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Expat Safety: Keeping Yourself Protected In A Foreign Country As A Filipino Expat

10 Jan 2024

Your family is always concerned about your safety each time you step out of your house for some work or anything. This is particularly true in developing countries due to myriad challenges like law and order, the high-handedness of law enforcers, etc.

When people from such countries travel abroad for different purposes, safety is one of the biggest concerns these immigrants and their families back home face. Nothing can be truer in the case of Filipino expatriates traveling to developed countries for jobs, to earn a living to send money to Philippines to support their families financially.

Individual and personal safety in developing countries is a challenge almost all developing countries face. Therefore, people migrating to other countries for some time to earn a living take these safety concerns with them, unsure how they will stay safe in a foreign country.

This blog will, however, share some essential tips with you to ensure your safety in a foreign country as an expatriate.

Why Protecting Yourself In A Foreign Country Is Important?

Before sharing the tips with you, it is necessary to look at the reasons for keeping yourself protected abroad.

You Are Alone

You travel to and live in a foreign land alone. Right?

You hardly have anyone around you to keep you protected, like in your homeland. Therefore, being careful when it comes to ensuring your safety abroad is of extreme importance.

Not Knowing The Local Practices

Since you are new in the land, you have little to no idea about the local practices. You do not know what people do and why. You are also unsure whether you should do the same and how – if at all there is a need.

Taking any steps in such a scenario can be an invitation to trouble.

Which Corner To Turn To

According to a report by Pilot Guides, about 10 million Filipino expatriates reside in different countries to work and financially support their families through a money transfer to Philippines whose schedule migrants determine according to their financial management. But do you think all of them know where to go and which corner to turn to in case they land in trouble?


Therefore, staying alert and careful in going about your daily life as a Filipino migrant is essential to be concerned about your safety.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for pushing Filipinos out of the Philippines for jobs.

Why do Filipinos Have To Migrate To Developed Countries?

Although the reasons can be many, the following statistics will cover all other reasons, such as the lack of opportunities, poverty, etc.

The Teetering Economy Of The Philippines

  • As late as 2021, the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Philippines was $394.09 billion, a World Bank report said.
  • Another report by the World Bank said that the GDP per capita income of the Philippines in 2021 was $3,460.5.

These economic figures do not necessarily mean that the entire population of the country is leading a financially viable life.

It is, therefore, in this context and due to these reasons that the Filipino diaspora is one of the biggest worldwide with a need, which all global migrants largely share, of earning a living to support their respective families back home through an online money transfer to Philippines, whose repetition is dependent on several factors.

Learn HERE about your top priorities abroad as a Filipino expatriate.

Now let’s learn the tips about ensuring your safety abroad.

Tips To Ensure Safety While Living Abroad

The following common-sense tips are essential to remember when you are in a foreign land that you know only little about.

Beware Of your Surroundings

Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and even pretend to know where you are headed, even if you don’t. It is important as it will give an impression to people around you that you are no stranger.

Be Prepared

Troubles come uninvited, making the need to prepare both physically and mentally all the more pressing. Therefore, keep yourself prepared for any trouble.

Alternate Routine

In case you are observed, your observers know your routine almost completely. It is sure to help the ill intentions of the criminals materialize. Therefore, make sure to alternate your routine unexpectedly and also keep changing your routes, etc.

Maintain Humble Optics

Earning more than several locals as a migrant is pretty alluring and can lead you to show off. Avoid the temptation try to keep your profile low, and lead a life simpler than even the locals with humbler financial means.

Tighten Your Social Media Security

People other than your family are also connected with you virtually. So, tighten security and never reveal your traveling plans, photos, financial plans, etc., on your social media platforms, as doing so will create an appeal you may want to avoid.

See If You Are Being Tailgated

If you come across any such thing, try to abort your plan of going anywhere, no matter how important it is. Enter a nearby restaurant or hotel and look around and if you still feel the danger, call the police.

Memorise Emergency Numbers

Always learn the emergency numbers as soon as you arrive in a new country, as you never know when the need arises.

Learn Local Laws

Learn about the local laws. This must come atop your priority list. You can also learn these online before even arriving in the country.

Learn The Local Customs

First, observe your surroundings and do not do anything that you are not sure about. Rather try to follow the locals, at least in the beginning, if not in the long run.

These tips will surely help you stay safe as a Filipino expatriate in a foreign land.

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What safety precautions should Filipino expatriates take when living in a foreign country?

Filipino expatriates should familiarize themselves with the local laws and customs of their host country. They should also exercise caution in unfamiliar areas, avoid risky situations, and keep their personal belongings secure.

How can Filipino expatriates ensure their health and well-being abroad?

Expatriates should have comprehensive health insurance that covers medical expenses in their host country. It's essential to know how to access healthcare services, including hospitals and clinics, and carry any necessary medications.

What should Filipino expatriates do in case of emergencies or natural disasters while abroad?

Expatriates should have an emergency plan in place, including knowing the location of their country's embassy or consulate and keeping important documents (passport, visa, and identification) in a secure place. They should also be aware of local emergency procedures and evacuation routes.

How can Filipino expatriates protect their personal and financial information while abroad?

Expatriates should be cautious with personal information and avoid sharing sensitive details with strangers. They should use secure, trusted internet connections for online transactions and regularly monitor their bank accounts for any suspicious activity.

Are there specific legal considerations for Filipino expatriates, such as visa requirements and work permits?

Filipino expatriates should ensure they have the appropriate visas and work permits to reside and work legally in their host country. Violating immigration laws can lead to serious legal consequences and deportation.

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