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How to Choose a Bank Abroad: Factors to Consider as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)?

09 Jan 2024

Looking into history, you know that around 1.9 million OFWs used to send their cash remittances to their families from April to September in the year 2016. Amongst the amount, 36.9 percent was set aside savings from their remittances. 

As per research, more than 10 million Filipinos are currently working abroad. Undoubtedly, it is very tough to survive in another country for a better life. Everyone should try some tactics to gain progress financially and mentally. Diving into the depth, you will learn some key factors for choosing a good bank abroad for a money transfer to Philippines. Among all the most prominent factors are as follows: What are the 5 most effective reasons that are favorable for Overseas Filipino Workers to consider a bank abroad? 

Whenever someone decides to shift to another country, it is important to check every detail. they are favorable to encountering many international money transfers. You can also have an overview of different types of money transfer services available for transferring money to the Philippines. You cannot get anything in return without signing into the professional information platform. Many people believe that going abroad can be favorable to them in terms of their financial output. As per currency, the currency level of the people in the Philippines is considered as lowest in the world. Choosing the right platform as the bank can help you to give the right direction. 

Thus, it is difficult for people to meet their range with the expenses. However, there are some significant reasons to check in while planning to move abroad. The most prominent factors among them are listed as follows: 


• Resourceful 
• Diligent and good behavior of the team 
• High competency 
• Cost deduction and other considerable matters 
• Caring and hospitable 
• Efficient skills and compatibility 
• Transmission 
• Easy to use 
• Security purposes

Minimum deduction and maximum benefits 

The salaries of Filipinos are comparatively high abroad. Therefore, they rely on shifting to other countries for maximum output within a few days. If your relative is living in the Philippines, you get easy access to sending money to Philippines online. It can be done by choosing the right bank for savings, checking, and ease of transmission. Numerous banks like Citibank can serve as reliable sources in this case. 

It is completely free from every hassle, and all the formalities favor your ease. You get good financial support for your family and needs and benefits on merit. Skillful people are always on the top list for putting their efforts into the work. This thing marks you in good rank without causing any inconvenience in the future. 

Saving money 

For good survival, it is highly important to save money even if you are living abroad. Several banks contain many deduction policies every year. To avoid it, making the right decision is necessary. 

living in the Philippines is difficult to put everything together and get a healthy lifestyle. It makes good sense to utilize the money for good stuff like sending it to your family and saving it on the same side. For your ease, you can do so by making an account in the right bank, like BDO, which offers home loans, personal loans, auto loans, etc. 

Many people firmly believe that living abroad is an ideal pathway toward success and fame. However, in real hard work is always attached to smart work. If you are living your life with hard work, only then is it not possible to get an instant process. Therefore, everyone should have a clean budget planning and techniques to meet their expenses and save. 

Good investment and hassle-free opportunities

A good investment is on top if you are looking for incredible opportunities to have money. In this case, an account is necessary for the foreign bank to make enough remittances. You can put some effort into real estate to get a regular cash flow even after you retire. You can own your space with a simple investment, whether in your house or anything huge. This can give steady growth in the fulfillment of your goal. 

the value of a house is always unpredictable. The longer you spend on it, you get the maximum output. Thus, a good investment is the right option if you want to get something extraordinary in your favor. You can do so by online money transfer to Philippines for your benefit. 

The low employment rate in the country 

For optimum living, employment plays an incredible role. The rate of a steady increase in unemployment can lead you to move to another place. Thus, instead of wasting time, you might get a good chance and an incredible opportunity to move abroad for different adventures. You can choose the bank offering the loan to people for your ease so that you can return it after financial stability. 

The job has many flexibilities if you have good command over something or nice skills. You can support your family from any part of the world if you live a good life and earn enough. 

ACE money transfers is a reliable source to send your money to any part of the world without causing any inconvenience to you. 

Family responsibilities 

People usually try their luck to move to another country because of their family responsibilities. Peer pressure is also one of the major reasons that enable people to invest in something for their future. A good investment can only be made with a good income. The people who have once attained the status of OFW are at a good edge because it offers wonderful benefits. 

The Sterling Bank is one of the amazing banks that offer some amazing financial institutions in the Philippines for good services and amazing rivals in the country. The interest rate is one percent per annum. You can also skip the penalties by remitting them as per your choice. 

You might get various challenges, but hard work promises to achieve a goal or trophy of success for you every day. 

Bottom line 

After getting a detailed overview of the article, everything must be clear in your mind related to the query of how to send money to Philippines. such questions are resolved in the article that demonstrates some attractive benefits for an amazing lifestyle in the future. Moreover, if you are worried about your money transfers to the Philippines, ACE Money Transfer is the best option for getting transfer services. They offer the best exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees. 

Moving ahead and choosing the maximum options can give you different reliable platforms to lead you to another level. Thus, if you want to try smart work, it is the right time to change your life for some incredible results. 


What factors should I consider when choosing a bank abroad as an OFW?

When selecting a bank abroad, consider factors such as accessibility of branches and ATMs, fees for international transactions, exchange rates, reputation, and the availability of services that meet your financial needs.

Should I choose a local bank in the host country or an international bank with a presence in both my home country and the host country?

The choice between a local or international bank depends on your specific needs. Local banks may offer more familiarity with the host country's financial system, while international banks may provide more seamless cross-border services. Evaluate which aligns better with your requirements.

Are there specific banking services I should look for as an OFW, such as remittance options or accounts tailored to overseas workers?

Look for banks that offer specialized services for OFWs, including dedicated remittance channels, expat-friendly accounts, and customer support tailored to international clients. These services can simplify your financial transactions and make banking more convenient.

How can I minimize the fees associated with international money transfers and currency exchange when using a bank abroad?

To minimize fees, compare the exchange rates and transaction fees offered by different banks. Additionally, consider using online money transfer services or dedicated remittance platforms that often offer competitive rates and lower fees for transferring money internationally.

Are there any legal or tax considerations I should be aware of when choosing a bank abroad as an OFW?

Be aware of the tax laws and regulations in both your home country (the Philippines) and the host country. Some countries may have specific tax implications for overseas income and investments. Consulting a tax advisor can help you navigate these complexities and ensure compliance.

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