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Entertaining Weekends In Europe: What Zambian Expats Must Know

21 Sep 2023

Can you quantify the appeal of pursuing higher education or employment in a European nation? It is challenging to put a number on the excitement you feel about visiting just one Western country, especially if you are from a developing nation with a faltering economy like Zambia. People from developing nations like Zambia seek better employment opportunities and higher paying jobs in developed countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc., because of the widespread poverty and lack of employment in these regions. 

The families are then supported financially by these Zambian expatriates who send money to Zambia. One of the only regions in the world where you can enter through one nation and then move almost freely to any of its member states in Europe. 

Let’s quickly look at some entertaining activities in Europe that can make your weekends enjoyable and relaxing as an expatriate.

Entertaining Weekends in Europe that You Must Knoq


Primrose Hill, London

Even though the city is renowned for its royal parks, a stroll up Primrose Hill has a unique charm. Look for "Shakespeare's Tree" on the ascent; it's an oak that was first planted in 1864 to commemorate Shakespeare's birth centuries earlier (it's ceremoniously replaced by a new one every 100 years); and, if you can, hold off turning around to take in the cityscape until you reach the summit; it will be worthwhile. 

Plan your walk for the sunset and observe the sky turn orange as it reflects distant structures like Canary Wharf, the Millennium Wheel, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Even the most jaded Londoners are moved by this perspective.

Cycling alongside Amsterdam's canals

In a city on two wheels, biking is a way of life for the people who live in Amsterdam. Riding a bicycle along famous canals, such as the Prinsengracht, will allow you to see canal houses and waterways from the 17th century. The Vondelpark, which is particularly lovely in the spring and autumn, can also be visited on a more tranquil ride. Remember to use your hands to signal turns on the road and avoid stopping in the middle of the bike lanes. Locals will promptly remind you of the traffic laws if you forget.

Spend Money On A Venice Water Taxi

The cost of living in Venice is high. A town car substitute, the water taxi is also significantly more expensive than the public vaporetto (waterbus). However, the best way to get from the airport to your hotel is to board an open-air boat as soon as you land, giving you a half-hour to relax and enjoy Venice's opulent structures. 

It prepares you for your trip like no other city can. Bonus? Some of the famous hotels in the city, like the Cipriani, have a private dock and can arrange for their transportation to be sent to you.

Go Skiing In The Italian Dolomites

Spend a few days skiing down Cortina's groomed slopes, stopping for a few Aperol Spritzes on the Rifugio Averau terrace, and then enjoying a few nights out on the town with delicious food and drink. Cortina advises you to ski home, shower, and change into something professional each evening, unlike French ski resorts where you'll probably find ski boots under the table. 

The procession of dolce vita splendor may be seen parading down Corso Italia, starting at Cafe La Suite and continuing to P126. The chilly environment is brightened by mellow amber lighting and vast cups of red wine.

Balkan Long-Distance Treks

Many Zambians living in Europe frequently send money to Zambia online to support their families there. Still, they also occasionally need a break from their busy schedules and want to spend quality time together. So going on treks can be the best option. 

The Via Dinarica is a 1,000 km long hiking and biking trail. It started two years ago and passed through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and the Dinaric Alps in Slovenia's north to reach Macedonia. Three options are available: the green route (ideal for cyclists), the blue route along the Dalmatian coast, and the white trail in the high mountains. 

Explore Greece's Islands

Go island-hopping in Greece—and it will feel even more liberating if you don't know where you are going because it is a time before the internet. Some landlords still wait at the dock when you disembark the ferry on various islands with signs advertising the availability of their apartments. Try it in June or September, get there early, and keep a data-enabled smartphone nearby if it doesn't work out. With their 1960s hippy vibe, Ios and Naxos are lovely, covered in sparkling lights at night. 

Get The Best Views Of Florence By Walking

Spend your morning exploring the Renaissance sculptures and cypress rows in the Boboli Gardens, located behind the former Medici family home, Palazzo Pitti. Follow the path up to the top of the gardens to reach Fort Belvedere and the Bardini Gardens, a tranquil haven above the old city. 

Although there is a slight ascent, the path eventually passes through the San Niccolo city gates and arrives at the San Miniato al Monte church, which offers the best views of Florence. In San Niccolo, treat yourself to a plate of fresh pasta at Zeb.

