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How Can Filipino Expats in Germany Enjoy Their Weekends?

05 Apr 2024

According to Rappler from Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, over 32,245 Filipino migrants live in Germany to earn a living and send money to Philippines from Germany to offer financial aid back home.   

The robust economy of Germany, with a nominal GDP of $4.08 trillion and a GDP Per Capita income of $48,718, can easily accommodate job seekers. In addition, the best quality education in Germany is also a plus for you.     

However, one of the challenges Filipino migrants face in Germany is how to enjoy and entertain themselves. After all, you do not remain busy round the clock when you work abroad. Or do you?   

Therefore, the monotonous routine and the burden of earning a living, supporting your family, and dealing with other issues an expatriate life entails accentuate the need to enjoy.

This blog will walk you through enjoyment and how best to enjoy your weekends in Germany. So continue reading!   

Understanding Enjoyment

As a Filipino migrant working in Germany, you would have noticed moments and days when you felt less productive. You feel burdened beyond your strength. If you, in such times, analyze your routine, you will notice that everything is the same.    

The routine. Workload. Life. Financials and whatnot!

Why feel like this then, you wonder?     

Well, simply because you are not enjoying enough!

Enjoyment is something you feel after indulging in activities rooted in fun and entertainment.

Enjoyment breeds happiness, one of the seven universal expressions you experience at different times under different circumstances.        

Therefore, enjoyable activities make you feel happy, content and fulfilled.

Before looking at the benefits of enjoyment, let’s quickly list the seven universal expressions you experience one way or the other in your life.  

The Seven Universal Expressions

Overall, expressions are universal and appear similar wherever you go and whoever you meet. However, some studies show that despite being universal, expressions may vary in different regions and cultures and for others worldwide.  

Take a look at the seven most common universal expressions.

  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Contempt

Is There a Universal Way to Enjoy and Feel Happy?  

It is a critically important question, necessitating an answer. Remember that enjoyment is relative. While for some, reading books may be an enjoyable activity, for others, a long drive or walk may breed enjoyment, and so on. So, enjoyment depends and varies from person to person.  

Some common triggers of enjoyment and happiness are, however, listed below.

  • Enjoyment derived through one of the five senses (touch, taste, sight, sound, smell)
  • Doing acts of kindness, compassion, and goodness
  • Relieving your suffering or the sufferings of others
  • Seeing or experiencing something amusing
  • Achievement of a loved one or personal achievement
  • Experiencing something amazing, beautiful or pleasant  
  • Staying connected with people, nature, religion, places, a cause or animals

Even a timely delivery of your funds back home to those financially dependent on you in every online money transfer from Germany to Philippines can make you feel happy, contended and fulfilled.

Now, look at how you can enjoy your weekends in Germany while working there as a Filipino migrant.   

Enjoying Weekends in Germany as a Filipino Migrant

Germany's rich history and diverse culture make it a country bustling with activities rooted in enjoyment and happiness. The best part of these joyful activities is that you can also partake in them on weekends, enjoy them, and feel happy regardless of what you enjoy and what makes you happy.  

Despite that, working in Germany is a fantastic experience, and it offers immense pleasure and excitement, but remember that this excitement wears thin as soon as you settle down in the new country and try to acclimate to everything around you. Combine this with the fact that you have the burden of earning a living to regularly support your family financially.

Always remember that not every day is full of excitement and joy, whether you are working in Germany as a Filipino migrant or in your native country. There are times when you need entertainment more than at other times.

Therefore, you must know while you are working in a foreign country at certain places that you can go to for enjoyment and relaxation. 

Look at some of the best weekend activities in Germany below.

Berlin Freak Burlesque Circus

This circus is arranged in Berlin and offers immense entertainment to people of all age groups. So, prepare for a night of entertainment that provides acrobatics, burlesque, comedy, boylesque, and cabaret.  

By participating in this event, you enjoy and relax and get a chance to study German culture closely to understand it deeply and better.

Stand-Up Comedy Workshop in Leipzig

You have the chance almost every weekend to meet the award-winning comedian Tim Whelan for a unique and thoroughly entertaining comedy show in Leipzig. Joining these comedy workshops will also teach you the basics of stand-up comedy and entertain you.

By participating in these events, you will see who you have seen on screen live, have a chance to meet them in person, and learn the basics of comedy and entertainment.

Rob Marathon

The Rob Marathon, also known as the Fun Marathon, is an event people eagerly await. It covers a distance of about 26.2 miles. This event is held at the Zum Dahmeufer 20 venue. This location offers a fantastic view of the Dahme River to participants and spectators alike.

Taking part in this marathon will help you know the locals better as you will have ample time to be in their company. In addition, you will get to walk long distances in the company of joyful and affable locals.


This city is close to the French and Swiss borders, on the edge of Balck Forest in the Baden region. Its weather is fantastic, and the town offers many activities to do on the weekends with your entire family, including enjoying a series of small and open waterways flowing through the city.

Furthermore, the fact that this region is near French and Swiss borders adds more value and offers a unique enjoyment and entertainment experience.


Aachen is a western German town located near the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands. The main attraction of this city is Aachen Cathedral, now under UNESCO World Heritage protection. This city is considered the best place for a weekend getaway.

If you are interested in the historical places and the study of history, you cannot afford to miss a visit to this place. Every moment of your time here is worth it.

Romantic Road

It is a historic walled town with timbered buildings and a perfect fit to spend your weekend. Although staying there for the weekend is easy, provided you make the bookings in advance, the allurements of this town will compel you to extend your stay to explore and enjoy.

Thai is also a place for people who are interested in historical sites and studying history. While you are in Germany for work or studies, you must make time to visit this place and spend your weekends here.

Other towns worth considering include Bamberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Lake Constance, Cologne, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Trier, and so on.

The ACE Effect: Revolutionizing Money Transfers from Germany to the Philippines!

While you can find jobs easily in Germany to earn a living and make money transfers from Germany to Philippines to offer financial support and enjoy your time by participating in the events and visiting the places explained above, you must choose your service provider with care.

ACE Money Transfer is worth it for its seamless experience involving low fees, speed, safety, and live and competitive currency exchange rates.


What is enjoyment?

Enjoyment is something you get from doing something or indulging in an activity that makes you feel happy and relaxed. There is no universal way of enjoying and feeling happy. Different things and different activities breed happiness and joy for different people. 

What are the benefits of enjoyment?

Seeking enjoyment has multiple benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and productivity, optimizing your strengths, boosting your self-confidence, and positively impacting relationships of different types.     

What are the seven universal expressions?

Although the following few expressions are generally considered universal, studies have shown that these universal expressions even vary for different people and different regions. These expressions are anger, disgust, fear, surprise, happiness, contempt, and sadness. 

What are the common triggers of enjoyment and happiness?

Many things and activities can make you happy. But some of the common triggers are enjoyment through the five senses, doing acts of kindness, relieving your and others’ stress, experiencing amusement, achieving a loved one or yourself, getting connected with people and nature, and experiencing something pleasant and beautiful.

How do you enjoy weekends in Germany as a Filipino migrant?

Germany’s rich and diverse culture offers immense to enjoy and entertain yourself on weekends. Participation, for example, in Berlin Freak Burlesque Circus, stand-up comedy workshop in Leipzig, Rob Marathon, or visits to cities like Freiburg, Aachen, Romantic Road, lake Constance, Humberg, and so on can offer extreme enjoyment on weekends in Germany.

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