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Do You Need to Send Money to Ghana Frequently? - Here's How To Do It

Do You Need to Send Money to Ghana Frequently? - Here's How To Do It

22 May 2023

Transferring money to Ghana could be an essential step for individuals who move abroad seeking better employment opportunities. The methods of sending money have changed throughout time, making it simpler than ever to send money anywhere in the globe. Online money transfers have grown in popularity and convenience as a result of technological advancements for sending money to Ghana. Are you also among the nearly 4 million Ghanaian expats, most of whom need the best ways to send money to Ghana from overseas?


This article will guide you through the several methods of sending money to Ghana and assist you in selecting the one that best suits your requirements.


There are several transfer options available for transferring money to Ghana, and the best one for you will depend on a number of factors, including speed, cost, and convenience. 

Online Transfers of Funds to Ghana

Online money transfer is a secure and practical method of transferring money to Ghana. Money can be sent or received without having to go to a bank or other financial institution physically. Users can select the option that best meets their needs from a variety of alternatives offered by online money transfer service providers for transferring money to Ghana.


ACE Money Transfer is among the most popular online money transfer providers. The service provides low transfer costs and competitive currency rates. Also, it offers a quick and safe method of sending money to Ghana. Users of ACE Money Transfers can send money directly to a bank account or a mobile wallet from overseas.


How to Transfer Money Online to Ghana

It only takes a few easy steps to send money to Ghana online. The first step is selecting a trusted online money transfer service provider that fulfils your demands. 


Create an Account.

You must create an account with an online money transfer service provider in order to send money to Ghana online. Name, address, and email are commonly requested details throughout the registration process.

Validate Your Identification 

You must prove your identity after registering. In order to complete this process, you must present identifying papers such as a passport or national ID card. This data will be used by the company offering an online money transfer to Ghana service to verify your identity and guarantee the security of your transaction.

Fill up the Recipient's Information

You will need to input the recipient's information after confirming your identity. You must also give their mobile money wallet number or bank account information.

Input the Transferable Amount

You can input the transfer amount after entering the recipient's information. The online money transfer service supplier will show the exchange rate and transfer costs. Be careful to verify these rates to get the precise sum the receiver will receive.


Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

Anyone can send and receive money swiftly, securely, and affordably via ACE Money Transfer, a global online money transfer provider. Here are several reasons for considering utilising ACE Money Transfer:


Competitive Exchange Rates 

ACE  Money Transfer provides exceptionally competitive exchange rates for international money transfers, enabling you to send more money to your loved ones.


Minimal Fees

ACE Money Transfer has reasonable fees for money transfers, making it an affordable option for sending money abroad.


Fast and Secure

You can send money to Ghana online quickly and securely with ACE Money Transfer. The recipient's bank account or mobile wallet will receive your funds within minutes.


Numerous Transfer Options

ACE Money Transfer gives you greater flexibility and convenience by offering several transfer choices, such as bank transfers, cash pickups, and mobile wallet transfers.


Customer Service

ACE’s proactive and professional customer support is available round-the-clock, so you can receive assistance whenever you need it.


Reasons Why ACE Money Transfer is Different from Other Service Providers

These are some of the significant differences between ACE Money Transfer and other providers:



ACE Money Transfer has lower fees than many other service providers, making it the most economical choice.

Exchange Rates 

You receive more for your money by using ACE Money Transfer since it provides competitive exchange rates. The company’s online portal and mobile app allow you to check live exchange rates and decide the best time to send money to your loved ones back home.


Speedy International Money Transfer to Ghana 

ACE Money Transfer is renowned for providing prompt, dependable service. Transfer processing and receiving funds to recipients is quicker and more secure than other providers.


Customer Assistance 

ACE Money Transfer offers customer help around the clock when other services might not.


Another Method: Bank-to-Bank Transfers of Money to Ghana

Bank transfers are yet another choice for people and companies who regularly need to do international commerce. Banks provide several methods for transferring money to Ghana, such as wire transfers and direct deposits.


Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a method of electronically moving money from one bank account to another. The procedure is quick and safe; money is often received in 24 hours. Unfortunately, there may be high wire transfer costs and unfavourable exchange rates.


Direct Deposits

Another method of money transfer to Ghana through banks is direct deposit. Funds are deposited straight into the recipient's bank account throughout this process. Fees for direct deposits are less than those for wire transfers, and exchange rates are frequently more favourable.


Choose a transfer type based on your needs and financial situation. To get the best rate, make sure to compare costs and currency rates. Make sure the service is accessible in both your area and the recipient's location as well.


Takeaway - The Best Way to Send Money to Ghana from Abroad

In conclusion, transferring money to Ghana may be a simple procedure if you have the right resources and information. Choose a reputable money transfer provider that provides competitive exchange rates and cheap costs, whether you are sending money to family or friends, doing commercial operations, or both. Sending money to Ghana has never been more straightforward or more practical due to the range of alternatives available, including online transfers and smartphone apps. Never forget to take the appropriate security procedures, such as checking the recipient's information and safeguarding your transaction records.

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