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Expat Economics: How to Ace Personal Finance When Living in Australia as a Bangladeshi

Expat Economics: How to Ace Personal Finance When Living in Australia as a Bangladeshi

20 Oct 2023

Australia is a haven for people flying from different economically low countries and is a place that gives people dreams and hopes to fulfill them. This place offers you many opportunities that can allow you to grow both in life and in finances. Bangladeshi expatriates heading to Australia aspire to improve their lives, achieve their goals, and facilitate their families by making money transfers to Bangladesh


But when you are flying out, you should also have a proper plan for managing your finances. If you don't move ahead with a good plan, you might end up ruining your whole experience of going to Australia and building a life there. According to Statista, In 2021, it is estimated that Australia experienced a net emigration of over 600 Bangladeshi citizens, surpassing the number of individuals immigrating to the country. This is a huge number that was recorded at that time.


If you are a Bangladeshi expat and wish to maintain your life and personal finances in Australia, this guide is for you.


Managing Personal Finances as a Bangladeshi Expat: The Impact of Currency and Exchange Rates

The Australian financial system is robust and firmly positioned to support its economy in a more challenging period for businesses and households. As a Bangladeshi expat, you may face multiple challenges living in Australia. You might be worried about currency and exchange rate fluctuations, which can be cause of concern when managing your finances. Expats must carefully plan their finances because the Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) may vary against the Australian Dollar (AUD). 


So, monitoring exchange and currency conversion rates and choosing the best money transfer services is essential. Currency exchange rates are also impacting savings and remittances. You will find yourself having a loss in the money if you don't plan well ahead. 


You need to use a money-transfer service to help you transfer money and monitor exchange rates and their fluctuations. ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading money transfer companies offering its users services with low exchange rates, low transfer fees, and secure and fast service with no hidden charges. With ACE, you can send Money to Bangladesh from Australia within minutes.

Top Ways To Craft A Strong Financial Core

Smart Savings and Investment Strategies


Emergency Fund

You should also make a savings plan and move aside an emergency fund that will be useful in times of hardship. Ensure that you have built this fund up and maintained it over time. This fund will save you from difficulty and offer support when you face any unexpected crisis in Australia as a Bangladeshi expat.


Save Money By Making Smart Money Moves

Saving money is a crucial aspect of financial well-being, and it all starts with making smart money moves. You can save money by choosing a reputable money transfer service such as ACE Money Transfer to send money online to Bangladesh from Australia. These smart financial choices can lead to significant long-term savings and financial security.


Retirement Planning

In addition to managing your day-to-day finances, you should also make sure you are exploring different retirement plans. You can explore retirement savings to live a peaceful retirement life. Long-term financial security will give you peace of mind that you have secured your long, peaceful life ahead even when you retire.


Investment Opportunities

Once you have maintained yourself as a Bangladeshi expat in Australia, you should look for different options to invest money in. These opportunities will work for you even when you aren't working on them 24/7. These investment plans will establish you financially and let you balance the risk and returns in different scenarios. You must make sure you are also focusing on these opportunities to develop yourself in this foreign land.


Budget and Expense Management

To begin with, you need to make a realistic budget plan and always stay aware of your expenses. You don't need to stretch out the budget and stress yourself. Make practical deadlines and make sure to include clear outlines in your budget.


To maintain your budget, it's essential to monitor your expenses regularly. Maintain and update your records daily. This will help you stay in a safe zone and see a clear improvement in your financial condition each month. Besides budgeting and expense management, you can also avail of reward offers for Bangladeshi customers through ACE Money Transfer.


Understanding Taxation in Australia

Australia has a progressive taxation policy that means the more you earn, the more tax you will pay. You don't have to pay taxes on the first $18,200 you make yearly. This is known as a tax-free threshold, and the tax rates kick in afterward. 


Before moving to Australia, it's crucial to familiarise yourself with various tax responsibilities and their advantages, ensuring you are prepared for what lies ahead. Foreign working holidaymakers pay around 15% of their income on $45000, then resident rates overall payments from $455001 onwards.


Make Timely Remittances

Ensuring Family Support Back in Bangladesh

With reliable remittance services, you can offer efficient financial assistance to your family. These remittance solutions ensure that your hard-earned money reaches your family's hands promptly and securely by minimizing transfer fees and maximizing the value of your support. It is like a body that bridges the distance between you and your family.


Planning Regular Remittance Schedules

Various options are available to send money online to Bangladesh to facilitate fast and convenient money transfers back to your homeland. For this, you can use ACE Money Transfer and let them be the best service for you that will cost you the least for the money transfer. This will let you support your family back home and enjoy the benefits of money transfer services.


Cost-Effective Living Strategies


Housing Options

You can explore different renting vs buying property options and see which ones suit you in your area in Australia. Other affordable options in housing solutions will match your finances as a new Bangladeshi expat living in Australia. 

Living in Australia as a Bangladeshi expat can be challenging. You need to keep an eye on your expenses and savings to live a successful life. ACE Money transfer has helped many expats from around the world to send money to their home countries. This has allowed their families to be supported financially and enjoy a sound career. It has allowed expats to use money transfer services without costing them extra hidden transfer fees. Send Money from Australia to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer and save lots of money.


Bottom Line

As a Bangladeshi expat in Australia, you are here to fulfill your dreams and wish to acquire them by all means. But to get started, you must have a proper plan and develop a system that will save you both in times of ease and crisis. 

You can acquire financial success with proper planning and growth with your hard work and determination. This is your way to help yourself as a beginner organize yourself financially to help your family back home. Embrace your financial responsibility to have a brighter future and be a successful expat.



How can I send Money to Bangladesh from Australia cost-effectively?

You can use an online money transfer company like ACE Money Transfer. It provides you with many facilities like the fastest transmission to different countries. 

Are there any special tax considerations for Bangladeshi expats in Australia?

Taxation laws can be complex, so it is suggested to consult a tax professional. Generally, you must report your worldwide income to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

What are the challenges Bangladeshi expats face in Australia?

Bangladeshi expats face many challenges while living in Australia, such as the higher cost of living in Australia, currency exchange rates, taxation policies, and managing their expenses.


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