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How to Find the Best Jobs that Match Your Profile When Moving to France from the Philippines?

22 Jan 2024

Do you want to live in France as a global expat with a stable job? The appeal of a carefree lifestyle, foreign travel, and competitive pay is alluring. ACE Money Transfer knows the significance of financial stability, particularly when you want to send money to Philippines from France, your home country. In this blog post, you will look at the finest career options for persons migrating from the Philippines to France, ensuring a seamless professional and financial transfer.

Global Expat’s Perspective on Navigating the French Job Market

According to MoveHub, the greatest places for expats to find work are in Paris and its surrounding suburbs, where one in every four positions is located. That is why a systematic strategy is required while embarking on a professional path in France. This blog post will help you cater to those questions that are unanswered by many in terms of finding the best job.

Foreign Business Entrepreneurship

Starting your firm and selling things online may be a rewarding enterprise for people with a business mindset. You may develop a profitable business with proper preparation and execution, and services like ACE Money Transfer offer simple money transfers to assist your family back home.

Accept the Freelance Lifestyle

Freelancing provides freedom and the possibility to make money without being bound by the limits of traditional labor. Freelancing allows global expats to use their abilities from the comfort of their homes, whether they're a writer, developers, graphic designers, or language instructors.

An Expat in Entrepreneurship

Starting a business in a foreign country demands meticulous planning and strategic thinking for people with an entrepreneurial drive. Investigate the complexities of local marketplaces, discover potential providers, and create a complete business strategy suited to your specific circumstances.

Influencers and Bloggers on the Rise

Blogging has grown into a multimillion-dollar industry, allowing global nomads to become influencers. Bloggers may share their experiences and ideas while supporting their families through multiple revenue streams, such as direct advertisements and affiliate marketing.

Corporate Opportunities for Skilled Individuals

A career at a prestigious firm is a rewarding yet competitive option. Navigating the business world gets simpler with the correct degree and abilities. Acquiring a professional skill set has become more accessible in the digital era, opening prospects to high-paying corporate roles.

English Teaching Abroad

English teachers are always in high demand. Teaching abroad allows you to not only improve your teaching abilities but also to contribute to a foreign society. Many Filipinos, for example, teach overseas to improve their quality of life and support their families, and they send money from France to the Philippines.

Corporate Ascent

A job at a well-known firm necessitates a mix of talents, qualifications, and planned career moves. This section goes into the complexities of navigating the corporate world in a foreign location, providing advice on how to modify your skill set to fit industry expectations. Investigate professional development, networking, and the use of digital resources to improve your chances of securing a high-paying corporate job.

Nursing and Programming

Programming and nursing are in great demand across the world. Nursing is on many nations' long-term talent need lists, and programmers may work from anywhere. These professions give stability and vital contributions to society throughout the world.

Exploring the Tourism Industry

A career in tourism provides the ideal combination of work and travel. Working in hotels, resorts, or as a tour guide allows global nomads to immerse themselves in different cultures while gaining significant hands-on experience.

Navigating Hotel and Resort Job Opportunities

Dive into the realm of hospitality in the tourist industry, where chances in hotels and resorts abound. Discover the many professions available, ranging from front-of-house to management, and learn how global nomads may succeed in this dynamic and culturally rich business.

Getting a Job as a Tour Guide in the Tourism Industry

For global nomads looking for hands-on experience and the opportunity to share their love of travel, being a tour guide is a unique career option. Investigate the duties, qualifications, and benefits of working as a tour guide in the tourist business. Whether it's guiding people through historical sites or highlighting the beauty of unfamiliar environments tour guides have it all covered.

Web Development and Marketing in the Digital Age

Web developers and digital marketers may work from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection. The demand for these abilities is increasing, giving nomads the possibility to contribute to the digital world while remaining mobile.

Navigating Web Development Opportunities

Explore the world of web development as a global nomad, where a decent internet connection may lead to a lucrative profession. This section investigates the global need for web developers, offering insights into the critical skills, tools, and techniques required to thrive in this dynamic sector. Learn how to become a nomadic developer, contributing to the digital world from any location on the planet. 

Mavericks in the Digital World

As a global nomad, you may tap into the power of digital marketing by turning the virtual world into your canvas. Learn about the changing environment of marketing and public relations in Europe and Asia and how your talents may be applied across borders. This section walks you through the intricacies of remote marketing, emphasizing accessible opportunities and giving essential insights on prospering in a global industry. Discover how ACE Money Transfer enables digital mavens by providing dependable services to send money online to Philippines from France or any other destination, assuring financial security while navigating the digital marketing environment from anywhere in the world.


How do I begin my job search in France from the Philippines?

Start by researching job opportunities online, on job search websites, and company career pages. Networking through professional platforms like LinkedIn can also be helpful. Ensure that your resume and cover letter are tailored to the French job market.

Are there any language requirements for finding a job in France as a Filipino expatriate?

Yes, French language skills are often essential for many job opportunities in France. While some multinational companies may hire English-speaking expatriates, having a good command of French will significantly broaden your job prospects and integration into the local workforce.

What are the common industries or sectors that hire Filipino expatriates in France?

Filipino expatriates in France can find opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, information technology, engineering, hospitality, and caregiving. Additionally, seasonal work in agriculture or tourism may also be an option, depending on your skills and preferences.

Do I need to have my credentials and qualifications evaluated when seeking employment in France?

Yes, it's advisable to have your educational and professional qualifications evaluated and recognized in France. Contact the French authorities or agencies responsible for credential evaluation to ensure your qualifications meet the necessary standards.

What legal and visa requirements should I consider when moving to France for work from the Philippines?

You'll typically need a work visa or residence permit to legally work in France. Your prospective employer may help you with the application process. Ensure that you have the necessary documentation, such as a valid passport, employment contract, and proof of accommodation, before applying for your visa.

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