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How to Thrive, Not Just Survive: Essential Life Hacks for Bangladeshi Expatriate Workers

02 Sep 2023

Slightly over 13 million Bangladeshi migrants live in foreign countries. Bangladeshi diaspora is the 4th largest worldwide. The primary driving force is the need to find a job with better financial prospects to earn a living and send money to Bangladesh from Canada, Australia, Switzerland, the UK, Europe, and other developed countries to offer financial aid to their families.

Because the employment opportunities largely available in Bangladesh do not warrant a financially decent living.

Bangladeshi migrants have been making significant contributions to their country’s economy. A World Bank report said that the remittances these Bangladeshi migrants sent back in 2022 amounted to $21.5 billion.

Considering their huge financial contribution to the Bangladeshi economy, the government of Bangladesh is seeking to send 1 million more Bangladeshis to foreign countries, a report by the Arab News said.

Working in a foreign country is not just about earning a living. You can somehow manage it in your native country. The real challenge is when you have to thrive in a foreign land where the first thing you lack is your support network. Although, you can survive the odds while living abroad. But, do you think you try so hard to work in another country just to ensure mere survival? The answer seems obvious.

Therefore, it is not only about surviving in a foreign country. Rather, it is about how you can thrive as a Bangladeshi migrant.

Because your core purpose of expatriating is directly connected with whether you survive or thrive abroad. Mere survival will not give you the financial space for a money transfer from Canada to Bangladesh to offer financial aid to your family back home.

But it does not mean that all who do so are thriving abroad unless they are doing all it takes to thrive, which this blog aims to deliberate upon.

Let’s delve deeper to understand the difference between surviving and thriving and also share with you some critically important tips to ensure you thrive abroad.

Understanding the Difference Between Surviving and Thriving

To understand thriving better and clearly, you must understand survival and the difference between the two. And there is a fundamental difference between surviving and thriving.

Surviving means barely managing your existence in the most conservative sense of the term. While thriving, on the other hand, means to live, grow, and develop well. It also means to flourish or prosper.

Surviving is to do what is only necessary to live. For example, you travel abroad for jobs without realising and knowing which countries pay the most to expatriate workers and end up doing what you could easily find and do in your native country, which comes under the purview of survival.

Because you do not care what type of job it is, how much you will be paid for it, and what kind of effort and how much of it will be required. You simply accept the job, start working and earning.

For thriving, however, you consider several factors before going to a foreign country. These factors include education, experience, job type, prospects, salary, working hours, benefits, and so on.

Because you want to move forward in life and grow, that is thriving.

Simply put, surviving and thriving are the practical manifestations of your mindset, which, at times, are shaped and influenced by your circumstances.

Signs that You are Barely Surviving

If you experience any of the signs listed below, chances are that you are in survival mode.

  • You don’t want to face resistance and choose a path of least resistance
  • Putting minimal effort into work
  • Feeling physically or mentally lacking
  • Blaming others for your troubles and current situation
  • Fearing failures and shying away from them

Always remember that any of these signs can be a stumbling block for you on your way to progress and thrive.

Furthermore, with these challenges, you cannot continue to send money to Bangladesh online from Canada and other countries except for a brief time unless you inculcate the following. Otherwise, you run the risk of faring below average professionally, which can lead to even graver consequences.

Habits You Must Have to Thrive Abroad

If you want to shift from survival mode to thriving mode as a Bangladeshi migrant, you will have to adopt the following habits.

  • Optimism
  • Motivation
  • Proactivity
  • Learning Appetite
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Spirituality
  • Self-Esteem
  • Social Competency

Here are a few tips that will help you thrive as a Bangladeshi migrant in a foreign country.

Thriving in a Foreign Land – Essential Hacks

Practising the following simple hacks will help you thrive as an expatriate.

Healthy Lifestyle

Although you are covered by medical insurance in foreign countries, you must not rely on those. Instead, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and by integrating exercise and physical exertion into your daily routine.

Always be Prepared

Life has a unique habit of throwing the unexpected – at times pleasant and, at others, unpleasant – things at you. You can deal with both only if you are prepared for both. Otherwise, you can get carried away by both in their respective contexts.

Accept Changes

Never try to resist change. Understand that change is the only constant, and it will happen whether you accept it or not. But a quick acceptance of change will make life easy for you. For example, if you do not accept cultural differences, you will end up isolating yourself from the rest.

Accept and Take Risks

One of the key hacks to thrive abroad is to accept and take risks. But it does not mean you should adopt a blind approach towards risk-taking. Rather, thoroughly study the risks before taking them. And ensure that you develop a habit of taking risks.

Act as the Locals Do

While in a foreign land, try not to stand apart from the locals. Because, after all, you are an outsider. Try to do as the locals do. This will help you connect with them better, allowing more and increased socialising.

Make Friends and Connections

Try to build your social network and make friends, which is not an issue because most people from foreign countries are affable. Consider your social network as your support network, and building one becomes even easier.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

After you have shifted from survival mode to thriving mode, you must focus on your online money transfer to Bangladesh, for which one of the best options you have is ACE Money Transfer, as the firm offers you speed, safety, wider access, live and market-competitive exchange rates, and much more in exchange for a low fee from one stop.


What is the difference between surviving and thriving?

Surviving means barely managing your existence without dreaming too high and struggling for it. Thriving means to live, enjoy, and strive to flourish and prosper by setting and achieving greater targets and goals.

Why is thriving essential for me as a Bangladeshi migrant?

Thriving is essential for you as a Bangladeshi migrant because it pushes you up the progress ladder, which can serve you better financially. Its lack, however, will lead to below-average professional performance that can risk your job abroad.   

What are the signs that I am merely surviving?

These signs include choosing the path of least resistance, putting minimal effort into work, having a feeling of lacking, fearing failure, not being ready to accept failure, and blaming others for your current situation.

What indicates that I am thriving?

The indicators of thriving include motivation, self-esteem, optimism, proactivity, appetite for learning, flexibility, adaptability, spirituality, social competence, and the ability to build networks and communicate effectively.  

What do I do to thrive abroad?

To thrive, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle, always be prepared for the unknown, embrace changes, take risks, act as the locals and do what they do, and make friends to build your support network abroad.


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