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Filipinos Rejoice: ACE Continues Zero-Fee Offer for Remittances to the Philippines from the UK and Other Countries

13 Mar 2024

Are you wondering how to send money to Philippines from UK with no added costs?

In a world where sending money across borders often comes with a high price tag, ACE Money Transfer emerges as the ultimate hope for Filipinos around the globe. With its commitment to serving the Filipino community, ACE Money Transfer extends its zero-fee offer for remittances to the Philippines from the United Kingdom and many other countries. This gesture eases the financial burden on Filipinos working abroad. But it also reinforces the bonds of love, support, and connection they share with their home families.    

A Glimpse into the Details of Filipino Diaspora

For millions of Filipinos living and working overseas, remittances are more than just transactions. They are lifelines that support families, fund education, and ensure the well-being of loved ones in the Philippines. However, the cost of sending money home, compounded by fluctuating exchange rates, often takes a significant bite out of their hard-earned money.  

The Diverse Filipino Diaspora

The Filipino diaspora represents a significant global movement of people from the Philippines to many parts of the world. It is characterized by diverse reasons for migration, including work, education, and familial ties. An estimated 1.96 million Filipinos live outside their home country in regions such as North America, the Middle East, and East Asia. This diaspora is largely driven by the search for better economic opportunities. Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are employed in various industries such as healthcare, engineering, and domestic work.      

Despite the geographical distances, Filipinos maintain strong cultural and emotional ties to their homeland, sharing their traditions within their communities abroad. The remittances sent back home by OFWs play a crucial role in the Philippine economy, contributing significantly to its GDP and aiding the livelihood of families left behind.

An Ease on Remittance Service

Here is where ACE Money Transfer steps in. ACE acknowledges the Filipino diaspora's struggles and offers a tangible solution by offering a zero fee for remittances. This move has sparked joy and gratitude among Filipinos, turning ACE into a trusted partner in their journey to support their families.

ACE Money Transfer: A Closer Look on the Offer

The zero-fee offer by ACE is not a fleeting campaign but a thoughtful initiative designed to make financial support more accessible to Filipinos worldwide. Whether you're in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, or any of the other countries where this offer applies, you can easily avail of this offer. Filipino expats can send money online to Philippines from UK easily with a few clicks, without the worry of hefty fees.    

How It Works

Using ACE Money Transfer is simple. Users must create an account on ACE's platform through the website or the mobile app. Once set up, they can immediately send money from the UK to the Philippines without worrying about transaction fees. The process is cost-effective but also fast, secure, and reliable, ensuring peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient.    

The Difference It Makes   

For Filipino families on the receiving end, the zero-fee initiative means more of the sent amount reaches them. This extra amount can cover daily expenses and medical or educational fees, making a significant difference in their lives.   

Beyond Just Transactions

ACE Money Transfer's initiative transcends financial transactions. It's a gesture that embodies care, understanding, and support towards the Filipino community. It acknowledges the sacrifices of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and provides a tangible way to ensure their hard work directly benefits their families back home. 

The Ripple Effect on the Filipino Community

The digital economy has made money transfers more affordable and convenient, with the following benefits for the Filipino community.    

Strengthening Family Bonds

The zero-fee offer does more than save money; it strengthens the emotional and financial ties between OFWs and their families in the Philippines. It encourages regular support, ensuring that families back home feel loved and cared for despite the physical distance.

Empowering the Next Generation  

By making remittances more accessible and affordable, ACE Money Transfer plays a crucial role in empowering the next generation of Filipinos. The extra funds that reach the families can contribute to better educational opportunities, paving the way for a brighter future.

Boosting the Local Economy

The inflow of remittances without deducting transfer fees means more money circulates within the Philippine economy. This influx of funds can boost local businesses, create jobs, and contribute to overall economic growth, benefiting the wider community.

ACE Money Transfer's continuation of the zero-fee offer for remittances to the Philippines is more than a financial service. It is a testament to ACE's commitment to the Filipino community, offering a cost-effective way to send money home and a symbol of trust and solidarity.   

ACE solidifies its position as a key partner for OFWs and their families, providing a reliable, secure, and affordable way to maintain the all-important connection with home. It's a reminder that no matter where life takes them, Filipinos have a steadfast ally in ACE Money Transfer, making the journey a little easier and the burden a bit lighter. Sign up on ACE today to enjoy your first free money transfer from UK to Philippines.


Can I track my remittance through ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, you can. ACE provides real-time remittance tracking so you can instantly see your transfer status.

How quickly do funds get transferred to the Philippines through ACE?

Transfers are usually instant but are completed within 24 hours, depending on the receiving bank in the Philippines.

Can I send money to any bank in the Philippines using ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE allows you to send money to all major banks in the Philippines.

Are there any promotional codes I need to use to avail of the zero-fee offer?

No promotional codes are needed; the zero-fee offer is automatically applied to transactions in the Philippines.

Can I cancel a transaction after I've sent it?

Yes, transactions can be canceled if they have not been processed or collected by the recipient.


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