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How Does ACE Money Transfer Ensure Seamless And Secure International Transactions?

How Does ACE Money Transfer Ensure Seamless And Secure International Transactions?

16 Jun 2022

Do you know consumers lost nearly $5.8 billion due to countless online frauds in 2021? Where internet usage has become inevitable, and everyone is gradually transitioning to a cashless economy, it's necessary to take precautions to avoid being defrauded. 

Besides many other digital facilities, transferring remittances back home from abroad is an essential online activity that worldwide diasporas must carry on. For instance, global remittances are expected to reach a significant mark of $630 billion since countless expats worldwide send money internationally to help support their families’ financial needs.

It is critical to provide appropriate payment methods that are secure and have favourable terms today when there is a high risk of cyber theft and fraud. A remittance service provider must ensure fully end-to-end data encryption and unbreakable security protocols to provide secure money transfers across borders. 

Read below how ACE Money Transfer, one of the leading remittance service providers, ensures seamless and secure international transactions. 


Statistics Of Online International Money Transfers

In 2018, 64,173 million US dollars were transacted worldwide in the digital money transfer segment. A 15.9% annual increase is expected, resulting in $ 143,096 million by 2023.

In 2018, there were 5.850 million users who made online transfers. Researchers believe that by 2023, this figure will have risen significantly.

The money transfer industry is becoming more competitive due to increased demands from growing worldwide diasporas. To gain a strong market position, companies specialising in internet-based payments must prioritise four aspects of money transfers that consumers value the most: cost, convenience, speed, and security.


Completely Secure Remittance Transfer Methods Available with ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer allows you to choose from different options to make international remittance transactions using its website or mobile app. You can pick from any of the following modes of payment that suit you.

  • Cash Transfer: You can transfer funds to your family and friends for cash pickup through ACE Money Transfer’s authorised payout partners.
  • Bank Transfer: You can instantly make remittance transfers to your beneficiary’s bank account in your country.
  • Wallet Transfer: To add further convenience, ACE Money Transfer allows you to send your remittance to your loved ones through mobile wallets.


Tracking Your Transaction

It’s easy to track your transaction from initiation to delivery throughout the process. Enter the transaction code into the “My Transaction” option to view the transaction and track your payment status. This way, you stay secure and relieved that your funds are in safe hands and will reach the recipient promptly.

Secure and Seamless Way to Send Money Internationally

Look no further than this guide below if you need to make an online money transfer. Besides the best solution to your concerns about sending funds back home, you will get the answers to the following here: 

  • How to get the best exchange rates and pay the most nominal fees.
  • How to Transfer Large Amounts of Money to your family
  • What information is required before the transfer?

ACE Money Transfer provides digitised solutions to make international transactions easier, faster, and more reliable. Critical elements that make it a top choice for countless expatriates include a hassle-free service, the best exchange rates, the lowest transfer fees, and the most secure and smooth remittance transfer facilities.

Use the ACE Money Transfer Website or Mobile App to send money directly to your recipient.


End-to-End Encrypted Transactions with 100% Customer Satisfaction


Knowing the rapidly spreading online scams and threats, the company has deployed advanced technology to ensure unbreakable security. ACE’s customers regularly use its services whenever they have to remit money to their families back home. It provides complete privacy of customers’ data and information and processes international money transfers with ultimate security. 

Follow the steps to transfer funds to your recipient in any country through ACE Money Transfer: 

  • Set your destination country.
  • Enter the amount of the transfer and select your payment method. You can pay with a debit card, a credit card, or a bank account.
  • Choose your preferred method of delivery: bank deposit, cash pickup, or mobile money (or called a mobile wallet).
  • Enter the recipient's information, such as their bank account or phone number.
  • Fill in your payment information, such as your credit card or debit card number.


Secure Transfers with Rewards

ACE Money Transfer brings exciting promotions and rewards for its global expatriates residing in different countries. The company has unique campaigns for its customers through which they win massive yearly prizes. 

The process to stand a chance to win these prizes is simple; send money online to your family from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and other countries to enter the lucky draw for ongoing promotions. 

With ACE Money Transfer, you can remit your money back home from abroad without fear of fraud or wasting time. Its unbreakable security and data protection will never disappoint you and provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

Protect Yourself from frauds, as ACE Money Transfer prioritises your safety. Its prime objective is to protect the customers’ transactions and keep the systems smooth, robust, and impossible to hack. Managing fraud risks is an essential priority for the company. So, whenever you want to make cross-border transactions, go with ACE.


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