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How ACE's New "Reuse Feature" works in the Mobile App?

How ACE's New "Reuse Feature" works in the Mobile App?

24 Apr 2024

Are you tired of repeatedly entering the recipient's information to make money transfers? ACE Money Transfer has introduced a new feature to minimize hassle: its ‘Reuse‘ button. Update your ACE app and enjoy a hassle-free way of making money transfers using the new' Reuse' button. This button will help you reuse the recipients' previous details. In this article, you will learn how to use the ‘Reuse’ button.     

Almost 3.1% of people live as expats, which makes 230 million individuals worldwide. Most of them are the breadwinners of their families who need to send money to their loved ones monthly or yearly. So, they have to enter the exact data for the recipients again and again, which follows a lengthy process that includes verification steps. Now, you can use the previously saved information by clicking on the ACE Money Transfer app. Scroll down to learn how the Reuse Feature in the ACE mobile app can help you make money transfer:  

Perks of ACE Money Transfer’s New ‘Reuse’ Feature   

The Digital Remittance market is rapidly increasing. Every year, a remittance of 830 billion dollars is sent. ACE Money Transfer has taken this step to facilitate one million expats living overseas and looking for reliable yet simple ways to send money to their loved ones. It will help the individuals who have to send money to the same person again and again. You will see a new feature in your ACE mobile app: a button for Reuse. You might be wondering about the purpose of this feature, but it will change your life positively. Let's discover how:     

●  Quick Transfers

The new feature of the Reuse button will help you make instant global money transfers. You can save the data of all your transactions. Moreover, you can click on the respective person's tab and choose the reuse option. It will directly open the page where all the recipient information will appear as already saved. You can recheck the info for confirmation and proceed by entering the amount you want to send. After that, click on the "send" button to transfer your money.   

●  History Record    

ACE Money Transfer keeps a history record so you can remember at which time and how much money you send to a person. Now you can go to the history and slide the profile of the person to whom you want to resend money. When you slide the profile, a "reuse" option will appear. Click on Reuse to load all the information about the receiver. Once it appears on the screen, you can verify the details and enter the money to proceed.     

● Saved Information

ACE Money Transfer has made sending money abroad easier and quicker. It allows you to save the information on the mobile application. So, you don't need to enter the same recipient's details repeatedly. The receiver's saved information will open by clicking the reuse button, and you can proceed efficiently.  

● 100% Safe and Secure

Many times, individuals make mistakes when uploading the recipient's data. It can be a typing error when uploading the address or skipping the digits of the phone or account number. This "Reuse" button will save you from making mistakes. Once you make a transaction successfully, your recipient details are verified. You don't need to put effort into using the same information again just by opening the specific person's tab and sliding his profile.   

●  Time-Saving Feature

The reuse button of ACE is a time-saving feature. It allows users to repeat previous transactions quickly with just a few clicks. Moreover, it eliminates the need to re-enter the same information and always upload identity verification documents. The reuse feature of ACE makes it quick and convenient to initiate transactions, freeing up more time for other essential tasks.     

Step-by-Step Instructions to Use the New Reuse Button

Using the new reuse feature is very easy. It makes the process of sending money more accessible and more reliable. This button will appear by sliding the profile of the people to whom you can send money at least once. Following are the steps to use the reuse button:    

●       Login to the ACE Money Transfer mobile application

●       Click on the history   

●     Scroll the history to find the recipient to whom you want to send money (make     sure you have already made a transaction to the person)

●       After finding the recipient profile, slide the tab towards the left

●       Reuse button will appear   

●       Click on the Reuse button  

●       It will land on the page where you will see the details of the receiver

●       Verify the recipient ID, contact no, and address  

●       Click on "ACE it."

●       After that, you have to enter the amount you want to transact  

●       It will ask you to enter your method or your account number or credit card number

●       You will receive a confirmation message on the screen 

Watch their video tutorial on Reuse Existing Transactions to Send Money for more insights.

Benefits of New Reuse Feature in ACE Money Transfer Mobile App

This new Reuse feature is like a life-changing element for all the expats sending money online. Now, you don't need to worry about entering details and verifying information every time because your single click will do everything for you.    

●       It saves your time from uploading documents

●       It reduces the chance of error and promotes safe money transfers

●       The validity of the recipient's address becomes verified  

●       The risk of the wrong recipient is reduced  

●       It makes the transaction process more accessible and quick

●       You can send money within a few seconds

In this advanced world, online banking and online money transfer have become necessary. Everyone prefers online money transfers more for ease, convenience, and efficiency. ACE Money Transfer has kept these advancements, making online money transfer more effortless, secure, and hassle-free. By introducing this feature of "Reuse," they have catered to the needs of their customers to make the process smoother and provide them with a seamless experience. 

ACE Money Transfer App: Your Shortcut to Seamless Transactions

This new feature, "Reuse," introduced by ACE Money Transfer, has made online money transfers easier. You can easily use the sender's previous details, saving time and hassle. It's an excellent solution for expats worldwide who must send money to their families regularly. This Reuse button in the ACE Money Transfer app is a game changer as it lets you quickly transfer money online using the recipient's information from previous transactions.  

In addition, ACE Money Transfer records your previous transactions for your convenience. You can easily resend money to anyone by sliding their profile and tapping the "Reuse" button. The best thing is that it is safe and helps you avoid mistakes when entering recipient details. Once you have entered data, you can utilize it again and again. ACE understands the value and importance of your time, so they have introduced this feature to save your precious time.  

It has eliminated the need to enter the details again; you can save them once and use them when needed. Sending money online is a total breeze. Within a few clicks, you can make online money transfers to someone you communicate with regularly.  


What is the purpose of the ‘Reuse’ Feature?

The purpose of the reuse feature is to save individuals time by not entering the receiver's data repeatedly. Moreover, the reuse feature makes the transaction process easier and quicker.

How does the new feature ‘Reuse’ of ACE Money Transfer work?

The "Reuse Feature" allows users to select past transactions from their history and initiate a new transaction with the exact details. It makes sending money to the same person easier and faster.     

How can I access ACE's mobile app, ‘Reuse Feature’?

The "Reuse Feature" is accessible on the home screen of the ACE Money Transfers mobile app. You can find it in history by sliding the profile of the confident person. It is visible in the history tab in the middle of the screen.      

Is the "Reuse Feature" secure?

Yes, it is a safe feature that ensures secure money transactions. Moreover, the mobile app of ACE is safe because it includes all the advanced technological features like 2FA and fingerprint enablers to provide security.   

Does the "Reuse Feature" save time?

The reuse feature saves a lot of your time from entering detailed information about the receiver or the destination of your transaction. You have to click once and recheck the details to proceed.

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