Sweden's Skinny Dipping

Post-club skinny dipping is perfectly lagom (acceptable) when the sun rises at 3 a.m. in the summer, and Swedes go home after a night out. What are your favorite locations to quickly fold your party supplies and jump in? After you dip your toes into the cool, clear water, you will feel refreshed and ready for your trip home or that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Sea Kayaking in Estonia

Around 1,500 islands line the Baltic coast of Estonia. Many of the sites the Soviet Union used for military testing in the 1950s are now thriving wildlife habitats—a fascinating experience and a one-of-a-kind adventure, paddling between the islands. Scuba diving is also an option on a few of the trips. It's about a two-day trip whose highlights will linger in your memory. 

You must take a cycling trip through this fascinating terrain as an expat living in Europe to relieve the stress of paying for money transfers to Zambia for your family members.

Admire The Glaciers In Norway

Deep inside the Arctic Circle, Norway's Svalbard is a stunning archipelago. Book a trip on an expedition ship, like Quark Expeditions' Ocean Adventurer, to get up close to impressive glaciers, see walruses with enormous trunks, and spot polar bears against the stark white landscape. Speaking with the scientists and naturalists on board, you can also learn about and see the startling reality of climate change. The key takeaway is that if you all make one positive change, the resultant cascade may help to save this extraordinary region.

Visit the Princes' Islands in Istanbul

A group of unknown islands that feel like they belong in another era are only a short ferry ride from the city's Kabataş ferry dock. The largest of the nine islands, Büyükada, has markets to explore, horse-drawn carriages, stately old homes cloaked in trailing wisteria, and coves for swimming. The bustle of Istanbul can be seen far away on the horizon after ascending to Büyükada's highest peak, Yücetepe. It is simple to understand why Leon Trotsky, who was once exiled, chose this island as his haven.

To plan your trip and enjoy weekends, read how Can Zambian expat workers save more every month? Top financial tips to know. Weekend getaways are more feasible and accessible in Europe than on any other continent due to the small size of most European nations and the proximity of many diverse locations. Here are some ideal weekend destinations in Europe that you must visit as a Zambian expat if you're staying here for a while (perhaps for a short study abroad program or brief expat stint).

Bottom Line 

You can escape your dull professional routines by taking up any activities mentioned above in Europe. You will feel refreshed. You'll be able to work more productively and effectively, giving you more energy to earn more money and provide for your family through international money transfers. You can use ACE Money Transfer to make a safe online money transfer to Zambia from any UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland location.


Which European nation is the simplest to relocate to?

Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, and Malta are among the European countries that grant residence permits quickly.

Which nation welcomes immigrants the best?

Canada, which is in North America and has the world's longest binational land border with the United States, is undoubtedly the most sought-after destination for immigrants. The government is renowned for its hospitable approach to immigrants.

What city in Europe offers the cheapest permanent residency?

Malta MPRP is the most affordable Golden visa program in Europe. For a one-time government contribution of 100,000 euros plus fees, Malta offers direct permanent residence in the Schengen area. Either renting or purchasing real estate is necessary. Including family members is possible.

What makes Europe an attractive destination for Zambian expats seeking weekend entertainment?

Europe offers a diverse array of entertainment options suitable for all preferences, ages, and budgets. With its rich history, varying cultures, renowned cuisine, and world-class entertainment facilities, it is an ideal destination for Zambian expats wanting to experience different forms of leisure and recreation over the weekend.

Can Zambian expats expect to find entertainment options that cater to their cultural preferences in Europe?

Yes, Europe’s multicultural environment facilitates a wide range of entertainment options, including those that cater to the cultural preferences of Zambian expats. Many European cities host African themed events, restaurants offering African cuisines, and communities where Zambian expats can experience a sense of belonging and celebrate their heritage.

How do currency exchange rates impact the entertainment options available to Zambian expats in Europe?

Currency exchange rates can significantly affect the cost of entertainment for Zambian expats in Europe. When the Zambian Kwacha is weak against the Euro or other European currencies, entertainment options might become relatively expensive, potentially limiting the range of activities that are affordable. Therefore, it's essential for Zambian expats to consider currency values and plan their entertainment activities accordingly.

Are there language barriers that Zambian expats need to consider when seeking entertainment in Europe?

While English is widely spoken across Europe, especially in the urban and tourist-centric areas, there can be instances where language barriers exist, particularly in rural or less touristy areas. However, learning a few basic phrases in the local language or using translation apps can help alleviate communication difficulties and enhance the entertainment experience for Zambian expats.

How can Zambian expats find information about upcoming events and entertainment venues in Europe?

Zambian expats can access information about upcoming events and entertainment venues through various online platforms, such as event listing websites, expat forums, and social media groups dedicated to Zambian communities in Europe. Additionally, local tourism offices, community centers, and newspapers often provide details about entertainment options, cultural events, and local happenings in the area.

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