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How to Send Money to Morocco Quickly from Abroad?

How to Send Money to Morocco Quickly from Abroad?

12 Apr 2023

Using conventional methods for international transactions is equivalent to getting robbed!


You can’t track your transactions when using conventional methods, while hidden charges and high transfer costs followed by uncertain exchange rates add to the inconvenience. Besides, you remain unsure when the funds reach the target recipient. On the other hand, banks are notoriously known for keeping their exchange rates static and low. They also cost hefty fees for international transactions. This means massive deductions from the amount intended for your loved ones at each level. In addition, wires take days to deliver funds, which can be a bummer in case of emergencies. So what should you do if you urgently need to transfer funds to your loved ones in Morocco? It’s time to quickly shift to online money transfers to send money to Morocco from abroad. 

Let’s help you find out the most trusted, economical, secure, and swift way to transfer funds to Morocco from abroad, getting the highest exchange rates.

The Need for Remittances in Morocco

With a substantial 16.5% year-on-year growth, remittances to Morocco reached $10.75 billion in 2022. Personal remittances accounted for a total of 5.3% of the annual GDP of Morocco in 2021. Many families in Morocco rely heavily on the remittances sent from their loved ones abroad. These funds are utilised for the following purposes.

  • Paying rents and utility bills
  • Paying back loans and debts
  • Paying school fees and medical insurance
  • Investment in start-ups and businesses

Since several Moroccan expatriates have to send money home from overseas, which method is most trusted, swift, and secure for them? Find the answer below.

Online Money Transfer is the Quickest Way to Send Remittances to Morocco from Abroad.

A migrant remittance is a developmental tool for Moroccans. Most families depend on financial assistance from their loved ones abroad to run their daily lives. In 2022, MAD 30.56 billion was received as a remittance.

Sometimes the families might get into some emergency situation requiring immediate funds. In such a situation, depending on conventional methods can be life-threatening because the delivery takes days to reach Morocco. 

Online Money Transfer is a 24/7 service with cheaper fees and quicker delivery. It is best to rely on online money transfers for instantaneous delivery of funds in other parts of the world. 

What to Look for in a Money Transfer Company?

Being a Moroccan expatriate, you must find the best service to send remittance back home that would reach sound and safely. Most Moroccan expats choose an online money transfer to Morocco whenever they need to transfer funds back home urgently. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration while opting for a remittance provider. Here are some things to consider before choosing a remittance service:

The Reputation and Global Standing

Your chosen service provider should have a global presence and enough field experience to be trusted with funds. Thorough research must be conducted to determine the credibility of the remittance-sending service provider. 

Compare the Shortlisted Companies.

You must conduct an analytical comparison once you have the list of credible companies. Some factors to keep in mind include the following.

  • Exchange rates
  • Transaction fee
  • Service availability
  • User difficulty
  • Security of transactions

Rely on the Testimonials

The best way to judge a company’s competence is through its testimonials. Check out some reviews from previous customers. It will give you a fair idea. 

Be Wary of the Hidden Charges.

Many fraudulent companies do not tell you about certain charges in advance. They lure you into using their service and incur extra charges after initiating the transaction. You will end up paying much more than you expected to pay. 

Many online money transfer companies also charge a receiving fee. Make sure to apprise yourself of all the charges before initiating the transaction. 

Exchange Rates Matter More Than You Think.

Getting a reasonable exchange rate can be beneficial for you. You can end up sending more money than you initially intended to. Most companies and banks offer static exchange rates while international market rates keep fluctuating. Trust a company that provides market-competitive exchange rates. 

ACE Money Transfer provides you with the quickest way to send money to Morocco

ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading companies in the remittance-sending industry. It has been around since 2002, with millions of users globally who rely on ACE for the livelihoods of their loved ones back at home.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer ticks all the boxes of a good and reliable money transfer service. One of the main reasons to choose ACE is that it is a quick, economical, and secure service offering the highest exchange rates in the market.

The transactions with ACE are as quick as you no longer have to wait days for the funds to reach your loved ones. ACE can be your best friend in times of urgent funds requirements. Within a day, you can transfer funds from one part of the world to another, unlike conventional methods.

ACE’s reliability comes from its top-of-the-line security mechanism that protects your funds from any type of risk. In addition to that, the app is very user-friendly without any complex procedures. ACE offers competitive exchange rates, transparent and low costs, and no hidden charges at all. 

How to Send Money to Morocco using ACE Money Transfer?

ACE has made sending money stress-free. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Sign up on ACE using the app or website
  • Provide your basic information to complete your profile
  • Choose the recipient country 
  • Enter the amount 
  • Provide the basic details of the recipient 
  • Hit send
  • Sit back and relax!

So, if you are looking to find the quickest and safest remittance method, ACE Money Transfer is the right solution for you. You get numerous benefits when you send money to Morocco online via ACE’s services, as it’s an FCA-regulated firm offering completely secure solutions. The platform allows you to track your transactions from creation to completion.

ACE strives to provide a satisfactory money transfer experience for its users. It understands the importance of quick transactions in times of emergency. That is why the service is open for use 24/7. Sign up now for free to send money to Morocco with convenience, speed, and affordability.


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