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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Filipino Travelers: How To Travel Sustainably And Responsibly

05 Sep 2023

The entire world is replete with more than 281 million global expatriate workers and diasporas, and the UK is one of the top destination countries among others hosting these migrants. Where people from several other nations live in the UK, above 200,000 Filipinos also reside here, most of whom work, earn, and send money to Philippines from UK to run their households back home. If you are one of the Filipinos who want to travel abroad sustainably and want to make quick money transfer to Philippines, this article is for you. One of the simplest ways to cut back on emissions when considering how to reduce your carbon footprint is to fly less frequently. However, there are ways for Filipinos who want to travel the world to make their trips more environmentally friendly, including where you go, what you pack, and how you decide to get there. People who care about the environment always look for new ways to lead more eco-friendly lives. 

Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is the ultimate goal. You have many options, from making sustainable swaps to shopping locally. However, the need to make thoughtful decisions extends beyond your home and immediate surroundings; you also need to consider your mode of transportation. The travel and tourism sector is one of the main causes of environmental problems. The carbon emissions from airplanes to how hotels are run are all affected.

What Is Environmentally Friendly Travel?

Environmentally friendly travel, also known as sustainable or green travel, is a more ecologically sound option. Sustainable travel acknowledges the negative effects of travel on the environment, society, and economy. It aims to lessen these effects. Eco-travelers place a high priority on ethical and sustainable behaviors to reduce the negative impact of travel. 

The more comprehensive practice of responsible travel, which emphasizes individual actions within each local community, is one that many people adopt. In doing so, responsible travel addresses both the harm a trip causes to the environment and its effects on regional economies. 

By respecting local traditions, the local language, the local culture, and the destination's overall local cultural traditions, it also aims to safeguard the local population. Also, consider these Tips to Consider When Going Abroad To Explore The World In 2023.

How Can One Begin To Travel More Sustainably?

Understanding sustainable travel entails is one thing; putting it into practice is another. The top sustainable travel tips were created to assist you in becoming a more environmentally and socially responsible traveler. Before using all your savings on the trip, make sure you've saved some for your loved ones back in your home country and send money to Philippines online from UK via ACE. Consider what habits you can adopt when you travel as you read.

Get Off The Beaten Path

Many tourist destinations were loved to death before the pandemic as they became victims of their fame. Many travelers were overrunning historic towns, beaches, and other popular tourist destinations, a phenomenon now referred to as "over-tourism." 

By avoiding tourist traps and venturing off the beaten path, travelers can help stop the over-tourism problem from resurfacing. While visiting the exact must-see locations that everyone is Instagramming might be tempting, exploring less traveled areas can be even more rewarding. The truth is that many popular tourist destinations need to meet visitors' expectations. You might have to wait in queue for hours only to find that the place doesn't look as appealing in person as it did online.

Support the Local Economy

Discovering your surroundings first is one of the most crucial pieces of travel advice. Local travel is an excellent way to find your city, country, and surroundings. Additionally, it supports and strengthens the local economy. Sometimes the places close to home can be your best bet if you're looking for a holiday destination or just a weekend getaway. 

An aircraft's carbon emissions are decreased as more people get involved in their new communities. The ability to travel locally does not preclude the ability to travel abroad. Instead, it allows you to consider touring your country or neighboring country. You can also save money by taking local, environmentally friendly transportation instead of flying. 

Airplanes are a big no-no when traveling locally. Public transport, like the train, saves energy and lessens your carbon footprint. Therefore, the next time an airline's low-cost options tempt you, consider how eco-friendlier it would be to travel by visiting nearby places. In your enjoyment time, don't forget your loved ones, and make secure online money transfers to Philippines via ACE. 

Use Means Of Transportation That Are Efficient

You can cut the amount of carbon emissions produced by your trip in addition to driving slowly. Travel and tourism are responsible for about 8% of global carbon emissions. As a result, the travel industry plays a significant role in climate change, one of the biggest threats to the future of tourism, humankind, and the entire planet. 

