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Enhancing Security: ACE Money Transfer's Updated Fraud Protection Measures to Protect Remittances to Bangladesh from Canada

Enhancing Security: ACE Money Transfer's Updated Fraud Protection Measures to Protect Remittances to Bangladesh from Canada

19 Sep 2023

With a 13 million diaspora and expat community, Bangladesh holds the position of the 4th largest country with most migrants among the top 20 countries. Out of these expatriates, more than 100,000 live in Canada and most of them earn and send money to Bangladesh from Canada so their families can run households and manage other financial needs. When sending money home from foreign countries, besides other concerns, the security of funds is the most critical element that every expat worker has to ensure. ACE Money Transfer is know for offering top-notch security on global transactions under strict compliance policies and end-to-end data encryption technology. Let’s look at how ACE’s fraud protection measures enhance secure transactions to Bangladesh from Canada.

According to the US Department of Economic and Social Affairs, around one billion individuals worldwide are associated with remittances, either sending or receiving them. Furthermore, the worldwide Remittance Market is predicted to reach $1,227.22 billion by 2030, rising at a 5.7% CAGR, emphasising the growing importance of safe and dependable money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer in the worldwide scene. 

ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to making the process of transferring money both secure and efficient. In this blog article, we'll go through ACE Money Transfer's fraud prevention procedures, which are meant to keep your hard-earned money safe while allowing seamless transfers to Bangladesh.  

Recognising the Need for Increased Security

Remittances to Bangladesh have provided financial assistance and stability to countless families. However, the digital era has introduced additional difficulties, such as online fraud and cybersecurity risks. ACE Money Transfer recognises the significance of protecting your funds and has taken major initiatives to improve security.

ACE Money Transfer’s Fraud Protection Measures for Safe Transactions


Protocols for Advanced Authentication

ACE Money Transfer has improved its verification methods to secure your online money transfers to Bangladesh from Canada. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one example which provides an extra layer of security by asking users to give various forms of verification before authorising a transaction. MFA decreases the danger of unauthorised account access and guarantees that only you can start money transactions.

Other methods used for Advanced Authentication for a secure money transfer to Bangladesh from Canada or other countries are:

Biometric Verification

To ensure that only authorised customers may begin transactions, ACE Money Transfer uses cutting-edge biometric authentication technologies such as fingerprint or face recognition.

One-Time Password (OTP) Verification

As an added layer of protection, our system sends OTPs to your registered mobile device. To validate transactions, these unique codes must be submitted.

Device Authorization

ACE Money Transfer employs device fingerprinting technology to recognise and verify transaction devices, offering an extra degree of protection by recognising trustworthy devices.

Support and Reporting Process for Customers

ACE’s dedication to your safety does not end with preventive measures. In the odd event that you have a problem with a money transfer, its customer support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, ACE Money Transfer has simplified its reporting process for suspicious actions, making it easy for you to report any concerns as soon as possible.

Transaction Monitoring in Real Time

Fraudsters are growing more cunning, but ACE Money Transfer is ahead of the game. To detect odd or suspicious activities, its real-time transaction monitoring system employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. If any red flags appear during a transferring process, ACE’s specialised security team investigates and prevents fraudulent transactions.

Encryption at the Cutting Edge

To protect your financial information, ACE Money Transfer uses cutting-edge encryption techniques. Your personal and financial information is encrypted when you send money to Bangladesh, making it almost difficult for fraudsters to intercept and exploit your data. This degree of encryption assures the confidentiality and security of your transactions. Some example of ACE’s Cutting edge encryption is:

SSL Encryption

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is a well-known and reliable encryption system that secures data exchanged between your device and the servers of ACE Money Transfer. It establishes a secure, encrypted connection, preventing unauthorised access to or interception of sensitive data.

AES Encryption

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric encryption method used by ACE Money Transfer to protect your data while it is in transit. This implies that even if data is kept on their servers, it is encrypted and inaccessible without the appropriate decryption key, protecting the secrecy of your data. Rest assured that each online money transfer to Bangaldesh from Canada or any other country via ACE’s solutions is completely safe and secure.

Improved User Education

We at ACE Money Transfer feel that knowledgeable individuals are less likely to be scammed. That is why we provide our consumers with complete educational materials. When you send money to wherever you wish, we provide advice on recognising typical scam schemes and how to avoid falling victim to them.

Geolocation-Based Security

To improve security even further, ACE Money Transfer incorporates geolocation technology. This functionality determines the user's geographic location when starting a transaction. If a transaction request looks to originate from an unusual or suspect location, it triggers an extra security check or may even be temporarily stopped, preventing unauthorised access to your assets.

Transaction Verification Codes

In addition to multi-factor authentication, ACE Money Transfer uses transaction verification codes for added security. These codes are unique to each transaction and are sent to your registered mobile number or email address. You must input this code to validate and complete the transaction, ensuring that only authorised users can send money worldwide.

Blockchain Technology

To protect and authenticate transactions, ACE Money Transfer use blockchain technology. Blockchain, famed for its immutability and transparency, generates a decentralised database of transactions. This not only eliminates fraud but also creates a tamper-proof record of all money transactions, increasing the process's security and transparency.

Regular Security Audits and Updates

To stay ahead of evolving threats, ACE Money Transfer undertakes regular security assessments and changes its systems and policies as needed. These assessments are carried out by cybersecurity professionals in order to discover weaknesses and reinforce the entire security architecture, ensuring that your money transfers to Bangladesh are always secure.


In an era of rapid technological advancement, ACE Money Transfer stands as a beacon of trust and security for those looking to send money to Bangladesh from Canada. Our updated fraud protection measures, including advanced authentication, encryption, real-time monitoring, and user education, demonstrate our unwavering dedication to your financial security. With ACE Money Transfer, you can send money to Bangladesh online from Canada with confidence, knowing that your hard-earned funds are in safe hands.

ACE Money Transfer remains committed to delivering seamless, secure, and efficient online money transfer services to meet the needs of our valued customers. Your trust and satisfaction drive our continuous efforts to enhance security and provide peace of mind with every transaction. Choose ACE Money Transfer for your remittances to Bangladesh and experience the future of secure money transfers.

Have more questions or need assistance with your remittance needs? Contact ACE Money Transfer's customer support today.


How does ACE Money Transfer ensure the safety of my funds during a transfer to Bangladesh from Canada?

ACE Money Transfer employs advanced security measures such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and real-time transaction monitoring to protect your funds.

What should I do if I forget my authentication credentials for my ACE Money Transfer account?

If you forget your credentials, you can reset your password or contact customer support for assistance in recovering your account access.

Are there any additional charges for the enhanced security features ACE Money Transfer provides?

No, ACE Money Transfer's enhanced security features are included as part of our commitment to providing a secure money transfer experience for our customers.

Can I access ACE Money Transfer's services on mobile devices for added convenience?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer offers a user-friendly mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to send money to Bangladesh anytime, anywhere, securely.

What steps can I take to further enhance the security of my ACE Money Transfer account?

In addition to ACE Money Transfer's security measures, it's advisable to regularly update your password, be cautious of phishing attempts, and keep your contact information up to date for account recovery purposes.

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