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How to Make Secure Remittances to Ghana from Australia - A Quick Guide

25 Jan 2024

Finding a secure way to send money to Ghana from Australia is not worth worrying about now! Are you a Ghanaian living in Australia looking for a safe way to send remittances to Ghana? Here's a guide to making secure remittances from Australia. Many Ghanaian people are working in Australia. All of them may have different reasons to leave their homeland because it is never easy. Remittance is the only way to stay financially connected with your cultural roots.

Many Ghanaian bread earners move to Australia to find better resources to make their living. Their families are dependent on their earnings and remittances. Such conditions make remittance crucial for expats and the receiving family. To support the whole family, an expat may need to send a large amount of money, increasing security issues and fraud risks.

The biggest worry of any remittance sender is to find a safe and secure way to make successful transactions. Though online remittance services have made transactions easy, they have also raised security concerns. Explore this article to learn the tricks to make transactions safe and secure:

Tips to Make Safe and Secure Remittance Transfer to Ghana

It is mandatory to take security measures before making a money transfer to Ghana. According to a 2022 survey, approximately 1 million Ghanaians live abroad. It marks 3.2% of Ghana's total population. Thousands of Ghanaians are residing in Australia, hoping to support their loved ones in Ghana. Following are tips to ensure the security of your remittance:

Choose Remittance Service Wisely

Avoid rushing to any company without doing proper research. Take some time and look at all the aspects. Compare the pros and cons of multiple companies. Search various services and choose what suits you best. Try to check the authenticity of a company by asking people about their experience. A well-known company will make your transactions to Ghana easy, fast, and safe.

Check the Reviews

One of the best ways to look for the authenticity of a company is to check the reviews. By checking people's reviews, you will get to know the way to proceed, and you will get to know about the experience of making remittance transactions. Try to choose a company with 4+ ratings. Companies like ACE Money Transfer have 4.6 ratings, making them outstanding. 

Choose a Secure Medium

There are many ways to send money online to Ghana from Australia. You can make online transactions, money orders, cheques, cash transfers and bank-to-bank transactions. To ensure security, you must choose a verified medium. There are higher chances of fraud in case of money orders. Your cheques may get canceled or delayed. Online services and bank-to-bank transfers are safe. But, it also requires security measures to ensure successful transactions.

Provide Correct Information

Always double-check the recipient information before making any transaction. Keep connected with the receiver to stay updated about receiving details. If you provide the right data, you will retain all the money. Avoid sharing details with any third person. Keep your information and all sensitive data personal.

Keep the Track

Try to keep an eye on your transaction process. The mobile application of ACE Money Transfer allows you to track the process. You can contact customer service to keep an eye on your transaction process. Keep on checking your process to stay updated. Visit the company in case of delays and slow transactions.

Keep your Data Hidden

Many individuals share their accounts with other people to handle their transactions, which raises high-security risk. Avoid trusting strangers and sharing your sensitive details with any company without verifying. Manage your account yourself to make a successful online money transfer in Ghana.

Two Factor Authentication

Apply new and modern security techniques to stay away from scams. Turn on two-factor authentication to double-lock your accounts. It is like a shield of safety for your account. It protects your information from unauthorized access and gives high alerts in case of scam detection.

Security Issues: As a Ghanaian Expat, You Must Be Careful About Your Safe Transactions

Expats may face several security issues when sending money to Ghana:

Learn the Process

Another important thing while sending remittances is learning how to transfer money. Choose a user-friendly platform that is easy to use and proceed. You may lose all your money by a few wrong clicks. ACE Money Transfer is one of the best ways to send money from Australia to Ghana because it offers a user-interactive interface. Also, it provides the clients with all the necessary guidelines to proceed.

Currency Exchange Scams

Many companies charge a high currency exchange rate, which causes you to pay double the amount, and the receiver will pay half of the amount. To overcome fraud and scams, stay updated about exchange rates to avoid unfavorable conversion rates that could result in financial losses during remittance.

Transaction Monitoring

Regularly monitor your bank statements and transaction history to detect unauthorized or suspicious activities. Avoid leaving your transaction history unchecked. Make proper records and keep the calculations for future transactions. Learn more about the pros and cons of Digital Remittances from Australia to Ghana.

Unsecured Websites

Verify the website by checking for its URL. Ensure that the remittance service you choose is licensed and regulated by the authorities in Australia and Ghana. Stay away from unauthorized emails to maintain your security.

To keep the security of your accounts and money is challenging while making online remittances. The most important thing is to look for a renowned and authentic company. If you choose the right company, all your money and transactions will securely reach the destinations. Legal and authorized companies provide many benefits to their customers to ensure their security, such as ACE Money Transfer. ACE helps customers to make secure remittance transfers. It facilitates individuals through 24/7 customer support. ACE is a well-reputed and recognized company with billions of happy and satisfied customers.

Wrap Up

If you are worried about making an online money transfer to Ghana from Australia, you must ensure the credibility of the remittance service provider. Due to the digitalization of the world, online thefts and scams are increasing. Modern techniques are there to help you keep protected from cyber theft and fraud. Expats working in Australia must look for advanced ways to send remittances.

Many things play a role in the successful and secure transaction of money from overseas, such as the knowledge of individuals, details provided by the sender, and means of transaction. Never share your information with strangers or ask anyone to help you make transactions. You can contact customer service to help you proceed if you face any difficulty.

Get familiar with advanced data security techniques such as two-factor authentications, smart looks, and strong passwords to secure your data. Keep track of the transactions and connect with the recipient for the details. You can secure all future transactions and help your family by choosing the right service. The best thing about online transactions is that you must set all the information simultaneously. One successful transaction means all the transactions will be secured.


How do you secure your international transactions?

You can secure international security transactions by taking essential security measures such as not revealing your online identity and choosing an authentic service.

How does ACE Money Transfer secure international transactions?

ACE ensures secure information transactions through two-factor authentication and encryption. Moreover, the company has high positive ratings, which makes it trustworthy. It also allows users to track their process as a token-safe transaction.

What issues an individual may face in sending remittance?

A user may choose an illegal or non-recognized company, which can lead to the risk of fraud and loss of funds. It is crucial to choose a service wisely to secure transactions.

How much time does it take to send money to Ghana?

The duration depends on the service and medium you choose for transactions. It requires a minimum of a few minutes and a maximum of 2 days.

How to protect yourself from scams while sending money to Ghana from Australia?

To protect yourself from scams, never share your personal information, keep strong passwords, and maintain a record of all your transactions. Check the authenticity of a company by making small transactions.

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