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Everything to Know about Life in Berlin for Pakistani Expatriates

21 Feb 2024

Don't you consider work-life balance in Berlin a breeze? No wonder you are fascinated by striking living standards and progressive work opportunities in Germany as a Pakistani. In Berlin, you might obtain several amazing education and job prospects to become financially independent and send money to Pakistan from Germany. However, to live a pleasant life there, you must know everything about their lifestyle.

While many Pakistani families live in Berlin and the rest of Germany, you can expect a wonderful life there. With the Pakistani community and worldwide expatriates, you can explore a new world of opportunities in Berlin. Let’s turn life challenges and opportunities into a game for Pakistani expatriates in Berlin.              

Tips to Get Settled in Berlin, Germany 

The following guide will take you through the formal steps to start a new life as an expat in Germany.   

Find Work or Business Opportunity 

As a robust economy, Germany's unemployment rate is very low. The information technology, science and engineering, and general business sectors are thriving, offering extensive work opportunities. Particularly in Berlin, due to its diverse population, most employers expect German proficiency as a minimum requirement for good pay. However, there are English-speaking changes in tourism and TEFL, and it's not absolutely necessary in other technology industries like IT.       

Get Suitable Accommodation

Finding and getting a reasonable residence is not a hectic thing in Berlin. In contrast to other developed nations, which have the world's lowest homeownership rates, Germany is a nation of renters, and you can easily find a suitable place for you. Also, online relocation agencies help you to get a better place there. As a security deposit for your flat, you should be prepared to pay around three months' cold rent. After this, you can live comfortably paying monthly dues. 

Control Your Cost of Living   

Berlin isn't an expensive city compared to other international cities of the world. But obviously, as a newcomer in Berlin, you need to control your expenses and keep a check on your financial matters. Berlin may be less expensive than Hamburg and Düsseldorf in terms of rent, but it can be more costly for you as a foreigner if you don't control your expenses initially.           

Understanding the Culture and Lifestyle in Berlin

Now, let’s give you better insights into the tips for cultural integration in German social settings.  

Friendliness Towards Expats  

As a reality, you won't find a more expat-centric city than Berlin worldwide. It is an international city home to one of the world's biggest expat populations and has a more expat-friendly culture. While living in Berlin, you will enjoy meeting people from all over the globe. It will be a breeze for a Pakistani expatriate who wants to find ways to send money online to Pakistan from Germany.     

Optimal Living Conditions

If you have a lively nature and love exploring new ventures, cultures, and places, you will more likely flourish in Berlin. Berlin is your best place if you seek a life filled with enjoyment. In addition, the city has a great public transit system, a wide range of exciting things to do, a low crime rate, and first-quality medical care. You can also enjoy cultural events and festivals to connect with their culture.         

All Variety Cuisine

In Berlin, you will find affordable and easily reachable food choices. However, there is an enormous variety of street food points serving German and other cuisines throughout the streets of Berlin. You can enjoy your favorite cuisine and live according to your taste here. But don't forget to explore the local culture and diverse nature of Berlin society.   

Education, Healthcare, and Business in Berlin  

Let’s explore some of the educational, healthcare and business-related practical insights for life in Germany.         

Education System

When compared to other educational systems, the German one is really unique. When kids reach the age of six, they move on to Grundschule. However, education holds great value in Berlin and Germany as a whole. With a high percentage of PhDs and many persons having Master's degrees, the country enjoys an educated workforce. You can also join this workforce as professional Pakistani, earn better salaries and make a money transfer from Germany to Pakistan to your loved ones.   

Healthcare System  

You will find high-quality, efficient, and well-funded healthcare in Berlin. You and everyone are required by law to carry health insurance. In fact, if you have a job, your insurance premiums will be deducted from your paycheck, evenly split between you and your employer. At the same time, state funding is available for unemployed persons.  

Work and Business Opportunities

As a qualified and professional Pakistani expat, you will have more options to find work and business opportunities in Berlin. The job market in Berlin is thriving with in-demand skills. You can also use networking opportunities, job search platforms, and professional organizations to help you develop your career.  

Closure Point: Embrace Berlin With Ease

You will definitely enjoy your life experience in Berlin if you emphasize a well-informed and prepared attitude before moving to Berlin. Undoubtedly, you can embrace the opportunities and challenges of living in Berlin while also trying to connect with your Pakistani roots. However, you will get better career options in most emerging technology fields. Of course, you need to online money transfer from Germany to Pakistan to fulfill your financial responsibilities. Don’t worry, ACE Money Transfer is a reliable, fast, and well-established money transfer service that helps you connect with your loved ones in your home country, Pakistan.      


Where are the majority of Pakistanis residing in Germany?

Pakistanis are living in all German cities. Hamburg, a city-state in northern Germany, is home to roughly 1900 Pakistanis. Also, in Frankfurt, there are about 1500, and in Berlin and its suburbs, there are about 1400 Pakistanis.

What is the foreigner vibe like in Berlin?

Berlin's many international communities and resources help make it a pleasant and accommodating place for foreigners. On top of that, getting to Berlin is a breeze because of the well-developed public transit system. Additionally, the healthcare system is great in Berlin.

What part of Germany is ideal for Muslims to settle down?   

Particularly, West Berlin is home to the vast majority of Muslims. Nevertheless, in contrast to most European nations, substantial Muslim populations can be found in certain rural areas of Germany. Particularly, they can be found in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, portions of Bavaria, and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Do I need to know German to get a job in Berlin?  

Surprisingly, non-German speakers still find it easy to live and work in Berlin. On the other hand, you will be confined to an expat bubble and unable to experience Berlin to its fullest extent unless you learn at least enough German to be courteous in local culture.

Would you recommend relocating to Berlin?

Berlin has some of the greatest work prospects in Europe. Its public healthcare system is strong and affordable, and the city's educational system is highly regarded worldwide. You can also find better work or business opportunities there in Berlin. 

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