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How ACE Money Transfer Ensures the Best Remittance Solutions for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)?

10 Aug 2023

A report by Pilot Guides said that about 10 million Filipino migrants live in different countries worldwide. It is one of the major diaspora populations whose members earn a living abroad and send money to Philippines to offer financial support to their families back home.

This Filipino diaspora is about 10% of the country’s population.

Filipino migrants travel to developed counties to find better employment opportunities because they cannot find sustainable job opportunities in their native country.

This leads to poverty, making it difficult for Filipinos to make ends meet and fulfil the pressing needs of life.

Given that Filipinos are hardworking people known for their dedication and professional commitments, they can find jobs abroad easily, but they face one challenge once they start earning money.

Do you know what that challenge is? And when does that challenge arise?

Well, the challenge is when Filipino workers have to send money back home and have to choose a service provider.

It would not have been a challenge had the number of service providers to choose from been less. The problem aggravates when you have to choose one from many. And all of the service providers are bent on proving that their services stand apart from the rest.

All of it only adds to your confusion. Don’t you think?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. Choosing between 1 and 2 is easier than choosing from 1 to 100!

All of this may sound simple to you, but it is a challenge for those who earn a living abroad and then have to choose a service provider to transfer their money back to the Philippines.

This blog will illuminate how you can clear your confusion and make an informed decision about your money transfer.

How Do You Get Your Confusion Solved in this Regard?

It is a fair question and must occur to you.

Of the several service providers, ACE Money Transfer stands apart, and its distinct standing is anchored in the services that it offers to you as a Filipino migrant.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding!

A closer look at the company and its services will reveal all you must know to answer the question.

One of the best online money transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer, has always focused on the needs and requirements of its valued customers. It has always designed its services according to what the customers have demanded. It is, therefore, one of the reasons that the company’s services keep evolving with time and with the customers’ ever-changing needs.

It has, therefore, swollen the company’s customer base.

Let’s look at the features the company offers you as a Filipino migrant looking for ways to transfer funds back to the Philippines from overseas.

A Look at the Service Features of ACE Money Transfer

The following features of the company set it apart from several other remittance service providers.

Safe Online Transactions

Your top concern in your money transfers is the security of the funds, which the company takes good care of. The firm has placed several security layers around your online money transfers with it.

These security layers are finely blended with two-factor authentication and end-to-end encrypted data, making it impossible for scammers to attack.

Take a closer look at How to Ensure Safe Global Money Transfers here.

Swift Delivery of Funds

Almost all online money transfer companies take several hours to deliver funds, except banks whose delivery time spans over days. But considering the pressing financial needs of Filipino migrants, the firm ensures the funds are delivered in less than a day, a speed you hardly find elsewhere.

Market-Competitive and Live Currency Exchange Rates

Several service providers keep their currency exchange rates static and fixed for some time, if not more. This is what banks normally do. And this can affect your finances. But ACE Money Transfer links its rates with the always-fluctuating international market allowing you to transact when rates are in your favour.

Even you can request the latest rates on the firm’s app or official website at the time of initiating a transfer to get the best deal.

Add a New Transfer Method

If you do not feel comfortable with the existing methods to transfer funds offered on the firm’s site or app, you can request to add a new payment method to send money to Philippines online. This feature is also unfounded elsewhere and adds to your optimal satisfaction as you can choose a method that corresponds to your exact needs.

Add a New Country

Similar to how you can add a new payment method, you can also request the addition of a country to either send money from or to if you do not find your desired country on the list. It makes its service access and availability wider.

Low Service Charges

The firm helps you save and send more to the intended recipient by charging low fees. The fee is either low flatly or is charged as a small percentage of the amount being processed, which is mostly only a fraction of the entire amount.

Campaigns and Awards

A feather in the cap of the company is the launch of campaigns.

These campaigns are normally time-bound and designed for specific customers after taking into consideration their financial woes, like the country’s economy and inward remittances. For example, Filipino migrants can send money fee-free and even earn amazing prizes in doing so.

In this context, let’s quickly look at the economy and inward remittances to the Philippines.

Economy and Inward Remittances to the Philippines

  • A World Bank report said that the country’s nominal GDP in 2021 was $394.09 billion.
  • Another World Bank report said that the country’s GDP per capita income in 2021 was $3,460.5.
  • The World Bank revealed that inward remittances to the country in 2022 were $9.07 billion, significantly lower than $36.69 billion in 2021.

ACE Money Transfer – Your Top Remittance Service Choice

Your online money transfer to Philippines with ACE Money Transfer will not only get you all the benefits listed above from one window but also enable you to participate in campaigns and earn exciting prizes too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does ACE Money Transfer ensure the security of my money?

The company has set some of the latest security parameters to protect, including encryption and fraud prevention. Its 24/7 customer support allows one to trace a transaction in real-time.

How to get the best exchange rates while sending money to the Philippines?

ACE Money Transfer offers live and market-competitive currency exchange rates. You can sign up for free to request the latest currency exchange rates.

How long do the funds take to reach the destination?

Funds can take less than 24 hours to reach the intended recipient in the Philippines. However, you can trace your transaction in real-time and get to know when funds are expected to reach the destination.

What are the service charges for sending money to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer?

The fee varies and depends on the amount being processed, the payment method, and the destination. It can, however, be checked on the firm’s app or its official website. In addition, if you participate in the campaign, you may well get a chance to send funds without fees.

What are the different ways to transfer funds to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer?

You can use a mobile wallet, debit card, or credit card or even send funds to a bank account in the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer. You can even request a new payment method if you are not comfortable with the available payment methods.


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