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Emergency Funds: Preparing for the Unexpected Situations as a Filipino Expat in Italy

04 Jun 2024

Are you a Filipino expat in Italy, worrying about the financial challenges that the unpredictable rainy days bring? Life can bring about unexpected challenges, such as sudden illness, job loss, or making urgent money transfers from Italy to Philippines in the name of emergencies. And in a new country like Italy, adjusting to a different environment can be tough, let alone handle a financial crisis. That’s why building a financial safety net is crucial for the Filipino diaspora in Italy.

Emergency funds offer reassurance for these unforeseen events. Whether you're new to Italy or have been here for a while, it is always in your best bet to prepare for the unexpected. So, how can you prepare yourself for an unexpected situation? This article will discuss how you can establish and manage an emergency fund in Italy along with some tips. 

Building an Emergency Fund as a Filipino in Italy 

OFWs face unique challenges abroad in which lacking familiar support systems is the biggest one. In such times, Filipino expats have to rely on themselves to come out of the problem. An emergency fund acts as a financial cushion for unforeseen expenses like medical bills, car repairs, job loss, or family emergencies.

Simply, establishing an emergency fund can ease stress during unexpected events and offer financial stability. While it requires dedication, creating this fund is significantly important for your financial health. Here is a step-by-step guide for building an emergency fund as a Filipino expat in Italy so that you can send money to Philippines from Italy easily:

Set Emergency Fund Goal

Establishing your emergency fund target lets you determine how much you need to save. Aim to save three to six months' worth of living expenses, covering essentials like rent, utilities, groceries, and more. It would be best if you consider a bigger fund to ensure all additional expenses of your family back home are covered. This initial step lets you safeguard your financial well-being during unforeseen circumstances.

Automate Savings for Your Emergency Fund

Starting your savings journey may feel challenging, but it's vital to start small. Initiate by allocating a modest amount monthly which you can gradually increase. Automating savings proves instrumental in simplifying this process. You can also build a direct deposit into a dedicated emergency fund account. By doing so, you alleviate the need for monthly deliberation and enable your savings to expand effortlessly.

Trim Expenses for Your Emergency Fund

When striving to bolster your emergency fund, it is best to cut back on non-essential expenses. This includes dining out less, axing unused subscriptions, and finding avenues to curtail utility costs. Each saving, no matter how modest, contributes significantly to your overall fund over time.

Avoid Taking Debt

Resisting the allure of credit cards or loans in the face of an unexpected crisis can help you sidestep high-interest debts and make valuable money transfers. So, opt for alternatives like seeking assistance from family or friends, negotiating payment arrangements, or securing low-interest personal loans. These options can help you navigate emergencies without exacerbating your financial burden.

Expand Your Income

Expanding your income potential as a Filipino expat offers vast opportunities for additional work or side gigs. This can also bolster your emergency fund. You can also explore possible tax refunds and financial aid avenues as supplementary savings catalysts to expand income. These strategies can significantly contribute to building a resilient financial safety net.

Selecting the Right Savings Account

Choosing the right savings account lets you set up your emergency fund more efficiently. For Filipino expats, a high-interest account with minimal fees is an ideal choice. Moving on, maintaining a separate account distinct from regular savings can help you deter the temptation of utilizing emergency funds for non-critical expenses. This strategic approach fortifies your emergency fund and ensures it remains intact for actual emergencies.

Best Way to Send Money to the Philippines to Build Emergency Funds

If you’re considering transferring funds to the Philippines for your emergency fund, you will find numerous options. Here are the top methods for conducting a secure online money transfer from Italy to Philippines to build an emergency fund:

International Money Transfers via Banks

Bank transfers, while widely available, can be costly and time-consuming when you make international transactions as a Filipino expat in Italy. However, if you are opting for the method, it would be best if you prioritize scrutinizing exchange rates and fees to guarantee a fair deal.

International Money Transfers via Mobile Wallets

In the Philippines, mobile wallets are gaining wide popularity. You can directly send money to your recipient's mobile wallet account using your mobile wallet app for a seamless and efficient transfer.

International Money Transfers via ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a dependable and secure online platform for sending money to the Philippines to build emergency funds.

Offering competitive exchange rates and minimal fees, ACE Money Transfer ensures a convenient and cost-effective method to support Filipino expats in Italy and their families back in the Philippines. ACE also allows for effortless money transfers through their website or mobile app and ensures your recipients receive the funds directly into their bank accounts.

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Tips for Overcoming Challenges to Build Your Emergency Fund

Addressing these challenges helps you overcome financial hurdles. Here are multiple tips on how to conquer challenges and fortify your emergency fund.

Be Consistent on Building Emergency Funds

Building an emergency fund necessitates consistent, patient effort, with small but regular contributions yielding substantial results over time. This steadfast approach forms the cornerstone of financial security for Filipino expats in Italy.

Be Flexible to Build Emergency Funds

In a dynamic environment like Italy, be prepared to adapt your budget and emergency fund goals as circumstances shift. You can be flexible in achieving financial stability and success in unfamiliar surroundings.

Reinforce Positive Habits

Celebrating milestones is more than just a moment of joy; it reinforces positive financial habits for Filipino expats in Italy. Recognize each step of progress on your journey toward financial freedom to create a stronger foundation for your future security.

Celebrate Savings Milestones

As you attain each savings milestone, take a moment to celebrate. Whether with a small indulgence or by acknowledging your progress, these celebrations drive you closer to achieving your financial goals and sending money from Italy to the Philippines easily.

Set Small Goals

Start your financial journey by setting attainable goals. Begin with savings to cover one month of living expenses and gradually expand to three, six, and ultimately a year's worth. This approach ensures a solid financial foundation in Italy. This way, you will have peace of mind and the flexibility to send money to the Philippines for any urgent needs.

ACE Money Transfer: Simplifying Financial Support to the Philippines

Building an emergency fund as Filipino expat workers provides you with a financial safety net. You can build a safety net by setting realistic savings goals, prioritizing savings, reducing expenses, increasing income, and selecting a suitable savings account, which are essential steps. Various online transfer options, including ACE Money Transfer, bank transfers, and mobile wallets, offer ways to send money to the Philippines for emergency savings.

When choosing a service provider, factors like exchange rates, fees, speed, convenience, and security should be considered. ACE Money Transfer facilitates sending money to the Philippines while supporting loved ones and maintaining financial goals. Through strategic planning and reliable ACE Money Transfer, a robust emergency fund can be built to navigate financial challenges confidently. So, take the proactive step today to secure your financial future and send money online to Philippines from Italy swiftly.


Why is an emergency fund important for Filipino expats in Italy?

An emergency fund provides financial stability during unforeseen events such as medical bills, job loss, or family emergencies, especially when lacking familiar support systems abroad.


How much should I aim to save for my emergency fund?

Aim to save three to six months' worth of living expenses, covering essentials like rent, utilities, groceries, and additional expenses for your family back home.

What are the best ways to send money from Italy to the Philippines for emergency funds?

Secure online platforms such as ACE Money Transfer offer competitive exchange rates and minimal fees, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective method to support Filipino expats and their families.

How can I increase my income to bolster my emergency fund?

You can explore additional work or side gigs, seek possible tax refunds, and consider financial aid avenues as supplementary savings catalysts to expand income.

Is it essential to maintain a separate account for the emergency fund?

Yes, maintaining a separate high-interest account distinct from regular savings helps deter the temptation of utilizing emergency funds for non-critical expenses, ensuring it remains intact for genuine emergencies.

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