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Funds Transaction to Ghana from Overseas Without Using a Bank Account

04 Aug 2023

There are so many people in the world who do not have a bank account for various reasons. What if they have to do an international money transfer? Luckily it is not necessary to have a bank account to send money to Ghana. There are a number of cheap and accessible ways to undergo his process.

Almost 1.7 billion adults worldwide did not have a bank account in the year 2017. There are more preferable and less complex ways for remittance flows. You can rely on them for your money transfers without putting yourself in the mental strain of maintaining a bank account. 


Best ways of sending money to Ghana without having a bank account

You do not have to worry if you do not have a bank account. There are more cheap and feasible ways that can help you in sending money to Ghana. This article covers mediums that can be used for transferring money in place of a bank.

Mobile wallets

One of the most popular ways of sending money to Ghana without a bank account is through mobile wallets. They are also called e-wallets, short for electronic wallets. Most of these wallets do not need bank accounts for transferring money; apart from that, they provide so many services without charging any fees. So this gives them an upper hand over banks. There are so many mobile wallets in the remittance market, like google pay, Samsung Pay, apple pay etc.

You can simply use mobile wallets by downloading the app and following the simple instructions for completing the process. It is highly feasible and easy to use. That is why it is gaining popularity with every passing day. Money transfers through mobile wallets are very fast and highly cost-effective. 

To avoid transferring fees, it is necessary that the sender and receiver both use the same mobile wallet. Multiple currencies are also available in mobile wallets, and you can transfer them as well. 

Money orders

Another way of transferring money without having a bank account is through money orders. Money orders and banks are related in a way that they both have a system of processing cheques. But it is not necessary to have a bank account for money orders. You just have to purchase money orders of the amount you want to send to Ghana. After signing the actual money order, you can mail it to Ghana directly to the recipient. 

You can obtain money orders from post offices. They also have the service of sending them to Ghana for you. So you can complete the whole process under a single roof. Banks also issue money orders, but they charge more than post offices. 

There are both benefits and drawbacks to using money orders as a source for a money transfer to Ghana. As money orders require no bank account information, the transfers are more private and secure. There is no risk of leaking of sensitive information. Another benefit is that money orders can also be cancelled if initiated before they are cashed. There is no risk of losing money as only identified recipients can receive it. One of the most prominent drawbacks of sending money via money order is that it is a very slow process. It takes so many days according to the distance as the transfer is done through the post office. There are so many faster means in exchange for it. 

Credit card

It is one of the other popular ways of sending money to Ghana when you do not have a bank account. But you must keep in mind that this medium may charge you an extra fee for the services you take. 


You can avoid being overly charged by overviewing the services you are taking. You can skip the services you do not need. Once the payment is made through a credit card, it is ready for pick up from the recipient side in a few minutes. Though it is a very convenient way, it can charge you more than usual transfer costs. 

Prepaid debit cards

Debit cards also work well for transferring money when you do not have a bank account. Banks and other financial institutions issue debit cards, and they do not need any bank account to work. They are prepaid with an amount you want to send, and the recipient can use this card just like a debit card. 

You can get prepaid debit cards from retail stations, or they can also be purchased online. It can cost a few dollars for a physical card or maybe be allowed for free. The card can be reloaded whenever you want and any number of times. 

Transfer through cash

Sending money through cash is always an available option, but it is never recommended as it involves so much risk. Money transfers through cash can be stolen at any time. It is possible that the recipient never gets the cash. It can also get lost in the mail. 


If there is no other option and you have decided to send money through cash, take as many precautions and security measures as you can take. This will increase the probability of your cash reaching the destined person. You should select a good envelope that keeps contents hidden. You can also purchase a tracking service so you can have a look at your parcel and also get notified when the cash has been delivered. If you are looking for the best way to transfer funds, choose ACE Money Transfer to send money to Ghana online since it offers the lowest transfer cost at the highest exchange rates yet at a top-notch security system to process transactions.

Online money transfer services

Since the arrival of money transfer services in the remittance market, people have been attracted to their services. As a result of rising popularity, a number of online money transfer service providers have entered the field. The popular names are ACE Money Transfer, western union, pay pal etc. 

Money transfer services provide you with so many options when it comes to transferring money apart from the bank. You have a number of ways, like sending money by phone, in person etc. You can also use a money-transferring app to send your funds. Depending on your need, there are pros and cons of using online money transfer services for international transfers to Ghana.

Depending on the payment and receiving method, money transfer services charge you differently. Make sure to pick up the one that suits you best. Online money transfer services are the best way to exchange for transferring through bank accounts as they are convenient, fast and secure. Most have the facility to track your funds so you can keep a check on your transfer status. 

Send money with zero mental strain using the services of ACE Money Transfer.

When it comes to transferring money through an online money transfer service provider, there are so many options. But which one you should trust? ACE Money Transfer has been providing services to its clients for a very long time and has gained its customer’s confidence. If you have to send money to your family or friend and do not have a bank account, you can trust ACE Money Transfer to deliver your cash reliably. 

ACE makes money transfer easy for you by providing countless facilities. It makes your transfer smooth whether you send money through cash, in person or through the app. It is the fastest form of sending money, and you can complete the process in seconds. 

Bottom line

You do not have to worry for your money transfers to Ghana if you do not have a bank account. There are so many ways by which you can send money to Ghana from abroad without having a bank account. This article has covered every possible way by which you can transfer money to Ghana. After keeping in view the merits and demerits of each method, you can take an informed decision about the medium you want to choose for sending money. Like many other Ghanaian expat workers, if you also want to take the most benefits of your hard-earned money on sending it back home, go for an online money transfer to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer every time you need to transfer funds back home.


Is it necessary to have a bank account for transferring money to Ghana from abroad?

No, it is not necessary to have a bank account for transferring money to Ghana from abroad. There are a number of other ways by which you can carry out the transfer, and they are also very convenient. 

What is the most convenient way to send money to Ghana when you do not have a bank account?

The most convenient way of sending money to Ghana when you do not have a bank account is through online money transfer platforms. They have the most innovative ways and recent technology to ease your transfer. 

How can I receive money without having a bank account?

You can receive money without having a bank account by setting up an account with a trusted money transfer service that allows you to receive funds through a mobile wallet or as a cash pickup from a location near to you.

Which online money transfer service is best for sending money to Ghana?

ACE Money Transfer is the best online money transfer platform for your remittance flows to Ghana. The money transfer packages of ACE are very cost-effective and can smoothen your transfer.  

How can I send money to Ghana instantly?

You can send money to Ghana in minutes in case of emergency or usual transfers. you can use mobile wallets or online money transfer platforms to carry out a fast process of remittance transfer. 

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