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Father’s Day Around the World: Dates and Traditions

05 Jun 2024

Do you know people celebrate Father's Day enthusiastically, and expats make a massive money transfer, mainly to show their gratitude to their fathers? This day dedicates itself to the struggles and efforts of fathers to raise their kids and fulfill their lives with enough love and support. But the interesting fact is people worldwide celebrate this event on different dates. A few countries celebrate it on the same date but mostly have separate days of celebrations. Various cultural, historical, and religious reasons cause the celebration of Father's Day on different days.

The idea of celebrating Father's Day was introduced 400 years ago. Later, some nations declared it as a national holiday in 1972. Different countries have adopted this trend of tributing fathers' efforts in a day. They set their dates according to their historical events and importance. In today's world, almost all countries celebrate it with immense happiness and devotion. Each country has its unique customs and traditions of celebrating Father's Day. Let's learn the exciting historical details and celebration dates of Father's Day in detail:

History and Celebration of Father’s Day Worldwide

The history of Father's Day celebration started in the Catholic Church, where it was celebrated on Joseph's Day, who was a perfect example of a father. After that, archaeologists found an ancient Babylon tablet full of wishes and prayers for fathers' long lives and success. After that, it took a modern turn, and different countries started celebrating it. Nowadays, people send money to their fathers or gift them things to thank them for raising their kids. 

The US adopted the celebration of Father's Day 100 years ago. At that time, only a few people were aware of this trend. However, Sonora Dodd is known as the real founder of Father's Day because she raised the idea of celebrating fathers like Mother's Day. In this way, every culture keeps opting for celebrations by aligning them with their roots.

Father's Day in Australia

In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, which falls in the first spring. Australians usually already have holidays during this time of year, so there is no typical holiday. But the people celebrate it with great excitement.

Father's Day in Germany

In Germany, Father's Day is called "Vatertag." It is celebrated on Ascension Day, which occurs after 40 days of Easter. It usually occurs between May and June. Germans plan outdoor activities on this day.

Father's Day in Japan

In Japan, Father's Day is called "Chichi no Hi." The Japanese celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. Japanese started to celebrate this event in the 1940s. This day is celebrated by exchanging expensive gifts, send money online to parents, and throwing dinners and parties to express their love for their fathers.

Father's Day in Thailand

Thailand celebrates Father's Day on 5th December. It is the birthday of their king, Bhumibol Adulyadej. He was a wise man and respected like a father. People of Thailand give their fathers and grandfathers canna flowers, a symbol of masculinity.

Father's Day in Russia

Every year, Russia celebrates Father's Day on 23 February. Originally, Defender of the Fatherland Day was celebrated on this day, but later, authorities changed it to Father's Day to express gratitude for fathers' struggles. Defender of the Fatherland Day paid tribute to the military man; it was a declared holiday, but authorities replaced it with Father's Day.

Father's Day in Spain

Spain celebrates Father's Day on 19th March to honor Joseph Nazareth, the patron saint of fathers, Jesus. Countries like Italy and Portugal also celebrate Father’s Day on the same day with the same regard. These people celebrate it by sending gifts and cards to their fathers.

Father's Day in Brazil

People celebrate Father's Day in Brazil on the second Sunday of August. The Brazilian nation pays tribute to St. Joachim, revered as the father of fathers because he was the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus. They consider him a father figure and guardian. They celebrate the day through gifts and make global money transfers to buy gifts for their fathers. You can use ACE Money Transfer’s mobile application or website to make easy transactions. Moreover, you can read about the benefits of using a mobile app for global money transfers.

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Father's Day in Mexico

Mexicans also celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday of June. People enjoy this day by sharing delicious meals and playing games. In Mexico City, "Carrera Día del Padre" means “Father's Day race” and is a royal and Mexican event. A race of 21K is run inBosque de Tlalpan park. This race has different categories, with the popular categories of father and son, where they must run a single race together.

Father's Day in Norway

Norway, Iceland, and Sweden celebrate Father's Day on the same day, the second Sunday of November. At first, all three countries used to celebrate it in June with Americans, but they later replaced it for economic purposes.

Father's Day in Pakitan and India

Father's Day in India and Pakistan is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, so the dates vary. The day is similar to many other countries in the world. In both countries, there is no cultural requirement on roots to pay tribute to anyone. But both countries celebrate it with great care and express love to their fathers. Individuals who live abroad send money online to their families to buy unique things for fathers.

Why is Father’s Day Celebrated on different dates?

Most countries celebrate Father's Day on the same day, the 3rd Sunday of June. But others associate it with their cultural events and traditions. Some countries celebrate by paying tribute to their national heroes or religious fathers they idealize as fathers. Some align them with their artistic practices and traditions. Some countries celebrate it according to the seasons or as the opposite of Mother's Day. These dates reflect the variety of global cultures.

Different countries around the globe celebrate Father's Day with great love to show affection to their fathers who struggle hard to raise children. Fathers are superheroes who play a significant role in everyone's life. But different countries celebrate this day on various dates. It is because all of them have different definitions of fathers, and they associate fathers with the royal and noble people of the time. In Christianity, they can be the father to the Catholics who preach and define their religion. So, they celebrate by giving tribute to Jesus, Noble, or anyone they idealize. Everyone has a different interpretation of the celebration of this day.

Celebrating Fatherhood: Beyond Borders and Beliefs

The history of the celebration of Father's Day is ancient. Sonora Dodd is called the founder of Father's Day, but archaeologists found that ancient people also used to pay tribute to their father when they saw a tablet with wishes and prayers of a son for a father. Later, in 1900, Father's Day became common, and people started adopting it while aligning it with their cultural traditions and norms. Most people celebrate it to express their love for their father, but there are significant reasons for its celebrations.

Some countries announce public holidays on Father's Day, whereas others count it as a working day. Everyone has decided on the dates at their convenience. Usually, countries celebrate it on Sundays or when countries already have holidays. People associate Father's Day with different values. Some people celebrate it on the birthday of their national heroes, religious personalities, and spiritual saints. But the way of celebration is almost similar to sending cards, flowers and gifts. Even the individuals who live far away from their countries also try to participate in this event by financially contributing to their father's happiness through online money transfer.


Is Father’s Day celebrated on the same date around the globe?

Countries celebrate Father's Day on various dates, aligning with their religious and cultural considerations.

Why is Father's Day not celebrated on the same day?

Everyone aligns Father's Day celebrations with their culture. Some people pay tribute to their national and religious heroes, whom they idealize as fathers, so they celebrate it on their birthdays.

Which is the most common date for celebrating Father's Day?

Most countries celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday of June, although the dates may vary according to the Sundays. Countries with the same religious perspective, like Norway, Iceland, and Sweden, share the exact date of Father's Day.

What is the importance of celebrating Father's Day?

People celebrate Father's Day to express love for fathers and to appreciate their struggles of winning bread for families, supporting their kids, and fulfilling their needs and necessities.

How can individuals who live abroad celebrate Father's Day?

Individuals who live abroad can send cash to their fathers to help them support the financial matters of their homes. Moreover, they can send money to their families to buy gifts for their fathers from their side. They can use ACE Money transfer to send money across the globe.

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