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How ACE Money Transfer is Improving its User Interface for Better Customer Experience

05 Aug 2023

Imagine if remittance transfers were a complex and technically challenging process! Would you, as a migrant, be as comfortable in your money transfers to your respective countries as you are now in the presence of some of the world’s best remittance transfer service providers, including ACE Money Transfer?

Well, the answer is fairly obvious.

According to a report by the IOM UN Migration, about 281 million expatriates lived in the world in 2020. They, at that time, formed about 3.60% of the total global population.

A report by the World Bank said that the remittances to low- to middle-income countries (LMICs) were expected to reach $630 billion in 2022, with an increase of 4.2%.

However, this increase is less than the 8.6% increase in remittances recorded in 2021, reported the World Bank’s latest Migration and Development Brief.

The report also emphasised that the data is based on officially recorded remittances, where the need for a reputable and user-friendly online money transfer company is felt the most.

But with the mushroom growth of remittance service providers worldwide, is it easy to choose the best online money transfer service? Particularly when you know that financial crimes in the industry are rising steeply.

Deciding on such a scenario is a challenge in itself.

But this blog will help you in arriving at a sound conclusion and also help you make a kind of decision that proves to be a win-win situation for you so that you derive the maximum benefits the next time you plan to send money online.

Learn about deriving optimal online money transfer benefits HERE.


User Interface – The Essential Component For A Friendly Online Money Transfer Service

The user interface is the point of human-machine interaction, and the machine does not refer to the typical understanding of the term, which implies heavy machinery.

Your computer and your smartphones are also machines. In this context, the reference is largely made to your smartphones on which you install certain apps to carry out certain activities, including financial transactions.

For an app to appeal to the users and make the process easy, the user interface (UI) holds prime importance.

Because given that money transfers are largely tech-driven, you see the UI of an app as the face of the company with which you wish to make transfers.

The best way of ascertaining it is to check the UI of an app.

Furthermore, if you have a pleasant experience with a particular app’s UI, you will become a recurring user and also refer it to others intending to fulfil the same purpose as you.

So, a friendly and appealing user interface serves the company more than it does its customers.


The Need For A User-Friendly Inter Face In A Remittance Transfer Service Provider

Since the matter involves your hard-earned money and that too, in a distant land, you need a service provider whose services are friendly and reliable.

You only are concerned with your timely and safe money transfer and thus care little about the complications. Therefore, if you do not find a friendly service, you will be quick to switch to the one which is.

Therefore, you need to ensure you use a service provider whose app’s user interface is simple and easy to understand for the processing of your payment.

Let’s now see how ACE Money Transfer is revamping its user interface for a friendlier customer experience.


Features Setting ACE Money Transfer User Interface Apart From Others

One of the reasons ACE Money Transfer’s customer base, consisting of expatriates who carry out a money transfer with ACE Money Transfer regularly, is expanding rapidly is its app’s friendly user interface.

But it is not only the UI alone; a few essential yet rare features adding to a pleasant customer experience are discussed below.


Easy To Set Up

Setting up the app on your smartphone consists of the following few simple steps.

  • Download the app and log in
  • Enter details of the recipient
  • Choose Currency
  • Select the amount
  • Check live and competitive currency exchange rates the company offers in real-time.
  • Check all the details and remove errors, if any
  • Hit send and TADA!

Choose A Country

Normally a company’s app has countries which are predetermined, and you cannot add a new one to the list. But this is not the case with ACE’s app.

You can request to add a country of your choice where you want to send or receive money if you do not find it on the list already.

This is a rare and unique feature.


Choose A Transfer Method

If you do not find a method to transfer money of your choice from the given options, you can request to add a new method to process your payment. It is also uncommon with many reputable online money transfer companies.


Stay Updated About Live Exchange Rates

The company sends you regular updates about the fluctuating currency exchange rates and thus helps you select a time of transfer when rates are most favourable.


Swift Transfers

The time ACE Money Transfer takes to deliver funds from one country to another will take just a few hours, unlike several other service providers that will take at least 24 hours to deliver funds.


Low Fee

The service charges are low, and that too only if the amount being sent reaches a certain limit, below which the transfers with ACE Money Transfer largely remain free.


Safety Of Funds

The security around your transfers is beyond the reach of scammers, which they cannot break into. In addition, the speed also does not allow fraudsters to strike.


Easy Transaction Tracking

The company’s app lets you easily track your transaction and learn when the funds will be delivered to the concerned person.

Simply adding the tracking ID in the app will help you track your transfers.

All of these features add to your best customer experience.


The Way Forward

In your online money transfer with ACE Money Transfer, you can enjoy the benefits listed above and stand a chance to do so for free or low fees. You can also win several prizes should you catch up with the campaigns the company keeps launching regularly.


How is ACE Money Transfer improving its user interface for a better customer experience?

ACE Money Transfer is focused on enhancing its user interface by adopting a more intuitive and streamlined design. This is being achieved by simplifying the navigation process, implementing clearer instructions for transactions, and personalising user experiences based on previous interactions. The company is also working on reducing the number of clicks or taps required to complete a transaction and enhancing the visibility of crucial features like exchange rates and transfer fees.

What specific features are being added or improved in the new ACE Money Transfer interface?

In the revamped user interface, ACE Money Transfer has introduced some new features like requesting to add a new country, a new payout location and getting exchange rate updates. The first two features allow customers to get their desired payout locations and countries added if they don’t see these in the existing lists; the latter is more critical as it helps customers to decide the best time for their global money transfers.

Will the new changes affect the security features of the platform?

No, the improvements to the user interface will not compromise the existing security measures on the platform. ACE Money Transfer continues to prioritise user security, ensuring that all transactions are conducted safely with advanced encryption technology.

How will the new interface enhance the speed and efficiency of transactions on ACE Money Transfer?

The new interface has been designed to streamline transactions, making them quicker and more efficient. By simplifying the transaction process, reducing the number of required clicks, and providing auto-fill suggestions based on previous transactions, ACE Money Transfer will significantly cut down on the time users need to spend initiating transfers.

Will there be any assistance available for users to navigate through the new user interface?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer plans to roll out detailed tutorials and guides to help users adapt to the new interface. A dedicated customer support team will also be available to assist users with any difficulties or concerns they might have while using the new platform.


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