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Everyday Slangs in Ireland - A Quick Communication Guide for Expats

20 Feb 2024

Are you flying to Ireland soon? To settle quickly, you must learn how to communicate the Irish way!

There is no doubting the fact that Ireland is a land of opportunities. Almost 600,000 expats live and work in Ireland to make enough to send money abroad for their loved ones residing back home. If you wish to be a part of this hardworking expat community, you should become an expert at handling the conversations. Keep reading this blog to learn the basics of Irish slang.    

A Quick Communication Guide for Expats in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful land with majestic cliffs, green hillsides, and a blend of slang that turns everyday chat into more fun. For an expat, these slangs are the key to laughter and friendships. They're your key to feeling at home. Let's crack the code together, shall we?

The Craic: The Spirit of Irish Fun   

What's the craic? It's an Irish classic, a golden key in your expat phrasebook. Craic (pronounced like 'crack') is the epicenter of Irish social life. It's fun, news, even gossip. "The craic was mighty" means you had a fabulous time. Embrace this one. It's Ireland in a word.

The "Grand" Scale

Grand, it's the Irish duct tape of affirmations. How are ya? Grand. How's the weather? Grand. It's an all-purpose response, usually depicting positivity. If the day is just okay, it's still grand. It's a nod, a signal saying all is well in the world, or at least it's okay enough.  

"Banter" Bonds  

Engage in banter, and you waltz with words. It's the playful, jesting Irish adore. They'll banter about the weather, sports, or the odd news headline. It's never harsh, always in good spirits. Dodge this playful pitter-patter, and you miss out on a cultural Irish embrace.  

Irish Communication Made Easy

Sending money is not your only task, you should also learn to mingle in with the Irish community to settle better. Apart from understanding life and culture in Ireland, learning local expressions is key.    

Greeting Like a Local

Whenever you are just casually strolling, you can greet with 'How's she cuttin'?'. It's quirky, and it's quintessentially Irish. It's saying 'hello' with a hint of curiosity about one's doings. Nobody's cutting anything, it is just an Irish way of sparking a chinwag.         

Agreeing the Irish Way

Here's another nugget for your collection - 'Sure, look it.' It's as Irish as wearing green on St. Patrick's. Use it to agree, to acknowledge the state of things. 

Compliments and Teasing

You've dazzled someone, so they say, 'Good on ya'. Soak it in. It's kudos with an Irish twang. And when is someone 'taking the mickey'? They're not stealing anything. They're just pulling your leg in jest.

At the Pub

Pubs are the meeting halls of Irish culture. Here, "a pint of the black stuff" beckons a dark, delicious pour of Guinness. It's a common tongue here. To not know this phrase is to be a stranger to pub life, and you wouldn't want that, would you?        

The Ultimate Way to Send Money Home from Ireland

Are you new to Ireland and sending money back home? ACE Money Transfer gets it. It’s quick, just like the Irish banter. ACE makes transactions smooth and fast.

As an expat, embracing Irish slang isn't just about blending in, it's about feeling connected. But what about staying financially connected to your roots? This is where ACE Money Transfer steps in and offers an easy way to send money online from Ireland to your loved ones back home.   

Setting Up Your Account

Before you get super busy with the festive Irish land, set up an account with ACE Money Transfer. Visit the website or download the app to get verified. Now, you're ready to send money with just a few taps.   

Making A Transfer

To make a transfer, simply login to your ACE account. Choose where and to whom you’re sending money. Enter the amount. Select a payment method. Confirm. That's it. Your money's on its way to your loved ones.   

Tracking Your Funds

Are you worried about where your money is? Don’t be. With ACE, you'll get a tracking number. Use it on the website or app. Know exactly where your funds are at all times.

Life in Ireland is rich with new experiences and language barriers turned into opportunities. While you enjoy the local festivities, ACE Money Transfer keeps you globally connected. Send money from the bustling streets of Dublin or the quaint corners of Galway. No matter where you are in Ireland, ACE links you back to where you've come from quickly, securely, and reliably. Sign up on ACE today to enjoy your first free online money transfer from Ireland to your homeland.       


What identification do I need to send money from Ireland with ACE?

You'll need a valid government-issued ID, often a passport or national ID card, to confirm your identity.   

Can I send money from Ireland to any country with ACE Money Transfer?

ACE allows transfers to a hundred-plus countries, but check the website for the full list of supported destinations.

How can I fund my money transfer with ACE while in Ireland?

You can fund transfers via bank deposit, credit/debit card, or other local payment options available in Ireland.

Can I cancel a transfer after sending it through ACE from Ireland?

If the transfer has not been completed, you may be able to cancel it. You can contact ACE customer support promptly for assistance.

How does ACE Money Transfer ensure the security of my transactions from Ireland?

ACE uses advanced security measures, including encryption and fraud protection to secure your transactions.

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