Most of the carbon footprint associated with tourism is caused by air travel, driving, and other modes of transportation. Even though all forms of transport use energy, some are more effective and environmentally friendly than others. How you get to, from, and within walking distance of your destination matters. 

The least effective modes of transportation are typically cars and aeroplanes. When taking a trip to a nearby destination, consider taking the train or a coach to reduce your emissions while taking the scenery. Once you've arrived at your destination, think about using public transport instead of a rental car. If you rent a vehicle, use an electric, hybrid, or compact model.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for the best mode of transportation because the carbon footprint also depends on the energy source used. The option that is most environmentally friendly will change depending on the location. Wind energy is used to power trains in the Netherlands, zero-emission buses run in Washington, D.C., and some of Thailand's infamous tuk-tuks are switching to electricity.

Travel with a Zero-Waste or Sustainable Kit

There are always necessities when traveling. You'll require your toothbrush, shampoo, bottle, and bag. There is typically a tendency to buy new things when people are getting ready to travel. It may cause people to stock up on items that harm the environment. These include travel bags, toiletries, and other things they deem essential.

Always pack a sustainable travel kit when getting ready to go. This should include necessities like a toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton swabs, and shampoo and conditioner bars that are kind to the environment. 

A reusable bag and a water bottle are important additional items to bring. You won't need to reach for disposable plastic bottles or plastic bags if you bring such products along. Also, even though it might seem like a minor step, invest in a reusable straw for your backpack so that every time you reach for a soda or other cold beverage, you'll get fewer plastic straws and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

To put these eco-friendly travel suggestions into practice, you don't have to be an environmentalist or climate crisis activist. Look for travel agencies that act locally while thinking globally and collaborate with regional NGOs, charities, and social enterprises. 

Bottom Line 

Remember that not every destination has eco-certified lodging, so it is also up to travelers to take careful note. On almost every level, it would be advantageous to have the chance to rethink tourism and make it more sustainable. Utilizing travel's full transformative potential for the traveler means experiencing the authentic culture and leaving a lasting impression while abroad.

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Is It Possible To Travel Sustainably?

Analyze the travel distance to find the most environmentally friendly route. Thinking about the number of people traveling and the distance you're going is the first step in figuring out how to reach your destination responsibly. Trains are typically one of the greenest modes of transportation, along with biking and walking.

What Is Responsible Travel?

It entails carefully and thoughtfully planning vacations so travelers can get the desired experience and positively impact the location, the locals, the environment, and wildlife.

What Advantages Come With Travelling Sustainably?

Benefits of Sustainable Tourism 

  • Less ecological damage results from it. 
  • Wildlife can continue to exist in its natural state. 
  • Responsible travel preserves the environment. 
  • Local communities are aided and strengthened by it. 
  • Cultural heritage is preserved. 
  • Your experience will be more fulfilling. 
  • You develop into a more thoughtful traveler.

Why is eco-friendly travel important for Filipino travelers?

Eco-friendly travel is vital for Filipino travelers as the Philippines, an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, is rich in biodiversity and natural beauty. Practicing sustainable and responsible tourism ensures that these natural resources, cultural heritage sites, and local communities are preserved for future generations. Additionally, as the country becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination, promoting eco-friendly habits among Filipino travelers sets a positive example for international tourists and helps in minimizing environmental degradation and cultural erosion.

How can Filipino travelers make a significant difference when opting for sustainable travel choices?

Filipino travelers can make a profound impact by making conscious decisions throughout their journeys. This includes choosing eco-friendly accommodations, reducing waste by minimizing single-use plastics, supporting local communities through responsible purchases, using public transportation or carpooling, and being respectful of the local culture and environment. By incorporating these practices into their travel routines, Filipino travelers not only contribute to conserving the environment but also boost the local economy and promote a more authentic and enriching travel experience.


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