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Emerging Economies and Money Transfers: Opportunities and Challenges for the Indian Migrants in Ireland

22 Jan 2024

Do you know the surprising fact that India is the largest remittance-receiving country in the world while Ireland is one of the highest senders of remittance in Europe? Indeed, Indian migrants have heaps of opportunities in the mesmerizing & nature-friendly climate of Ireland to achieve financial success and send money to India from Ireland. But all that career success and financial freedom isn't without challenges. 

In a nutshell, immersing in a new culture and some challenges in Ireland offers Indian migrants great opportunities in Ireland's emerging economy. You acquire promising chances to send valuable remittances to India to support your economy. Let's confer top-of-the-line opportunities and challenges for the Indian migrants in Ireland. 

Best Opportunities for the Indian Migrants in Ireland 

India is among the top remittance-dependent economies of the world because of its highly skilled workforce diaspora. In Ireland, you will get top-notch opportunities for education and employment in emerging job sectors. 

Globally Respected Education System

Ireland's higher education institutions are globally appreciated. While living in Ireland, Indian migrants have great opportunities to enhance their skills and remarkable prospects for their children’s best higher education. Thousands of Indian students obtain standard education in Ireland every year. New Indian students get support in their education from HEIs. So, Ireland offers an active and fun student life in a friendly and safe environment. 

Medical & Healthcare Sector

There are many chances for skilled Indian migrants in medical and healthcare-related sectors. Professionals in the medical field, from nursing assistants to laboratory technicians, are in high demand and find ways to send money to India from Ireland. Also, Indian nurses are in high numbers in the Irish health industry. 

Banking & Finance 

Some job opportunities in banking and finance include investment banking, financial analysis, portfolio management, risk management, equity research, asset management, and financial advisory. As a hub for the global financial industry, Dublin is a hotspot for these types of occupations. 

Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing sector of Ireland calls for people who are excellent communicators and active team players. Indian migrants in Ireland can find various sales and marketing-related jobs and send money online to India from Ireland. Sales and marketing slots can be found in many industries, including retail, tourism, e-commerce, telecommunication, information technology, etc.

Tourism & Hospitality

Ireland's magnificent landscape, friendly people, and rich cultural heritage make it one of the world's most popular travel destinations. As a result, more jobs are available in the tourism and hospitality industry. Ireland is also a popular destination for business conferences and events. If you have a major in these fields, you can find work in tourism and event planning in the hospitality industry.

IT & Data Science Sectors

Jobs in the IT industry, such as Cloud Engineer, Project Manager, Software Developer, and Mobile App Developer, are highly sought after in Ireland. In Ireland, the IT sector is among the most dynamically developing sectors. For data science enthusiasts, some of the most in-demand domains are Machine Learning, Business Intelligence Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, etc. 

Engineering & Technology

Ireland is home to multinational corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, and LinkedIn. These companies offer ample opportunities for graduates with the right skills. Mechanical, electrical, civil, and software engineers are all in high demand through internships and full-time positions at these companies. 

Significant Challenges for the Indian Migrants in Ireland 

Remittances are a valuable source for your country, and challenges make money transfers from Ireland to India harder for you. 

Here are the most significant challenges affecting Indian migrants in Ireland; 


Unemployment or finding the right job is the major challenge for new and less educated or non-skilled Indian migrants because Ireland is now close to a full employment rate. Along with the “Stamp 1G” issue, Indians may face some problems getting a job for being non-Irish. However, highly skilled Indian migrants can get jobs with fewer challenges.

Cultural Differences

Culture is also a big difference for Indian newbies in Ireland. The ways of employment, networking, and communication approaches appear pretty different in Ireland's completely diverse Western culture. However, the Indian diaspora community engages its community members in cultural and social activities and knows the cheapest way to send money to India from Ireland. 

Access to Public Services

As a new Indian migrant, it's pretty challenging to access public services in Ireland. For instance, healthcare has a two-tier system in Ireland with public and private healthcare provisions. But over time, with an established career and familiarity with culture and language, you will gain an understanding of all public services. 

Relocation Challenges

Accommodation is the next big challenge for Indians and all international migrants in Ireland. Finding accommodation in high-demand areas or big cities is more difficult for non-natives. Therefore, you need assistance and proper knowledge to get affordable relocation ideas. 

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Ireland’s emerging economy is rich in excellent education and job opportunities for Indian migrants. As a highly skilled worker, you will build a robust portfolio to get employment and earn more to send money from Ireland to India. IT, healthcare, technology, banking, and marketing sectors have more possibilities for growing successful careers. 

No genuine success is without challenges, and you can often face culture, employment, and accommodation problems at the start of your journey. Since you’re established and want to send valuable financial support to your family, ACE Money Transfer accomplishes this responsibility with a steadfast mechanism worldwide. No worries on your part now. 


How competitive is the job market for Indians in Ireland?

Employment in Ireland is open to direct applications from Indian citizens, but competition for jobs in Ireland is fierce. Most Irish companies prefer applicants with work permits in Ireland or another EU country.

In what ways can Indian migrants improve their lives in Ireland?

Indian migrants in Ireland can benefit their home countries through increased commerce, remittances, and investments. Indian migrants contribute steadily to development while providing an economic boon to India. 

Why are Indian migrants beneficial for Ireland? 

Ireland enjoys the benefits of an increased labor force due to migration. Indian migrants enrich the human capital with their hard work and experience in advanced science and technology sectors. 

What difficulties do Indian migrants face in Ireland?

At first, the immigration process is lengthy and complex because, like other emerging economies, Ireland wants educated and talented workers to move there. However, cultural differences and unemployment are also notable issues. 

What's it like to be an Indian living in Ireland?

Although the cost of living in Ireland can be considerably expensive, Indian migrants may find it profitable due to the country's high level of living, outstanding education system, and welcoming culture.

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