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How can a Gambian Expat Adjust to a New Culture in Europe?

How can a Gambian Expat Adjust to a New Culture in Europe?

28 Dec 2022

When you move to a foreign country for work, studies or whatever reason, you must prepare yourself for many hurdles. Like people from many other countries who move to Europe or other developed countries for better work opportunities, several Gambians migrate to Europe yearly. They primarily move here to earn better and send money to Gambia to lessen the financial stress and help support their households. When moving to a foreign country, one must always remain aware of the challenges and hurdles one can face in a foreign country.

It is always intelligent to work out some techniques for adjusting to a new culture. Chances of cultural shock are least when you travel with the mindset of adapting rather than panicking about it. When discussing life abroad, Europe remains one of the top choices for migrants worldwide for several reasons. According to research, approximately 33 million expats call Europe home. So many people are migrating to Europe and making the best career choices. You should also travel with big ambitions and consider reducing stress back home by sending money to Gambia. 

Following are some helpful tips to enable you to adjust to a new European culture when you move from the Gambia.

Tips for Adjusting to a New Culture in Europe 

Moving to another country is a life-changing event. Adjusting to an entirely new culture is not an easy task for Gambians. However, following these tips will make Europe a home for you in no time. 

Learn the Local Language

Don't assume everyone knows English. Slowly try to learn the local language of Europe. This will reduce the stress of moving and help you make new friends. You will be able to share your thoughts more effectively. People will be able to help you better with your problems. 

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

Adapting challenges can be doubled if you don't have the power of communication skills. You can follow these rules to make your conversation understandable and practical.

  • Avoid using slang and speak slowly.
  • Keep your conversation as simple as possible.
  • Be careful with humour.
  • Write things down if they are unable to understand you.

Every culture has its own etiquette. For example, in Europe, people handshake when they greet and say goodbye when they leave, treat their servers as professionals, don't overtip, and let people exit before entering a train. Try to learn from people around you how to communicate when taking public transport, buying goods at a store, paying bills, visiting a public place, and most importantly, knowing how to make a quick and safe money transfer to Gambia from Europe.

Reach Other Expats 

Get yourself familiar with other expats before you go to Europe. Speaking to someone like you will dilute your stress. They have gone through the same situation as you, so they will tell you to do’s and don't do’s beforehand. You can also learn about locals from them. They can also tell you about money transfers so that you don't have to go through any trouble once you have reached Europe.  

Accept Cultural Differences

The more you know about Europe's culture, the easier it will be for you to adapt. There can be some misunderstandings, but you should be open-minded enough to avoid them. Act sensible and make a careful conversation. 

Make Friends

Go out and explore the streets. Talk to strangers about your interests. Have a coffee with them. For a little while, it's better to keep the gate to yourself open—welcome new people. Spending time with friends will help you a lot. They can be your guiding angels in the word unknown. Following a routine will keep you from homesickness. Keep yourself busy with social activities. Be productive with your day.

Avoid Comparison 

Stop compromising your life in Europe with that in the Gambia. Always remember that moving forward means accepting change. You have to look forward to what good is coming your way. Growth is change. Static and sticking to only one thing kills your credibility and ability to do something out of the box. Experience new life with an open mind and happy heart. This will make your journey in Europe beautiful. 

Know about and Avoid Social Media Scams.

Don't trust everything you see on social media. It can alter your mind in both ways: rather make it very negative or make your expectations too high. Give yourself space to experience and explore everything on your own.  Don't be a pessimist or an optimist. Keep exploring and be curious about your destination.

Besides other scams, many fraudsters keep looking for fragile prey to extort money through glittering offers. Undoubtedly, an online money transfer to Gambia from overseas is the best option for an expat worker, but you must ensure to check the credibility of the service provider you choose.

Engage Yourself in Fun Activities

Some certain activities and hobbies are the same for every culture. You can also continue some part of your routine back home in Europe. You can learn skills like dancing, playing an instrument, and singing or try their local food. Keeping yourself busy with positive activities will engage your mind in thinking positively.

Work to Reduce Your Stress.

You should work on reducing your stress. You can adapt to Europe much better if you are stress-free. Figure out what calms your mind and work it out more. You can go on long drives or walks, take hot showers, do workouts or whatever makes you happy. This is the best way to avoid culture shock too. 

Grow Professionally and Focus on Your Goals

Everyone travels to a foreign country for a specific reason and objective. Make your roots in it if you are out on a work-related task. If you are a student, give yourself in, and burn midnight oils. The more confident you are, the better you adapt to a new culture. The first thing is to socialise and learn about their culture; then, you can work on yourself to make the road smoother for you. 

Take a Break from the Unfamiliar & Strange Routine.

Give yourself time to see, understand and then accept a change. It is not advisable to learn all at once. Give yourself some relaxing time when you are tired of learning. Do familiar things like reading books, drinking an iced cup of coffee, listening to good music and watching a movie. Try to make yourself at home instead of spanking your brain 24/7.  

Final Verdict 

It is not a regular job to adjust to a new culture, but with the abovementioned skills, you now know “how can a Gambian expat adjust to a new culture in Europe”.  Remember, you are not alone; many other expats have undergone the same initial stages. 

When you move to a foreign country, the most common problem faced by expats is adjusting to a budget. ACE Money Transfer is the most reliable source if you have any trouble transferring money across borders. You can effortlessly send money to Gambia online from Europe via ACE’s advanced remittance solutions.


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