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Free DKK 1000 For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) In Denmark - Learn How To Win

28 Dec 2023

The outstanding services of online money transfer to Philippines and thrilling promotions offered by ACE Money Transfer are well-known. You might know our invite friends offer. The same offer includes a free cash bonus of DKK 1000 specifically for Denmark. By participating in the "Invite a Friend" program, ACE Money Transfer offers its customers an exciting chance to win a cash prize. Whether you are a current member of the ACE Family or a new one, you can enter to win cash by simply inviting your friends. 

Do you know that the company has increased the renowned Invite Friends Bonus on every international money transfer from Denmark by an additional 1000 DKK? Yes, you did read that correctly. Every time your three friends send money online to their loved ones through ACE, you are eligible to win a free prize worth 1000 Danish Krone. Below are more details about this intriguing offer.

Sign Up For ACE Money Transfer First

Do your friends who live abroad frequently use money transfer services? Have you ever discussed the advantages and services associated with ACE Money Transfer? If No! Then it's time to get ready to join ACE Money Transfer and start winning awesome cash prizes with just a few simple invitations to your friends.

The offer has been launched to include as many customers as possible in the ACE member team and to keep them connected for a mutually beneficial outcome for both returning and new clients who are not sure which money transfer service is secure for sending their money to loved ones.

All You Need To Know About This Offer

Maybe it's time for you and your foreign friends to steer clear of complicated rules, policies, and management standards that make it difficult to understand unsatisfactory money transfer services. Meet up with helpful board members to discuss how to handle your money transfer to Philippines issues professionally.

When a customer refers a friend to use the services, ACE Money Transfer will give that customer 1000 Danish Kroner as a thank you. This introduces its Danish customers to the world of amazing prizes. Each referral of three new customers who register for and use ACE Money Transfer services qualifies for this offer. You'll receive a bonus payment of 1000 DKK. And there is no requirement for a Lucky Draw.

What has to get done? Simply inform your Danish friends that ACE Money Transfer supports unlimited, cost-free international money transfers. You'll receive a free DKK 1000 from the business for each of your initial three conversions.

ACE Is A Practice That Wins Trust And Offers A Reward

ACE Money Transfer aims to maximize benefits for their clients by not only solving their financial issues but also involving them in customer-based services and reward programs by joining their team. For the welfare and satisfaction of their cherished customers, this is undoubtedly a Trust Winning Practice.

ACE Money Transfer might be unfamiliar to users of other money transfer services. However, the business had already established itself as a practical, secure, and economical money transfer service since 2002. Both in the UK and throughout Europe, ACE offers its services. As a result, after nearly 20 years of mutual trust, its users can depend on it for easy transfer anywhere in the world.

So, now is the time to reap the rewards of contributing to the ACE Money Transfer team, which consistently keeps its users in mind when providing services. Don't pass up the chance to solve your cash transfer issues while also entering to win enticing cash prizes.

Customers of ACE who choose the ACE international money transfer app and website can take advantage of this offer for an entire year. If you invite your friends to join and utilize ACE to send money to Philippines online, they will be given some amazing gifts from ACE.

Bottom Line 

On the official website of ACE Money Transfer, you can read the full terms and conditions regarding money transfers and the cash prizes being offered. Through various promotions, including "Invite a Friend," using ACE's services gives you a chance to win enormous rewards. What are you waiting for, then? Get started with ACE Money Transfer now.


What are the common requirements for participating in such contests for OFWs in Denmark?

Common requirements for participating in contests often include providing personal information, following specific social media accounts, sharing promotional posts, or engaging in activities that promote the contest or the brand associated with it. Participants should carefully review the official rules and instructions.

Are there any restrictions or eligibility criteria for OFWs in Denmark to participate in these contests?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the contest. It's essential to read and understand the contest rules to ensure eligibility.

What precautions should OFWs in Denmark take when participating in such contests to ensure their safety and privacy?

When participating in contests, OFWs in Denmark should be cautious about sharing personal information. Stick to official channels like ACE Money Transfer and avoid providing sensitive details unless necessary. Always verify the legitimacy of the contest and the entity running it to avoid potential scams.


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