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Help the Flood Victims in Pakistan by Sending Money Instantly to Flood Relief Fund via ACE Money Transfer

Help the Flood Victims in Pakistan by Sending Money Instantly to Flood Relief Fund via ACE Money Transfer

05 Sep 2022

About 65% of Pakistan is currently underwater due to devastating floods that are still wreaking havoc in large swathes of the country. The government and charity organisations ask individuals to contribute with cash, food, clothing, shelter, or whatever resources they can share and help the affectees in this time of despair.  The government of Pakistan has requested overseas Pakistanis to send money to Pakistan to PM & CM’s Flood Relief Fund and help the ones left destitute by the floods.

History is replete with instances of the Pakistani diasporas contributing generously when calamities struck the country. You need not look further than the devastating earthquake of 2005 and the flash floods of 2010. The Pakistani diaspora has become synonymous with generous contributions through their remittances to extend help to their fellow countrymen, looking for it desperately. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the over 9 million Pakistani expatriates residing in over 115 countries worldwide to step up and contribute to the flood relief efforts.

In times like these, needless to say, a single penny matters more than millions in normal times. 

In the financial year of July-June 2022, overseas Pakistanis sent back $31.2 billion, an increase of 6.1% from the previous year’s amount of $29.4 billion.

In this context, ACE Money Transfer has stepped up to facilitate online money transfers to Pakistan absolutely free of cost as the Pakistani diaspora trusts its remittance services.

You can have a fair idea about the magnitude of devastation these floods have caused already.

Scale of Devastation 

  • 116 districts across Pakistan have been swept away by the floods, out of which about 66 have been declared ‘calamity hit’.
  • According to the updated statistics, the death toll has reached 1,162.
  • Official statistics say that over 218,000 houses have been destroyed.
  • The number of damaged houses is 274,000. 
  • 2 million acres of crops have been destroyed, and around 800,000 livestock have been lost.
  • The Federal Minister for Planning said that about 30 million people are rendered homeless. 
  • A national emergency has been declared in the country. 
  • The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, is on the move across the world to collect charity and has reportedly collected 1.3 trillion rupees so far. 
  • Federal and provincial governments have established Flood Relief Funds for both resident and overseas Pakistanis to contribute financially. 
  • Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has undertaken a Telethon to raise funds for the flood victims.

The Confusion about Delivering Financial Aid from Overseas

In such calamitous times, one of the biggest confusions Pakistani expatriates face is the time their remittances will take to reach the needy. But this confusion is sufficiently addressed if you send money to Pakistan online through ACE Money Transfer, as funds will take only 7 seconds to reach the destination. Receiving help in just 7 seconds is as though taking money out of one’s pocket to do the needful!

Where to send money to Pakistan for flood relief? 

Overseas Pakistanis can either transfer funds directly into the recipient's bank accounts that they typically do, or they can send their financial aid to the following funds established by federal and provincial governments.

Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund

CM Punjab Flood Relief Fund

CM KP Flood Relief Fund

How does Financial Aid help Affectees overcome the Catastrophic Situation? 

Financial aid is the only way to address the miseries of people whose homes are swept away by floods such as these. Money helps them meet their immediate needs, including, but not limited to, food, medicine, makeshift shelters in the form of tents, clothes, etc.

Sending money to Pakistan from overseas can help the affected people secure food, shelter, and medicine to address waterborne diseases such as dengue, malaria, diarrhoea, etc. These are people’s basic needs. While other pressing needs are that of cooked food as the recipients have no means to cook food, temporary arrangements to answer nature’s calls, potable water, etc.

Wondering how to transfer money to Pakistan? 

ACE Money Transfer has addressed this issue and provides the best answer as you need not look for ways to do so. The company has linked its international money transfer app with the Flood Relief Funds listed above.

You can simply log in to the mobile app and initiate a transaction absolutely free of cost with an additional advantage of a lightning-fast transfer and the ability to track your transaction to ensure the money you send to Pakistan to the flood-affected people reaches them.

It is a humanitarian call – answer it now!

Overseas Pakistanis have always helped the country through remittances in all sorts of troubles the country ever faced, including economic crises or natural calamities. They will continue to do so even now and tomorrow!

The scale of devastation has made it a humanitarian crisis, and it is neither the government nor the people requesting help. It is humanity itself that is calling for help.
Answer this call by sending money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer for zero fees, play your due role, and stay immortal in the annals of history! You might save lives and your country by making an online money transfer to Pakistan.


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