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Contemporary Filipino Music and Arts in the UK

03 May 2024

Are you looking to discover the heartbeat of the Philippines in the heart of the UK? At the same time, you can send money to Philippines from UK, where vibrant melodies and dynamic expressions of contemporary Filipino music and arts come to life.  The Philippines is a land of natural beauty with over 7000 islands and mountains. Filipinos are culturally enriched people who admire every inch of cultural tastes and beauty. The Philippines has a great history of music and arts. Filipinos are very talented people, and their music is recognized worldwide. More than 53 thousand Filipinos live in the UK and practice the cultural arts and norms of the Philipines.

Filipino expats living in the UK can perform their cultural values and enjoy their tastes there. The UK is one of the biggest economies, with people from diverse nations. Every year, different people from different backgrounds celebrate their cultures in the UK, including Filipinos. Celebrating their cultural roots overseas is a unique experience for expats because they can immerse themselves in the environment. Filipino musical dance and art representations have become more colorful in the exceptional boundaries of the UK. Let's read ahead to know more:

UK Celebrating the Vibrant World of Filipino  Music and Arts

Filipino expats can have a home-like experience in the UK by practicing their musical and artistic norms. In the UK, many Filipino musical and artistic festivals are organized.  Filipino music and arts follow various styles, genres, and expressions. It means Filipino expats can live a stress-free life in the UK, celebrating culture while seamlessly making money transfers from UK to Philippines to fulfill their duties to Filipino loved ones. 

Filipino Music in the UK

Filipino music talent is renowned all over the world. Filipino Hip-Hop music is massively celebrated in the UK. MAHARLIKA is one of the new Filipino music platforms in the UK. It is covered live on stream. It covers a wide range of Filipino dance, music,  and movies. Filipino expats can witness their favorite singers and artisans in the UK to have a sense of cultural connection.

Filipino Artistry

In recent years, Filipino artists have gained much recognition and popularity in the UK. They express their creativity through visual arts, dance, theater, and literature. In the UK, many art galleries represent masterpieces of Filipino arts and crafts, as well as painters, sculptors, dancers, and playwrights. It represents the delicacy of Filipino art, and expats can visit these galleries and centers to revive their cultural feelings. It will give them the same feeling as visiting the native country’s museum.

Hybrid Cultures

With time, the traditional Filipino music and artistic culture started evolving with the cultures of Europe, China, and India. The musical tastes resemble many other countries. Especially after colonialism, it became a hybrid of East and West. However, some artists kept on practicing the pure Filipino culture.

Types of Filipino Music

Music lovers make significant investments by creating an online money transfer from UK to Philippines for the booking of concerts. But expats living in the UK can experience the same taste there. Contemporary Filipino music is divided into various exciting genres, including vocal music, dance music and pop music.

Filipino pop music is also known as OPM (Original Pilipino Music).  It includes melodies, profound lyrics, and a fusion of traditional Filipino music with western pop music. OPM artists often sing it in Filipino and English. OPM is very popular at UK musical events.

Popularity of Filipino Art and Music Festivals

Traditional Filipino music and art have become popular due to their adaptability. Different countries tried to collect the musical tastes and patterns of Filipino music. Initially, Filipino music declined, but after that, people recognized Filipinos as music lovers because of their enriching taste. You can proudly attend musical nights in the UK for your cultural celebrations. It will also bring you closer to the native people of the UK, and you can find easy ways to send money online to the Philippines from the UK. Moreover, you must know about local Filipino festivals and cultural events in the UK here.

Traditional Music of the Philippines

For a long time, Filipino music has been liked in the UK. It connects the Filipino people living there with other people with the same taste in music worldwide. Indigenous music was first developed in the Philippines. Filipinos used to play musical instruments like flute, drums, strings, and bamboo Kudyapi. Different songs are played using instruments like gandingan dabakanbabedil. 

Generally, three types of familiar music in the Philippines were based on southern and northern styles. Today, Filipino music has adopted the modern version of music. The traditional music of the Philippines is based on commoner and real-life folklore. It possesses a strong human connection with nature and its environment.

Historical and Cultural Background of Filipino Music and Arts

The Philippines' culture has deep roots in ancient history, but it has kept evolving with time. It has undergone a lot of changes, influences and hybridity.

Evolution of Arts

Visual painting, pottery, weaving, wood carving, crafting, and sculpture are the core of the traditional art of the Philippines. The Philippines' arts and crafts have undergone significant changes and influence due to colonialism. Now, people have adopted modern ways of painting and crafting. Traditional art usually had the purpose of representing the meaning of life, but modern ways have changed it. 

Evolution of Music

Music plays a dominant role in Filipino society and has evolved constantly.  Hispanic and Mexican culture has a significant influence, especially on the music of the Philippines. Due to the commonalities of Filipino culture in the UK, expats can easily send money online to Philippines from UK and enjoy their cultural celebrations over there.

Filipino contemporary music is famous due to its modern musical styles and genres. This includes many musical expressions such as pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, electronic dance music (EDM), and vocal music. Western cultures also influence contemporary Filipino music after colonialism. Traditional Filipino music represents the unique culture because these songs were based on lessons and addressed commoners' social, cultural, and political issues.

The history of Filipino music has witnessed a lot of changes, and it is renowned around the world. The music artists of the Philippines are famous and talented and are called by countries worldwide. Expats living in the UK can take part in the concerts and enjoy their musical tastes despite the long distances.

Rituals Remade: Keeping Filipino Traditions Alive in the UK

More than 53 thousand Filipino expats are living in the UK. When expats migrate to another country, they miss their families and ritual performances the most. It becomes difficult for expats to escape homesickness because of a new culture. But for Filipino expats, things are pretty different! The Philippines has the most famous music and arts culture. Filipino artists are recognized worldwide. Events like MAHARLIKA happen yearly, and Filipino artists are invited to the UK for performances.

Mostly, the music performances are in English or Filipino. The use of a common language makes things easier for expats. Moreover, expats can also make an instant money transfer to the Philippines from the UK to book tickets for traditional events or concerts for Filipino artists. You can also experience a relative culture in the UK according to their taste in contemporary music. Also, you will find pure artistic sculptures in the museums and art centers of the UK, so enjoy your living in the UK and stay connected with your cultural rituals.


What is contemporary Filipino music?

Contemporary Filipino music refers to the modern musical styles that exist in the Philippines, like pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B and dance music.

How can expats enjoy Filipino music while living in the UK?

Filipino expats can attend musical concerts and nights in the UK. Usually, the music of the UK creates OPM and music related to Filipino culture.

Can expats book online tickets for Filipino music concerts in the Philippines while living in the UK?

Expats can make online reservations to book music concerts and festivals in the Philippines through online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. ACE supports quick money transfers from the UK to the Philippines.

What are the ways to make instant money transfers to the Philippines?

You can instantly transfer to the Philippines through online remittance transfer services like digital wallets, credit or debit cards, or remittance transfer services like ACE Money Transfer.

What are the similarities between the musical traditions of the Philippines and the UK?

The use of musical instruments and the English language share musical traditions. Pop music and OPM have also been created and are enjoyed in the UK.


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