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ACE Money Transfer's Associate Program for the People of Bangladesh

ACE Money Transfer's Associate Program for the People of Bangladesh

01 Aug 2023

You travel to developed countries from Bangladesh to earn a living and send money to Bangladesh to offer financial aid to your family back home. For you working against all the odds in a foreign land is just fine so long as you keep earning money, never mind, less or more.

In such a scenario, imagine that you are supposed to talk to your loved ones residing abroad to send funds back to Bangladesh through a specific service provider to win cash prizes.
Isn’t it exciting?
You could not have asked for more.

ACE Money Transfer has launched an associate program for the people of Bangladesh in which the recipients of funds can win cash prizes to the tune of BDT 3,500.

Unlike other campaigns, the firm keeps launching to benefit its valued customers, both remitters and recipients, this campaign focuses on the recipients of funds alone who are residing in Bangladesh.

Through this campaign, the recipients of remittances in Bangladesh will be able to win cash prizes effortlessly and easily.

Keep reading to ascertain the exciting details.


ACE Money Transfer’s Associate Program at a Glance

About 10 million Bangladeshis are residing in different countries to earn a living and for several other purposes, according to a report by Arab News of these 10 million Bangladeshi migrants, a reasonable chunk lives in the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Switzerland. These migrants live in these countries primarily to earn a living and they send money back to Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi migrants use different means to send money back home from the countries listed above. But the recipients of the funds from these countries can win cash prizes to the tune of BDT 3,500 easily by asking the senders to use ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services for their online money transfer to Bangladesh.

It is about referring the remitters to ACE Money Transfer to transfer remittances to Bangladesh. And with each such referral, the recipient will become eligible to earn BDT 1,000.

Some other steps are also involved which you have to take to become eligible to claim the cash prizes.

But don’t worry.

These steps are simple and do not require you to do anything extra or to go out of your comfort zone. Let’s first take a look at the background of the entire program and then we will proceed to those steps that will lead you to win and claim prizes.


A Brief Insight into the Background

One of the compelling reasons why ACE Money Transfer’s online remittance transfer services resonate well with millions of global migrants is because the company, in addition to offering tailor-made remittance transfer services to its valued customers, takes stock of the financial constraints of migrants.

With a look at the history of campaigns ACE Money Transfer has been launching since the firm’s birth, you will realise how the company is trying to reach out to its valued customers to help them with cash and kind to relieve their financial burden.

For example, in one campaign the firm will dole out vehicles to its customers who participate by following the guidelines; while in another, participants have won massive cash prizes, smartphones, and so on.

In this current associate program, it is the recipients of funds who will get a chance to win the cash rewards.

Let’s now delve deeper into it to understand it completely.


Understanding the Associate Program Bit by Bit

This exciting associate program is explained below. Make sure to read the details thoroughly and take the essential steps to participate.


Who Does this Program Focus on?

This program focuses on the recipients of foreign remittances residing in Bangladesh.


How to participate in this program?

Participation in this program is simple. If you are residing in Bangladesh and receive funds from abroad, all you have to do is refer the senders to ACE Money Transfer and ensure they use the firm’s services for a money transfer to Bangladesh instead of other means.


What Does Referral Mean?

It means you ask your loved ones earning a living abroad to send money to Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer.

Read here the associate program’s complete ToRs.


What is the Cash Award?

For each successful referral, the referer will get BDT 1,000. But there is a catch! It is not that you will get the cash prize after every successful referral. To win the prize, you will have to ensure that you refer three remitters to ACE Money Transfer.

It means that you will get a total of BDT 3,000 for each successful referral consisting of three remitters. And the best part is that you will not get BDT 3,000 only. You will get an additional bonus of BDT 500 from the firm.

So, in total, you will get a cash award of BDT 3,500.


Can Every Bangladeshi Migrant Participate?

Bangladeshi migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland alone can participate in this current associate program.


Is There Any Limit on the Number of Referrals?

No. There is no limit to the number of referrals you make in the context explained above. You can make as many referrals as possible and win as many cash awards of BDT 3,500 each.


Is Simple Referral Enough?

No. You have to ensure that the referrals complete a transfer to Bangladesh successfully. It means that they have to send money to Bangladesh using ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services.


How Will the Winner Be Determined?

It is simple as a set of three successful referrals will make the referer win. There are no lucky draws involved. 

The money will be transferred to the winner according to the details provided to the firm for transferring funds.


Why refer remitters to ACE Money Transfer?

Well, for the simple reason that this program is owned by ACE Money Transfer. A few other compelling reasons include the following.

  • You will receive funds swiftly and safely
  • The firm offers you live and market-competitive exchange rates
  • The firm charges a low fee
  • The firm’s services are available round the clock through its mobile app and official website
  • Lastly, because doing so will help you earn massive cash prizes should you draw several referrals consisting of 3 senders each

Wrapping Up the Discussion

You can earn these cash rewards and ease the sender’s financial burden if you simply persuade the remitters to send money to Bangladesh online with ACE Money Transfer. Money is being sent to you already. Right? Why not follow the steps above and earn innumerable cash prizes by simply diverting remittances to ACE Money Transfer?


What is the associate Program ACE Money Transfer has launched?

This associate program is to dole out cash prizes to the tune of BDT 3,500 to the recipients of funds in Bangladesh if they make three successful referrals.

How does it benefit recipients in Bangladesh?

On making three successful referrals, the referrer will get the money deposited in the account or wallet whose details will be provided to the firm for transferring remittances.

What is the volume of cash awards?

For a single referral, the cash award is BDT 1,000. For three referrals the cash award is BDT 3,000. But a successful set of three referrals will get the referrer a total of BDT 3,500, of which BDT 500 is a bonus from the firm.

Why does ACE Money Transfer lunch such campaigns?

Because ACE Money Transfer takes stock of the financial challenges migrants face while living and earning abroad. Therefore, the firm keeps launching such campaigns to facilitate its valued customers both with cash and kind.

On what basis should remitters be referred to ACE Money Transfer?

Because several service features set ACE Money Transfer apart from others. These features include speed, safety, live and market-competitive exchange rates, low fees, wider service access and availability, and the chance to win awards by participating in such programs.

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