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How to Manage Your Finances While Working Abroad as a Senegalese Diaspora

12 Dec 2023

Better financial management is essential for everyone, but it’s more critical for overseas workers like expatriates from Senegal residing in foreign countries. A reason to send money to Senegal online for their loved ones exists for every Senegalese expat. There’s no doubt about the vast differences between life in a native land and life as an expat worker, which is filled with massive challenges. One of these critical challenges is managing your finances to achieve your goal of moving abroad.

Undoubtedly, managing finances while living abroad is among the most challenging tasks for expatriates. The fluctuating exchange rate, inflation, interest rates, and unfamiliar banking regulations are all issues that expats must contend with. If you intend to live abroad, the current state of the economy makes prudent money management even more crucial. 

The tips explained in this blog can aptly help Senegalese expatriates manage their finances better while living abroad and ensure a smooth, stable, and successful expat life.

Let’s first look at 

Immigration Of Senegalese To Abroad

Due to the increasingly difficult living conditions at home and the prior Senegalese emigrants' successful migration experiences to most developed African countries, as well as to Europe and the United States, Senegal has now also become a country of emigration in the West African region.

Immigration still occurs, albeit on a smaller scale, but it primarily takes the form of transit migration. Indeed, due to Senegal's location, emigration hopefuls, particularly those from West Africa, frequently pass through it on their way to Europe by air or sea or as they continue north to the Maghreb countries.

Senegal's net migration rate in 2023 is 1.117 per 1000 people, a decrease of 2.79 percent from the previous year.

In 2022, Senegal's net migration rate fell 2.71% to 1.149 per 1000 people.

With a 2.64% decrease from 2020, Senegal's net migration rate in 2021 was -1.181 per 1000 people.

In 2020, Senegal's net migration rate fell by 2.57% from the previous year to -1.213 per 1000 people.

Here are a few suggestions for managing money as a Senegalese Diaspora.

Tips To Manage Finances As A Senegalese Diaspora

It takes thoughtful planning and organization to manage your finances while working abroad as a Senegalese diaspora. To manage your money well, consider the following advice:

Set Up a Budget

Make a budget outlining your income, costs, and financial objectives. Don't forget to factor in any other debts you may have in addition to your regular costs for rent, utilities, transportation, food, and healthcare. Don't forget to set aside money for investments or savings. And if you want to save more in finance management, you can read 10 Money Saving Tips for Expats.

Recognize Regional Monetary Systems

Get acquainted with the laws and financial rules in the nation where you are employed. Find out about the available banking options, currency conversion rates, tax laws, and other financial considerations unique to your host country.

Register For A Local Bank Account

Think about establishing a bank account in your host nation. Your ability to manage your money, get paid, and carry out local transactions will all be simpler. Compare various banking options to find one that meets your needs with favorable terms, affordable fees, and convenient services.

Keep An Eye On Exchange Rates

Keep an eye on the Senegalese franc's value relative to the local currency. You can increase the value of your remittances by timing them to occur when rates are favorable.

Track Your Expenses

Keep track of your expenses to keep tabs on your spending patterns and ensure you stay within your spending limit. Use mobile applications or money management tools that can assist you in tracking your transactions and examining your spending habits.

Reduce Debt As Much As Possible

While working abroad, avoid accruing unnecessary debt. Use credit cards responsibly to avoid paying high interest rates and settle your balances on time. Make paying off any outstanding loans or debts a priority.

Wisely Manage Remittances

Investigate affordable and safe remittance options if you are making a money transfer to Senegal to support your family or for other reasons. To find the best options for sending money internationally, compare exchange rates, charges, and transfer times

Save Money For The Future

Set aside some of your income for savings and investments. One can achieve financial stability and security by creating an emergency fund and saving for long-term goals like retirement or higher education. 

Consult A Financial Advisor

To make educated financial decisions, consider speaking with a financial advisor or getting advice from trustworthy sources. They can advise on potential investment opportunities, tax minimization techniques, and ways to manage your money more effectively.

Keep Insurance Coverage Active

Review your insurance requirements, including any health or travel insurance and other coverage necessary to enter your host nation. Make sure you have enough insurance to safeguard your assets and yourself.

Uphold An Account At Home

Don't deposit all of your funds into your new account. Keep a few cards or accounts open and with a balance in your home country. Unanticipated events will happen at home, and you'll need money to cover them. Furthermore, should a crisis occur while you are away, these backup accounts might be your only option.

Keep Your Family and Community Close

Maintain constant contact with your family and Senegalese neighbors. Discuss your financial goals and plans frequently. If necessary, consider hiring a trusted family member or financial expert to look after your finances at home. It is essential because you need to send money to Senegal within your budget and savings.

Remember that managing your money while working abroad requires discipline, regular checking, and adjustment to the local financial environment. By implementing these tactics, you can build a strong financial foundation and maximize your earning potential as a Senegalese diaspora.

Bottom Line 

The best way to manage your daily finances is occasionally to enlist a helping hand because exchange rates, product, and service prices vary from nation to nation. There are many excellent mobile applications that you can use to monitor your spending while traveling, and ACE Money Transfer is an excellent option if you need to send money to Senegal.


What advantages come from currency exchange savings?

You can profit from exchange rate movements by gradually building a foreign currency savings account. If exchange rates aren't advantageous when you need them to be, you can avoid spending more.

Which nation has the most straightforward savings system?

Qatar (58.1%) Qatar's high average income, equivalent to $96,000 in purchasing power parity, as well as its oil exports, is responsible for the country's high savings rate of 58.1%. Additionally, like most nations in the Middle East, Qatar's riyal has a fixed exchange rate with the dollar.

How can I set a better budget?

Make a firm plan for how you will spend your money for the upcoming month at the beginning of the month. Write down your estimated earnings and spending.

Record your spending in writing. 

Use the data to assist you in creating your budget for the following month.

Which spending strategy works the best?

A simple and straight budgeting method known as the 50/30/20 rule can help you develop efficient, effective, and long-lasting decisions. Your monthly after-tax income should be divided into three categories for spending: needs (50%), wants (30%), and savings (20%).

How can I set long-term financial objectives while working overseas?

Planning for your long-term financial objectives is essential while working abroad. Specify your goals, such as starting a business, saving for retirement, or a child's education. Consider consulting a financial advisor with experience working with diaspora communities to help you create a detailed plan.

What steps should I take as a Senegalese diaspora employee working abroad to manage my taxes?

It's crucial to comprehend your tax responsibilities in your host country and Senegal as a Senegalese diaspora working abroad. To ensure compliance and make the most of applicable tax benefits or exemptions, learn about both nations' tax laws and regulations. It would help if you also spoke with a tax expert.

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