access, people from every age group can handle that process independently. Skip the need to restrict yourself to other remittance service providers' hectic and time-consuming policies. And switch over to the ACE network for smooth and instant funds transfer to your homeland in moments. For more details and information, feel free to click on today! 


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