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Finding Scholarships and Grants for Studying Abroad as a Filipino Student!

14 Jun 2023

According to UNESCO statistics, over 22,000 Filipino students are studying in various countries around the world. Most of them are drawn to English-speaking nations such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA. One of the biggest challenges that international students face when it comes to planning their trip is the cost of living alongside their study expenses. Most Filipino students seek good education abroad to make their careers, earn better, and send money to Philippines to improve the financial situation of their families. If these students get reasonable scholarships to study abroad, they can ensure a successful life abroad. To help ease the financial burden of international students from the Philippines, we have compiled a list of scholarships that are available to help them study in different countries.

Hunting Scholarships to Study Abroad

Scholarships are available in many different places. The majority of scholarships may be obtained at the schools themselves, and typically, you can find this information on the websites of your potential colleges. Scholarships awarded by universities include those that are subject-specific, such as the Carl Mackie Scholarship, which is available at the University of Edinburgh to students wishing to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in Archaeology, Classics, or History. 

Another instance is the Postgraduate Master's Scholarship of Nottingham Trent University, which grants a student a 25% tuition discount. On the other side, some scholarships, like the Chevening Scholarship, are offered by governments. Scholarships pave the path for Philippine students to save substantial sums and send money to the Philippines. 

Exclusive Study Abroad Scholarships for Filipino Students

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students depending on their performance on difficult exams. This award is for you if you are a high performer with exceptional GRE or SAT scores and a stellar academic record. These scholarships are large and provide coverage for a range of costs, including tuition, housing, and in some cases, a sizeable stipend for living expenses. 

Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships could also be need-based, in which case the applicant must demonstrate a need for financial support. You can qualify for a need-based scholarship if you come from a low-income family. You might need to provide the scholarship committee with documentation of your employment history, your employment history, and your family's income as proof.

You can also seek part-time employment to earn and support your finances. If you get a good opportunity to work part-time alongside your studies, you can support your family back home with a quick money transfer to Philippines whenever they need help.

Community Service Scholarships 

There are community service scholarships available if you want to receive a scholarship to study abroad but don't have the necessary grades. Students who have participated in community service initiatives as volunteers may qualify for community service scholarships. You may learn more and enrol in these organisations by doing a little research on them. 

Scholarships Based on Ethnic Identities

A few scholarships are offered to individuals who are from underrepresented communities. These scholarships are available if you are a member of an underrepresented racial or ethnic group. You will need to provide sufficient proof of the facts, and if you are qualified, you might also need to comply with the requirements that apply after you get the award.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are available to students who excel in their chosen sports. You must be a sports ambassador to be considered for an athletic scholarship. You should have a strong social position and be an accomplished athlete in your chosen sport. Numerous sports, including basketball, swimming, football, and soccer, among others, are eligible for assistance.

Top 5 Countries with Scholarships 



Due to the excellent education provided, Australia is a preferred choice for international students looking to study abroad. By providing a variety of scholarships for undergrad, postgraduate, and research courses, the Australian Government and private universities continually take the initiative to attract top-tier international students from around the world to Australia. The Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC), Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE), and Tuition Fee Discount are all covered by these scholarships. 


One of the most popular “study abroad” locations for students worldwide has always been Canada. Pupils from the Philippines have profited immensely from the government's substantial scholarships. After graduating, Filipino students may use these scholarships to petition for permanent residency. These scholarships emphasise Low tuition costs, Possibilities for Research, and Travel Support. 

You can work part-time during your education and full-time after completing your study program in Canada. The country offers immense opportunities for foreigners to settle and make careers. When you start earning and need to send money home, making a swift, secure, and economical online money transfer to Philippines via ACE Money Transfer is recommended.

United Kingdom

With up to 20% of the world's international student community, the United Kingdom is a delightfully cosmopolitan society and a well-known study-abroad destination. Through government and privately financed scholarships, many Filipino students are studying for their undergraduate degrees in the UK and have benefited immensely from the opportunities. This scholarship includes travel reimbursements, a student ID card, and a whole course fee subsidy. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is unquestionably one of the most picturesque places on earth, making it an ideal choice for international students who want to study and live abroad. Numerous scholarships are available from leading colleges in New Zealand for undergraduate and graduate studies for Filipinos. The proportion of Filipino students who applied to study in New Zealand has increased as a result. This scholarship covers postgraduate students' travel fees, travel insurance, and thesis and research costs. 

United States of America

The United States welcomes a sizable and diversified group of international students each year. Scholarships provided by US government universities and private educational institutions have helped students worldwide complete their degrees. Filipino students can apply for a variety of scholarships in the USA for both undergraduate and graduate studies. This scholarship emphasises funding for research, travel expenses, and full tuition fee waivers for exceptional circumstances.

What To Do Next - The Way Forward?

The above guide provides ample information on various types of scholarships for international students from the Philippines. You can search for a suitable option and apply to secure admission to move abroad to pursue your international education dream. Find suitable part-time job opportunities once you've been accepted and have started your education. Make any essential money transfers to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer for safety, simplicity, speed, and affordability. Although challenging, conserving money is essential when residing abroad. You can do it if you have the motivation and willpower.

If you encounter unnecessary delays during standard money transfer processes, ACE Money Transfer can help. It manages your transfers for reasonable pricing while providing the best services. You can considerably lower your exchange costs by using ACE Money Transfer. Join the ACE family today to send money to Philippines online at the best exchange rates and the most affordable transfer costs and to take advantage of a variety of advantages.



What kinds of scholarships and grants are available for Filipino students studying abroad?

Scholarships and grants for Filipino students come in various forms. They include university-specific scholarships, government-funded scholarships, international organisation scholarships, and private-sector grants. Some cover tuition fees only, while others may include living expenses, travel, and books.

Where can I find information about these scholarships and grants?

You can find information about scholarships and grants on the official websites of the universities you're interested in, as well as on the websites of the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines. International scholarship websites and platforms, such as the Fulbright Commission, Chevening, and DAAD, are also good resources.

How competitive is it to secure a scholarship or grant as a Filipino student?

Scholarships and grants are generally competitive, given the number of applicants from around the world. However, don't be discouraged! Focus on maintaining a strong academic record, cultivating leadership and community service experiences, and crafting compelling application essays.

What are the typical requirements to apply for a scholarship or grant?

Requirements vary by scholarship, but most require proof of Filipino citizenship, proof of admission to a foreign university, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay. Some may require proof of financial need or an interview. Always check the specific requirements of each scholarship or grant.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships and grants at the same time?

Yes, you are typically allowed to apply for multiple scholarships and grants simultaneously. However, some scholarships may have restrictions on combining funding, so it's essential to understand each scholarship's rules. Applying for multiple opportunities can increase your chances of securing funding, but remember that each application takes time and effort.


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