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How Can You Benefit from ACE Money Transfer's "Invite a Friend" Program?

How Can You Benefit from ACE Money Transfer's "Invite a Friend" Program?

16 Feb 2024

Are you looking for a strategy to make your online money transfer more rewarding? Look no further—ACE Money Transfer's redesigned "Invite a Friend" program is the ideal option for you to cut your costs and make your transfers more efficient. In the fast-paced world of financial transactions, recognizing the unique benefits of this program is your key to safeguarding your assets and easily accessing thrilling rewards.    

“Invite a Friend” – What Is It Exactly?  

ACE Money Transfer is well-known for rewarding its loyal customers in creative ways through promotional programs that take into account their financial concerns and obstacles, as well as the underlying reasons for their expatriation. One of these options is the 'Invite a Friend' promotion.  

This promotion requires you just to invite other expatriates to use ACE Money Transfer to transfer money abroad. When you live with other expats, one thing you have in common with practically everyone is the desire to remit money back home to provide financial assistance. So, with the 'Invite a Friend' offer, you urge other expats to utilize ACE Money Transfer to transfer cash to their respective nations, attracting them with the platform's enticing service features.

Unlocking Potential: Why Should You Use the "Invite a Friend" Programme?

Understanding the advantages of the "Invite a Friend" initiative is critical. Discover how this revolutionary program may dramatically increase your financial gains and make your transactions more lucrative.  

The simplicity of this program is in encouraging fellow expatriates to use ACE Money Transfer for their money transfers. The seamless service characteristics of ACE make it simple to persuade others to join, and here's why.  

The Technical Point

To maximize the program's effectiveness, invite a group of three people at the same time. A successful recommendation consists of three persons performing at least one transfer each. With each group of three persons that use ACE's services, you earn a monetary reward immediately into your ACE credit and have the chance to win one of the three principal awards. 

Please keep in mind that Cash Rewards will be credited in the currency of your country of residence.

The Catch

The more successful referrals you create, each involving three people, the better your chances of winning the alluring rewards increase. Simply advise your expat friends to use ACE Money Transfer to send money to countries where the company operates.

Unpacking the Exciting Prizes and Differences Between Now and Then

In the latest round of the "Invite a Friend" promotion, ACE Money Transfer has raised the stakes with better prizes. Check out the newest offerings:

1. iPhone 15 (128 GB)   

2. Apple Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular 45mm Stainless Steel Case with Rubber Strap (Sport Band).   

3. Apple AirPods Pro Second Generation

These are the most recent versions of the items available in the last round, which included the iPhone 13 Mini, Apple Watch 8 Series, and AirPods Pro. What is the best part? There are no lucky draws involved! You may win one of these prizes simply by making 12 successful referrals utilizing ACE's money transfer service.   

Maximising Gains: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reward

Are you curious about how to get the most out of ACE's "Invite a Friend" program? Here's the breakdown:

Cash Rewards for Every Three Invites

Receive a specific incentive into your ACE credit for every three persons you invite who make a transaction using ACE. More sets imply more prizes. Consider reading our blog for complete information about the amount you can expect as a cash reward and this program’s associated terms and conditions.

Eligibility for Key Rewards after 12 referrals

When your referrals reach 12 (twelve persons who use ACE's services), you will be able to win one of three significant rewards: an iPhone 15, an Apple Watch Series 9, or AirPods Pro 2nd Gen.

Monthly Prizes Based on Referral Numbers

The most effective referrals get monthly prizes. The client with the most recommendations wins the iPhone 15 and the second and third-place prizes.

Tracking Your Progress

Use the Invite a Friend Dashboard to monitor your referrals and progress. 

Tracking Your Invitations

If you're wondering how you'll monitor your invitations and whether or not individuals you invited have used the firm's services, don't worry. A simple visit to ACE Money Transfer's "Invite a Friend Dashboard" on its official website would resolve all of your issues. 

If you have any problems participating in the referral program or require assistance conducting a global money transfer, you may contact ACE's committed and proactive customer service to resolve your concerns.  

Unique Service Features of ACE Money Transfer

Aside from routinely running exciting campaigns to give away wonderful prizes to its consumers and benefit them in innovative ways, the company's following few service characteristics are also worth examining.

Modest Service Charges

The company charges a modest price for money transfers back home. If you send money online using ACE Money Transfer for the first time, there will be no fees. For regular users, however, there is some cost, which is not too high like you find in the market. ACE Money Transfer is known to offer low transfer fees with no hidden charges at all.  

  1. ACE provides current and competitive currency exchange rates for all money transfers. This allows you to initiate a transaction right immediately if the rates are high, or you can choose to wait until the rates rise to your advantage.
  2. The service provides cash quickly and effectively, typically within a few hours. Surprisingly, money delivered to Pakistan from anywhere in the globe takes only 7 seconds! Set the timer, lengthen your arm, pull out your wallet, and take the money out. The time clearly surpasses 7 seconds!

Unlock Rewards and Spread Wealth using ACE Money Transfer

Ready to maximize your benefits with ACE Money Transfer? Begin introducing your friends today to safeguard your cash while also gaining the opportunity to win fantastic rewards. Join the ACE "Invite a Friend" program now! Remember that every online money transfer from ACE Money Transfer can provide you with the financial rewards outlined above. Aside from the apparent but incredible financial rewards, your ability to attract people to ACE Money Transfer in the simple manner described above will help you win the thrilling prizes for which you may have to burn your candles at both ends to acquire.   

Sending money online should be rewarding and effortless – ACE Money Transfer makes it happen.”


Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite?

No, there's no limit. The more, the merrier! Invite as many as you can to increase your chances of winning.

Do my referrals need to make a specific amount of transactions for them to count?

Yes, a successful referral involves each person making at least one online money transfer through ACE.

Can I see if my referrals have used ACE’s services?

Absolutely! Visit ACE Money Transfer’s “Invite a Friend Dashboard” to track your invites and their usage.

What happens if I reach 12 referrals in the middle of the month?

Congratulations! You become eligible for the rewards, and your progress is considered for the following month's prizes.

How quickly can I receive the cash rewards in my ACE credit?

The cash rewards are promptly added to your ACE credit upon the completion of successful referrals.

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