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Cross-Cultural Careers: Immersing in Life and Culture as an Overseas Ghanaian Worker in Canada

02 Sep 2023

In today's globalised world, the concept of cross-cultural careers has become a common phenomenon. Workers from different countries are now exploring new opportunities overseas, engaging with diverse cultures and embracing unfamiliar work environments. 

One such example is the experience of Ghanaian workers who have migrated to Canada looking for better employment opportunities so that they can send money to Ghana from Canada and support their loved ones. Over 100,000 Ghanaians are believed to reside in Canada.

This article takes a closer look at the experiences and challenges faced by these individuals and the valuable lessons they learn through immersing in the life and culture of their new host country.

Life and Culture as an Overseas Ghanaian Worker

Moving to a new country for work can be an overwhelming experience, with many unknowns awaiting Ghanaian expatriates in Canada. Differences in language, work practices, and social etiquette can pose initial challenges, but as they overcome these hurdles, the rewards are plentiful.

Canadian Culture

One of the most significant aspects of cross-cultural careers is the opportunity to immerse oneself in a foreign culture. For Ghanaian workers in Canada, this means living and breathing Canadian values, traditions, and ways of life. This process involves not only understanding the cultural nuances but also actively participating in the local customs. By doing so, Ghanaian expatriates can forge valuable connections and foster a sense of belonging, making their stay in Canada more fulfilling. Here's our article if you want to learn more about the rich and vibrant culture of Canada.

Language Barrier

Language is often a barrier for cross-cultural workers, but it can also be an integration gateway. Many Ghanaians arrive in Canada with a solid command of English, which is an official language in both Ghana and Canada. However, Canadian English may still present challenges due to its unique vocabulary and accent.

By actively embracing the nuances of Canadian English, Ghanaian workers can enhance their communication skills, build strong relationships, and effectively collaborate with colleagues. Knowing the local language can even help you in finding the best way to send money to Ghana by interacting with the locals and saving you loads of money. Additionally, some Ghanaian workers take this opportunity to learn French, as Canada is a bilingual country. This further exposes them to Canadian culture and expands their professional opportunities. 


Art and Expression

As art allows for creative expression and unspoken stories, it is significant to Canadian society. Numerous renowned theatres, museums, and art galleries in Canada showcase a variety of creative genres and materials.

At the renowned Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto and the captivating National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, art enthusiasts may immerse themselves in captivating exhibitions that depict Canada's multicultural landscape.

The theatrical scene is also vibrant, with productions that range from provocative plays to Broadway-style musicals. Shakespearean plays at the Stratford Festival in Ontario are well-known and draw theatregoers from all over the world. Ghanaians may take in the riveting shows and explore the depths of Canadian artistic expression.

New Workplace

The workplace is another area where Ghanaian workers in Canada face cultural adjustments. Canadian workplaces are known for their emphasis on teamwork, consensus-building, and open communication. Ghanaians, on the other hand, may come from a more hierarchical work environment where instructions are expected to be followed without question. 

It takes time for Ghanaian workers to adapt to the Canadian workplace culture and embrace the concept of collaboration. However, once they do, they often find increased job satisfaction and professional growth, as their ideas and perspectives are valued and integrated into the decision-making process. Hence, they can make more money transfers to Ghana and improve the living standards of their family.

Exploring Local Customs

Aside from the professional realm, Ghanaian expatriates in Canada find value in immersing themselves in everyday Canadian life. They explore the local cuisine, festivals, and recreational activities, gradually assimilating their Ghanaian identity with Canadian culture. This fusion allows them to form meaningful connections with fellow Canadians, breaking down cultural barriers and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Challenges Faced by Ghanaian Expats

However, the journey of cross-cultural careers is not without its challenges. Ghanaian workers in Canada often face homesickness, difficulty in finding a reputable money transfer to send money to Ghana, and missing their families, friends, and traditional way of life. 

Moreover, they may also encounter instances of subtle discrimination or ignorance due to misconceptions about their country. Being aware of these challenges and seeking support from other Ghanaians, community groups, or counselling services can greatly assist in navigating these complexities successfully.

Ultimately, the experience of Ghanaian workers in Canada highlights the rich rewards that cross-cultural careers offer. By immersing themselves in the life and culture of their host country, they gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves. The knowledge and skills acquired through this process are transferable and valuable in today's interconnected global marketplace. 

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Bottom Line

Embarking on a cross-cultural career as an overseas Ghanaian worker in Canada is a transformative journey. Ghanaian expatriates face challenges in language, workplace dynamics, finding a reputable money transfer service to send money to Ghana online from Canada and homesickness, but their immersion in Canadian life and culture allows them to grow both personally and professionally. By embracing cross-cultural experiences, they gain global perspectives, become culturally adaptable, and enhance their career prospects in an increasingly diverse world.


How can Language Barriers be Addressed and Overcome?

Language barriers can be overcome through language classes, self-study, practising with native speakers, and immersing oneself in an English-speaking environment. Additionally, using translation apps and seeking assistance from colleagues or language tutors can also be beneficial.


How Can Overseas Ghanaian Workers Deal with Homesickness?

Dealing with homesickness can be challenging, but overseas Ghanaian workers can try staying connected with family and friends back home through regular communication. Engaging in activities that remind them of home, finding a supportive community, and seeking professional help if necessary can also help with coping.


What Can Be Done to Address Discrimination in the Workplace?

It is essential to familiarise oneself with Canadian laws and regulations regarding discrimination. If faced with discrimination, overseas Ghanaian workers can reach out to relevant authorities, such as human resources or labour boards, to report such incidents. Building a support network within the workplace and seeking advice from organisations that support immigrant workers can also assist in dealing with discrimination.


How can Overseas Ghanaian Workers Adapt to the Canadian Work Environment?

Adapting to the Canadian work environment requires understanding the country's work culture and norms. This can be achieved by observing and learning from colleagues, participating in professional development programs, and seeking mentorship opportunities. Being open to learning, asking questions, and adapting to feedback are also key elements of successful adaptation.


Are There Any Resources Available Specifically for Overseas Ghanaian Workers in Canada?

Yes, there are various resources available for overseas Ghanaian workers in Canada. These include organisations that specifically support immigrant workers, cultural associations, language learning centres, and career counselling services. Additionally, online forums or social media groups dedicated to the Ghanaian diaspora in Canada can provide valuable information and support. 

Life & Culture

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