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How to Open Roshan Digital Account in MCB?

How to Open Roshan Digital Account in MCB?

17 Jun 2022

Introduction to Roshan Digital Account

To accommodate overseas customers who frequently send money to Pakistan, Roshan Digital Account (RDA) was introduced in 2020. People from all around the world can access RDA accounts conveniently. If you are an existing customer of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), you can open a Roshan Digital Account without visiting the bank branch in Pakistan. 

Many new customers are concerned about how to open a Roshan Digital Account in MCB. This brief guide will discuss the procedure to open an RDA and its advantages. 


There are different benefits of opening an RDA in MCB, which include:

  • Foreign Currency Account in Pakistan
  • Multiple Investment Opportunities
  • Transfer funds to Friends & Families


Transfer funds with Roshan Digital Account

This account allows Pakistanis living abroad to invest in a variety of areas through a money transfer to Pakistan from their country of residence. It also allows them to send money to their loved ones from a foreign country. Roshan Digital Accounts are offered at a variety of banks. Being well-known and dependable among its users, MCB is a part of this campaign. 

Overseas Pakistanis can now easily send remittances via Roshan Digital Account. RDA in MCB facilitates customers with a quick registration process and convenient operation management.


How to Open a Roshan Digital Account?

Roshan Digital Account offers simple and easy terms and conditions for customers. It allows you to choose the type of your currency which can be either the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) or Foreign Currency (FCY). Depending on the currency type of your account, you can manage means of funding into your account i.e., PKR and FCY. The account further provides customers to select from the category of Current and Savings accounts.


Steps to Open Roshan Digital Account in MCB

There are multiple options available to open a Roshan Digital Account in MCB. The following methods can help you open your account:

  1. MCB Online Portal
  2. Play Store Application
  3. iOS Application


MCB offers a user-friendly interface for robust android and iOS applications. You will be guided via a set of instructions to create a Roshan Digital Account. Non-Resident Pakistanis with declared assets can also visit the nearest branch of MCB. You can also initiate direct investment from the branch of MCB. Follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below to complete the signup process.

  • Choose the “Apply now” option and complete the form
  • Login via using your credentials
  • Verify 6-digits OTP
  • Provide details such as personal, and passport details


Required Documents for Roshan Digital Account

The customer will need to provide personal details enlisted in the signup form. The list of the required documents is as follows:

  • CNIC/ID documents
  • Updated photographs
  • Passport document
  • Proof of income

It does not take longer than 10 minutes to complete the signup form and procedure. After you are done with the successful submission of form details, you will be taken to the next step. Customers can select the account type afterwards. It is always advised to keep scanned copies of required documents to avoid any inconvenience.


Features of Roshan Digital Account in MCB

You might be surprised to hear that there are a lot of things, you can achieve with the Roshan Digital Account in MCB. Let us discuss a few key benefits of using RDA in MCB.

  • Pay bills and online money transfer to Pakistan from abroad.
  • Easy funds transfer to customer’s foreign account
  • Real-estate investment opportunities
  • Investment in Term Deposits of the Bank
  • Investments in PKR with Roshan Digital Account (PKR)
  • Investments in USD with Roshan Digital Account (FCY)


Tip for Additional Support

It is preferable to document a video during travelling or boarding. This will act as additional support in the verification process during opening a Roshan Digital Account. The videos and photographs can be used for official purposes in the creation of a Roshan Digital Account.

Opening a Roshan Digital Account in MCB offers convenience for all the Pakistani diasporas who often send money to Pakistan online. An RDA will help you save time and complete the transfers swiftly and securely. Besides, it offers several other financial features that serve your day-to-day needs.



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