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How To Send Money To Pakistan From Abroad Instantly?

How To Send Money To Pakistan From Abroad Instantly?

06 Dec 2022

Are you one of the 9 million Pakistani diasporas looking for the best way to send money to Pakistan and having trouble doing so? If you read this guide, you’ve reached the right place with the most reasonable solution. Remittance services, also referred to as money transfer services, have been around for as long as there have been people travelling and needing to send money back home from overseas to support their loved ones.

The remittance industry has significantly changed and diversified in recent years. There are now various options for those looking for the best way to send money to take care of their own needs and the needs of their dependents.

The expansion of digital technology and fintech partnerships has made the market more inventive and competitive. In the past, there were fewer options available when choosing a money transfer company, but today many money transfer companies offer various services to fulfil all needs. Modern digital remittance providers have helped significantly stimulate the remittance inflows to Pakistan, where $31.2 billion in FY22 is worth noting.

Let's discuss locating the best money transfer services while residing abroad.

Top Ways To Send Money To Pakistan

Bank Transfer

The most common way to send and receive money in Pakistan is through conventional bank transfers. Before depositing into their accounts, customers fill out forms at banks. In Pakistan, this technique is preferred because it is thought to be the safest.

Users can also conduct bank transfers online by accessing their online banking portal and completing the necessary forms. The recipient's name, bank branch name, and account number are frequently all required.

Afterwards, they can click send, double-check their data, and watch for the deal to close. Bank transfers are typically made between clients of the same institution. This is not a convenient and easy way of Sending money abroad.

Wire Transfers 

An example of an electronic payment transfer is a wire transfer. A SWIFT code is typically used to send a traditional wire transfer from one bank to another. This method of transferring money is also thought to be the safest. In Pakistan, customers can transfer money using wire transfers through various banks. 

A wire transfer is more expensive than a bank transfer. Usually, it takes one to five business days for a wire transfer to be completed. Similar to a bank transfer, you can complete it offline or online. The recipient's banking information and sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the sending fees and the amount you wish to send are all that is required.

International Money Transfer App 

The best method for transferring digital currency depends on many factors, including cost, transfer speed, and international compatibility. The ACE Money Transfer mobile app is the best way to send money to Pakistan online from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. Its extensive, adaptable, flexible, safe, and user-friendly money transfer tools set it unique from the competition. It has apps available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

How To Find The Best Money Transfer Services While Living Abroad?

Check The Cost

Cost is undoubtedly a key factor when choosing a money transfer service. You'll want to send money the cheapest way possible because fees will be an issue, just like with any service, especially if you transfer money frequently. You have a winning formula when you combine low cost with all of the other elements that go into providing superior service.

The remittance industry has long been troubled by the high cost of money transfers; globally, the average cost of cross-border transactions is currently around 7%. In response, the UN has set a goal of bringing the average down to 3% by 2030.


Another significant problem has been the lack of fee transparency, which has led to customers paying more despite claims of zero transfer fees because of hidden costs in the exchange rate.

Transparency is key in any money transfer service because remitters want to know that as much of their hard-earned money as possible will be returned to them. In addition to exchange rate markups, some service providers may impose a backend fee, meaning the recipient might be required to pay a fee to receive the funds.

This teaches us that it is wise to compare prices. Make sure there are no receiving fees, those reasonable transfer rates aren't concealing high foreign exchange costs, and the transfer fees are as low as possible.

With ACE Money Transfer, you can take advantage of competitive exchange rates for an online money transfer to Pakistan and have no backend fees or cancellation fees. Transparency and cost-effectiveness are also ensured.

Consider Speed

The amount of time it takes for a transfer to be finished is essential for senders and receivers alike. When you regularly transfer money, especially when you need to do so in an emergency, you anticipate the money to arrive as soon as possible. Recipients may suffer from delays, mainly if they depend on money transfers for survival.

Each service provider has a different preferred method for sending money, with some taking as long as five days. However, thanks to modern digital technology, money transfer businesses like ACE Money Transfer can send money instantly to any location in the world. Beneficiaries can pick up remittances at their convenience and receive them within minutes, thanks to the network's efficiency.

Reliability And Security

When using a money transfer service, you desire both affordability and security. You want to be sure that your transaction will be delivered on time and that your reliable provider. Safe money transfers are of the utmost importance, regardless of the mode or route of delivery. 

Compare different global money transfer providers, paying close attention to their customer reviews and market reputations and ensuring they have the necessary licenses and follow the law. Never make a choice based solely on a transfer fee's low cost.

Knowing how to send money securely will give you peace of mind about your transactions and help you avoid losses. If you frequently send money abroad, consider using ACE's cost-effective, automated overseas payment service with the best exchange rates.

Bottom Line 

Considering hidden costs, fluctuation of exchange rates, and customer service is the most dependable when selecting a money transfer company. ACE Money Transfer is the best method to make an instant, secure and economical online money transfer to Pakistan from overseas 24x7 and on weekends or holidays.


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