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Go Digital With ACE’s Digital Mobile Wallet Service for the Philippines

Go Digital With ACE’s Digital Mobile Wallet Service for the Philippines

30 Mar 2021

The international remittance industry is growing fast. This consistent growth is credited to the integration of technology. ACE Money Transfer, an emerging leader in the remittance industry, introduced a service that transmits funds to a mobile wallet for the Philippines. Filipinos living and working abroad can now quickly and securely send funds to the Philippines instantly with the digital mobile wallet service. 

Evolution of International Remittances with Digital Mobile Wallet Service

For countless people around the world, international remittances play a highly significant role in their lives. Being an industry leader for more than 20 years, ACE aims to provide improved-value regarding international remittances. With this vision in mind, the launch of a digital mobile wallet service will allow millions of Filipinos who reside abroad to send money to the Philippines instantly.

ACE is among the few remittance pioneers operating with digital solutions. As compared to the last decade, many distinctive developments have been witnessed in the remittance sector. These developments are partly due to the integration of digital technology, which has accelerated the industry's evolution resulting in tremendous accomplishments. 

Can You Receive Money in the Philippines via Digital Mobile Wallet Service? 

ACE is offering the digital mobile wallet service in partnership with a list of payout partners for international remittances. Filipinos can instantly send money back home with the aid of this secure, swift, and dependable service. Collection of remittances can be possible in the Philippines with an affiliated partner.  

Who Are The Affiliated ACE Digital Mobile Wallet Partners?

ACE Money Transfer is a renowned international remittance service provider that endeavours to ensure transparency in its business operations. ACE is proud to bring its valued customers closer to their loved ones with the Philippines' most reputable payout partners. The list of affiliated payout partners  includes:

  1. GCash 
  2. Coins 
  3. PayMaya

ACE goes over and beyond expectations to play its role in the digital technological revolution. So, ACE  customers can reach out to any payout partner for international remittances' successful transactions. 

Swift, Secure, Simple International Transfers

ACE Money Transfer is on a mission to help its customer base easily, swiftly, and securely transmit funds. Fund-transfers to the Philippines have never been this easy with rapid and secure transactions via ACE digital mobile wallet service. Fortified with advanced digital security, ACE ensures superior international transactions management in a risk-free and stressless environment. 

ACE is doing its part and is humbled to help turn its clientele’s dreams to reality. ACE’s mission is to transform the digital world of remittance operations. After introducing the digital wallet service, remittance activities have been profoundly enhanced due to trust and ease in using ACE Money Transfer’s mobile digital wallet service.

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