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Cross-border Commerce: How Money Transfer Services are Changing the Face of International Transactions to Ghana from the UK

15 Dec 2023

Did you know that around 94,000 Ghanaians live in the UK? More than 65% of Ghanaians living in the UK are employed and regularly send money to Ghana from UK. These remittances help to boost Ghana’s local economy through financial activities.

However, the process of sending remittances has changed a lot in recent times. Keep reading this blog to know how these remittances are evolving and changing the face of international transactions.

The Evolution of Cross-Border Transactions

Only a few years ago, sending money internationally used to be very difficult. Traditional methods that included bank transfers or sending agencies were very slow, expensive, and often inaccessible.

The Old Ways of Sending Money

Remember when sending money internationally meant waiting in long queues at the bank? Those days saw high costs biting into the amount sent. Then there were the limited working hours, restricting when you could initiate a transfer. The sender and receiver had to deal with complex processes, often leading to errors and delays. For merchants, this inefficiency often meant a lost business opportunity.

The Digital Shift

Ever since technology improved, the system of remittances has completely changed. Money transfer services turned into online processes, which opened a new world of possibilities. With this revolution, the process that took ages to complete can now be completed in just moments. It also improved accessibility, costs, and transfer times.

Moreover, online platforms now offer transparent processes. There are usually no extra charges involved in the process. Live tracking of transactions reassures senders that their hard-earned money is moving securely and swiftly toward its destination. This has been a game-changer for businesses that lean on prompt payments and cash flow to thrive.

The benefits are compelling. Through digital services, users can skip the overcrowded banks and send money on the go or from the comfort of home. Users also enjoy better exchange rates, lower fees, and improved customer service that's available round-the-clock.

ACE Money Transfer is Pioneering Change

ACE Money Transfer has been a leading online remittance service provider for the past two decades. Specifically for the UK-Ghana corridor, ACE offers tailored solutions for expats so they can send money from UK to Ghana at their convenience. The platform enables users to send funds directly to mobile wallets. ACE has made serious efforts to minimize exchange rate shocks. By offering competitive rates, ACE ensures that more money reaches its intended destination. Moreover, ACE also offers special incentives to new users, which you can read about here.

Security and Trust in Transfers

Reliable services like ACE understand that trust is not given, but it's earned. That's why ACE is committed to transparency. There are no hidden charges or deceptive terms. ACE operates with the clarity customers deserve.

Boosting UK-Ghana Commerce through Efficient Transfers

The lifeblood of modern commerce is the swift and smooth transfer of funds.

Impact on Small Businesses

For small businesses, the ability to quickly send and receive money is the most important aspect of doing business. Easy and efficient transfers via platforms like ACE Money Transfer mean that a small fashion retailer in Ghana can replenish stock from a UK wholesaler without losing precious time.

This ease of doing business has allowed small ventures to compete on a larger scale. They can manage cash flow better, take advantage of timely opportunities, and establish trust with international partners, who are often reassured by the reliability of the transfer service in use.

Empowering Individuals and Families

Efficient money transfers strengthen the bonds of community and family. For many individuals in Ghana, remittances from relatives in the UK serve as a financial lifeline. These funds pay for education, medical care, and basic living expenses. Money transfer services like ACE play a significant role in this dynamic to ensure that funds sent with love arrive safely and swiftly.

 Money transfers from the UK to Ghana through trusted channels like ACE Money Transfer improve the national economy. It stimulates consumption, boosts savings, and can act as a buffer in times of economic strain. As remittances constitute a significant percentage of Ghana's GDP, the impact of an efficient transfer system cannot be overstated.

ACE Money Transfer's Role in Trade

When it comes to supporting the UK-Ghana trade conduit, ACE Money Transfer does its part by providing convenient services for traders. ACE understands the pulse of commerce and provides solutions designed for reliability and speed. Traders require timely settlements to facilitate smooth transactions, and ACE delivers this with clockwork precision. ACE's platform offers a range of services, which include multi-currency transactions and dedicated customer support to resolve trade queries promptly.

These features are not just luxuries but necessities in the fast-paced world of international trade. By reducing transaction times and providing a reliable service stream, ACE Money Transfer allows traders to plan their financial strategies with confidence.

Understanding Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are often extremely unpredictable as the market is quite volatile. This can come across as a challenge for the expats and businessmen. By offering locked-in rates for transactions, ACE allows traders and individuals to plan without the fear of unexpected losses due to rate movements. This foresight into currency fluctuations is a powerful tool for budgeting and financial planning. Moreover, you also get market-competitive exchange rates.

In a Nutshell

ACE Money Transfer has greatly improved how people send money between the UK and Ghana. Money transfers are now quicker, cheaper, and easier to do. ACE focuses on making trade between these countries smoother and helping individuals send money to support their families in Ghana. By offering good exchange rates and putting a high priority on safe and trustworthy services, ACE has become a trusted choice for money transfers. ACE’s commitment to evolving and improving its services means that those dealing with UK-Ghana transactions can expect even better options in the future. Choosing ACE Money Transfer means joining a service that values reliability and growth for both business and personal finance needs. So don’t wait any further. Sign up today for free to enjoy your first free online money transfer from UK to Ghana.


Can small businesses use ACE Money Transfer for commercial transactions?

Yes, ACE caters to both individual and small business transaction needs.

How do I track my money transfer to Ghana with ACE?

ACE provides tracking options via their website or app after you initiate a transfer. You can also contact customer service if you encounter any queries regarding tracking.

Are there promotional rates or discounts available with ACE for first-time users?

Yes, ACE is currently offering zero-fee money transfers to Ghana to first-time users of ACE.

What identification do I need to send money to Ghana with ACE?

A valid ID, such as a passport or identification card, is usually required for verification.

How can I fund a money transfer to Ghana through ACE?

Transfers can be funded via bank transfers or credit/debit cards.

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