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How Pakistani Students Can Choose the Right Study Abroad Programs in 2023

02 Jun 2023

Pakistani students are among the ones who do well while applying to foreign universities out of the millions of international students that study abroad. Most of these students settle abroad after successfully completing their education, start earning, and send money to Pakistan to support their families, which simultaneously adds to the economic growth of Pakistan.


Students from Pakistan decide to broaden their horizons and pursue higher education abroad due to an unstable educational system, a dearth of universities that don't offer many specialisations, and a lack of job possibilities in their native country. 


Pakistani students, as a result, tend to move abroad for higher studies and better employment opportunities so that they can earn well and make the living standards of their loved ones better.

However, it can sometimes be challenging to choose the right study program. In this article, we bring you the process by which you can opt for the program that suits you the most. 

How to Select a Study Abroad Program

When selecting a study abroad programme, there is no one proper solution. But here are some factors you should take into account that would assist you in choosing the best programmes. 

Decide the Country Where You Want to Study. 

The initial step you take may seem the most difficult. It's acceptable if concentrating on a single country seems too difficult. Consider a territory or a characteristic, such as a language that unites a few nations.

Examining the required language skills is the quickest approach to reducing your options. You must be able to speak the language of the country where you are studying because many study abroad programmes, including lessons given at the local university, are in their native language. 

If you speak a foreign language well, you might feel at ease looking into programmes that will enrol you right into the local institution.

Furthermore, while choosing the right country, exploit job opportunities for overseas students there so that you can earn good pocket money and send some amount of that money back home as a global money transfer to Pakistan from abroad.

Consider Programs Based on Your Majors.

There are a plethora of study abroad options available, including year-long programmes, online options, and month-long language exchange programmes. However, attempt to concentrate on programmes that match your major to help direct your search. 

The good news is that almost every major has study-abroad opportunities! You can look through study abroad opportunities for students majoring in business, education, fashion, and a variety of other fields. There are also programmes for pre-med students who want to study abroad, in addition to programmes for many other majors that you might think "can't" study abroad.


Consider Your Study Abroad Program Duration.

It's time to think about the length of your study abroad programme once you've limited your search to a few locations or programmes. As you are aware, there are many different types and lengths of study abroad programmes, ranging from a few weeks to a whole year.

Consider the pros and cons of each program duration and opt for the one that suits you the most. Learning about the scope and future prospects of your desired field of study before finally deciding on a programme is recommended. 

Think About the Support You’ll Need for Your Study Abroad Program

Although it's sometimes disregarded, it's crucial to think about how much help you'll need throughout your programme.


Some study abroad programmes are quite practical, with weekend excursions and devoted personnel who either travelled from your home institution or were also a part of the third-party programme. The other programmes are exactly like enrolling in the local university like any other student. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages.

If you haven't travelled much before or if you're anxious about travelling abroad, having a lot of support is helpful. If you feel confident and want to challenge yourself to become involved like a local student indeed, more independent programmes would be a better choice. After all, your end goal will be to pursue a successful career abroad after completing your education and supporting your family back home. So, you must decide on your field of study abroad wisely to ensure career success. Once you start earning, you might feel it challenging to decide the best way to transfer money to Pakistan. Most overseas Pakistanis trust ACE Money Transfer for a quick, secure, and economical online money transfer to Pakistan whenever they have to transfer funds back home.

Look for Financial Aid Packages.

The following step involves another significant practicality: funding! Programs for study abroad might cost anything from significantly more to less than the tuition at your country's college.


Your first stop should unquestionably be the study abroad programme you've chosen, as many of them provide scholarships to students each semester. Ask the programme lead for advice by emailing them.


Additional options for financial support include federal financial aid and even financial aid from the government of the country where you plan to study. You can also search for study abroad scholarships by demographics or characteristics; for example, there are many scholarships for women, minorities, religious organisations, and particular fields of study. The more money you save, the more you get to send home. 


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Bottom Line

The right course selection is very important for every student. The choice of the right courses can aid students in their quest to learn more about a subject in which they have a sincere interest. ACE Money Transfer brings you the ease of conducting global money transfers at the ease of your fingertips such that you can do well in your programme and take care of your loved ones back in Pakistan. Join ACE to send money to Pakistan online with the most benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.


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