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How ACE Money Transfer is Helping Gambian Customers Track Their Transfers in Real-Time

How ACE Money Transfer is Helping Gambian Customers Track Their Transfers in Real-Time

13 Nov 2023

People from The Gambia live in a West African nation that is mostly dependent on remittances from abroad. These remittances, which are mainly sent by Gambian citizens who reside in Europe, are vital to the economy of the nation and support the livelihoods of numerous families. The remittance sector has been transformed by ACE Money Transfer, a leading international money transfer service. 

With a focus on the needs of its customers and a dedication to innovation, ACE Money Transfer has unveiled a ground-breaking feature that enables Gambian customers to follow their transfers in real time. This article investigates how ACE Money Transfer empowers Gambian clients by offering them convenience, transparency, and peace of mind through real-time monitoring of their transfers and how they can track their transactions while making online money transfers to Gambia

Statistics About Online Money Transfers

Before the end of 2022, it is anticipated that international remittances will have grown by 4.2% to $630 billion. More than 5,850 million transfers were made in 2018 alone, so most of these transactions were made using digital platforms. By 2023, it is anticipated that there will be 13 million transfers. 

People have quickly migrated to the digital world, as evidenced by the astounding number of online money transfer options. Every user's top concern regarding internet-based money transfers is still security. Furthermore, your peace of mind grows if you can track your transfers. To know the status of your funds until they reach the beneficiaries, you can figure out how to track your online transactions. 

The Importance of Real-Time Tracking in Money Transfers

Particularly in developing nations like The Gambia, money transfers are an essential lifeline for many people and families. To cover urgent expenses as well as meet immediate financial needs, timely and accurate money delivery is crucial. Transparency is improved, and customers are given useful information about the status and development of their transactions thanks to real-time transfer tracking.

Improvements in Transparency and Customer Confidence

Gambian customers of ACE Money Transfer now have greater access to transparency and visibility into their transfer process. Customers can check the status of their transfers whenever they want by simply logging into their ACE Money Transfer accounts or using the ACE Money Transfer mobile app. As customers can confirm that their funds are being transferred promptly and securely, this transparency helps to increase trust and confidence in the service.

You can use ACE Money Transfer's mobile app anywhere in Europe to send money to Gambia. This implies that sending money to your loved ones in Gambia is simple, even if you are travelling or residing in another nation.

Real-time Transfer Progress Updates

The real-time tracking function gives quick updates on the transfer's status. Customers can track their transaction's progress from the beginning to the end. They are kept updated at every stage of the process thanks to notifications and alerts they receive when the recipient receives the funds. Customers can plan their finances accordingly thanks to this feature, which removes uncertainty.

Comfort And Peace Of Mind

Gambian customers have the convenience of real-time tracking, which allows them to keep tabs on their transfers while at home or on the go. To find out the status of their transfers, they are no longer required to rely on phone calls or in-person trips to the service provider's office. The knowledge that their hard-earned money is being managed effectively and securely gives them peace of mind because this information is readily available.

Reduced Customer Complaints and Questions

Customer inquiries and complaints regarding transfer status have significantly decreased since real-time tracking was implemented. Customers are no longer required to repeatedly contact customer service to ask about their transfers because the information is now readily available. 

Customers and ACE Money Transfer both benefit from this feature's time and resource savings, which makes for a more streamlined and effective customer service experience.

Providing Customers With Financial Management Options

Gambian customers are given the tools they need to manage their finances through real-time tracking. Customers who have immediate access to transfer updates are better able to budget, plan expenses, and make wise choices based on the status of their transfers. This function encourages fiscal responsibility and gives users a clearer picture of their financial situation.

Innovation That Is Ongoing And A Focus On The Needs Of The Customer

With the launch of real-time tracking, ACE Money Transfer has demonstrated its dedication to both innovation and client satisfaction. ACE demonstrates its understanding of client's needs and the changing requirements of the remittance industry by consistently looking for ways to improve its services. One way ACE Money Transfer uses technology to improve customer experience and add value is through real-time tracking.

ACE Money Transfer's Commitment to Gambian Customers' Needs

Planning for international transfers is crucial for preserving personal financial control. Users can use money transfer apps to manage their remittance fees and set transfer limits properly. To help users keep track of their spending and make wise financial decisions, ACE Money Transfer offers features that let users create budgets for money transfers to Gambia

By providing such budgeting capabilities, the program enables users to maintain better control over their finances. In addition, you can send money cheaply to Gambia whenever your family needs financial assistance, thanks to the lowest transfer fees and best exchange rates. You can follow your money as it travels to the recipient using the real-time transaction tracking feature of the ACE Mobile app. You can deal with any problems quickly and with greater confidence as a result. 

How to Track Your Online Money Transfers? 

The confirmation number on your receipt can be used to track your transfer with most businesses. You should be able to see the steps of your progress online or by calling them, from sending to receiving. At each transaction stage, a few transfer services also give you the choice of receiving text or email notifications. To track a money transfer generally:

Finish the transfer. 

Look over your receipt. Find the reference, confirmation, order, transaction, or number with a similar name.

Speak with the sending business. Give your tracking number to the company you sent your transfer through by phone, online, or in person.

Subscribe to notifications. Opt-in for notifications at each transfer stage, if at all possible.

Money transfers can take more than five days to reach their recipient. For you to keep track of the status of your payments, many banks and money transfer businesses provide end-to-end tracking. However, the method used by each business to track transfers varies. On the ACE international money transfer app or website, you can always track your transaction by logging in and going to the Transaction History page. ACE will also email you a notification as your transaction progresses through each stage of the process.

Bottom Line 

The real-time tracking feature of ACE Money Transfer has completely changed how Gambian customers send money abroad. By providing customers with transparency, ease of use, and peace of mind, ACE Money Transfer enables them to track their transfers in real-time, ensuring prompt fund delivery and lowering customer inquiries and complaints.

This feature reinforces ACE Money Transfer's dedication to innovation and its customer-centric philosophy, solidifying its position as a market leader in the remittance sector. Customers who want to send money to Gambia online can anticipate innovations that will further streamline and improve their money transfer experience as ACE Money Transfer continues to develop and improve its services.


What is an SMS Tracking Service? 

SMS tracking service: Some companies that offer money transfer services also allow customers to use SMS to check the status of their transactions. The feature uses two methods: 

To receive updates automatically, the customer activates an SMS status check.

To manually receive the status updates, the customer sends an SMS with their transaction code to a predetermined number.

Why some providers are not offering SMS Status Checks?

Because SMS is comparatively slower and more expensive on both ends—that is, for the service provider and the customer—some providers might not offer SMS status checks.

What happens if I misplace my tracking number?

Contact your provider immediately if you misplace your tracking number for a money transfer. If they can confirm that you are the sender in most cases, they can give you a new tracking number.


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